Top 10 Posh Areas In Leeds (2023)

Leeds is becoming more attractive to wealthy people looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of big city life. The posh areas in Leeds are mostly comprised of single family houses; including mansions and villas, which are equipped with lawns and trees, set on spacious lots, and complete with gates.

Of course there are also smaller but no less luxurious houses, some of which are built to accommodate young professionals or young families who have sufficient means to afford it, and who wish to secure their future through smart investments in real estate.

Leeds is the kind of place to enjoy life at a slow pace, without missing out on the good things that make life interesting and fun.

Posh Areas In Leeds 2023

1. Horsforth

Horsforth is commonly ranked highest when talking about the best places in Leeds, and rightly so. This is a neighbourhood with artfully designed town houses, and other beautiful residences. There are also flats in Horsforth; with their lawns and ample parking spaces they give the impression of comfort and opulence.

Some popular parts of Horsforth include Townstreet and New road Side, where there are plenty of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and such businesses which provide residents with all they need to stock their shelves.

The town also has a playground, bandstand, and a cricket pitch. Transport is also good in Horsforth; some of the options include buses, trains and nearby airport.

2. Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton is a neighbourhood that is not very far from Leeds city centre. This neighbourhood has plenty old buildings; some of with Victorian era designs, and some even older. This neighbourhood has some historic mansions, some listed on the nation’s register of important historic buildings.

Some of the modern houses occupied by residents today include multi-family row houses, such as those on Wood Lane, Methley Place, and Hawthorne Terraces.

There are also bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as hotels. The residents of this small town enjoy life at a slower place, but this is a very enjoyable place to live.

3. Bramhope

Bramhope is a small village with a long and interesting history. This is a place with several listed buildings; some of which are still used for several purposes today.

Residents can live in gated houses such as manors, cottages, or even modern duplexes. This is one of the posh areas in Leeds; it is an enclave for old money. There are also good schools for the children, and a railway station for easy transport.

Bramhope has a great community spirit; the “Round Table” organizes community events, including fundraisers for charity, and other activities. This is a great place to be if you want to live among rich people who want to have a sense of identity and community. There are also several churches in the area; some of them lasting hundreds of years.

4. Roundhay

Roundhay is a neighborhood in the northeast of Leeds; it is a largely rural area. Most of the housing in this town is Victorian style terrace houses. They directly face paved streets that are very spacious with good parking spaces. The average price of buying a home in this town is £352,589.

Roundhay is suitable for retired couples who have money, and who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is also an interesting place for young professionals, or young families who need the stability that comes with purchasing their first homes.

Street Lane has all kinds of shops, so groceries are not a problem. There is a 700-acre park which attracts locals as well as visitors. This is a great place for the family to kick up some dust.

5. Headingley

Headingley is a neighborhood which is popular for its Terrace houses directly facing wide streets, and some of which have trees and shrubs in front of them. Headingley is somewhat centrally located in Leeds, and is just 1.5 miles away from the city centre. The average price of a home in this town is £260,349.

This neighborhood is quite popular among students, young professionals, and young families with small children because it offers an opportunity to get a decent home for half the price in some other cities. Another advantage of this town is that it is not too far from the city centre- therefore ideal for daily commuting.

6. Otley

Otley is a market town in the northwest of Leeds. The population is somewhere around 15,000. This neighbourhood has a long and fabled history based on the wool spinning, and later the printing industries. Presently, this is a mix use area; there are both residential and commercial buildings in the area.

There are about 17 pubs in the neighborhood, and several sports grounds which are very popular in the town, and which help make the weekends lively.

7. Meanwood

Meanwood is a suburb in the northwest of Leeds. This neighborhood is full of terraced houses, some of which date back a lifetime ago. The neighborhood also has many historic buildings, some of which continue to play important roles in community life today.

This is an appealing neighbourhood to young professionals and those with small families; the average cost of a home here is around £258,293- which is quite affordable for young professionals.

There are many schools in the area; which means that education is also assured for your children. There are also many places to socialize, and to enjoy quality time with loved ones. There are bars, restaurants and public areas.

Whether you are worried about groceries, or whether you want to take your family on shopping sprees, there are supermarkets, and international retail outlets in the area.

8. Alwoodley

Alwoodley is a neighborhood located in the north of Leeds. Some of the residences in this town include gated mansionettes like those in Primley Park Avenue, and the luxury apartments like those in Sandmoor Court. The other important buildings in the area include shops on The Avenue, the Royal Mail Delivery Office, and the St Paul’s Roman Catholic.

Alwoodley also has many good schools which means education is not something to worry about. The 3 golf clubs in the area also offer the opportunity to socialize with big shots in the area.

9. Farsley

Farsley is a beautiful town located in the west of Leeds city centre. It is suburban, and offers housing like semi detached houses, as well as flats on big apartment buildings.

Farsley has all kinds of shops on Town Street; which means that one can stock the shelves without travelling far. There are also pubs, eateries, restaurants, and so on, meaning that one does not have to miss out on the good life.

This is a great place for young professionals to live; the average cost of a home here is £222,518. For socialization there are many gyms, beauty salons, and sport centres where you can make friends.

10. Calverley

Calverley is a village in the west of Leeds. Some of the houses in this town include single family detached bungalows, and multifamily houses. There are some recent housing developments in this neighbourhood, and many of them have lawns and trees.

This is a place that is most suited to established professionals; those that can shell out the £347,237 average home price. There are many green spaces which are great for the kids to run around in. There are also many good schools in this neighborhood; and you can also enjoy the restaurants and pubs.



The posh areas in Leeds are some of the best places where the richest citizens in city call home. These are the best places to enjoy the good life, and to socialize with the nicer class of persons.