Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Boston (2023)

There are so many reasons to live in Boston and it is home to multiple world-class universities and the state capital of Massachusetts. Boston has a population of over 600,000 people and it is a historic American city as there are so many unique things about this place. This city is considered to be a hub for global innovation and entrepreneurship and the businesses and institutions rank among the top in the country with nearly 5,000 startups.

Boston is a city that has brought up so many young people in the world of business and quality education. Everyone would want to stay in a city that has so much to offer like this and this is why it is necessary that you pick a safe environment for your family.

Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Boston (2023)

1. Allston-Brighton

These are two neighbourhoods that are both parts of the city of Boston. When it comes to the safest neighbourhoods in Boston this should be the first place that will glance through your mind as you will have so much peace and so much rest here.

Many residents in Allston-Brighton rent their homes and there are bars, restaurants, coffee shops and recreational areas where you can carry out several activities. This is a middle-class neighbourhood and there is notable business around this neighbourhood. It has a population of over 70,000 residents and it is much safer to live here than in 82% of other cities in Massachusetts.

2. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is located in South Boston and this neighbourhood has so much history that is being attached to it. It is home to a diverse range of people and social groups, this neighbourhood has taken the motto “A Small Town in the City” and this is due to its suburban feel. It is known for having one of the most highly rated dog parks in Boston and this is one neighbourhood that has so many locally owned shops.

3. Newton Upper Falls

Newton Upper Falls is known for its large architectural designs and is home to the Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge which is a large aqueduct turned pedestrian walkway over the Charles River. The median home price in Newton Upper Falls is 327% higher than the national average. Newton grew very fast due to the rise of so many constructions that was available it was formerly a village and it has over 150 homes on the historic register despite its small area.

4. West Roxbury

West Roxbury has been in history for a very long time, it is bothered by Roslindale and Jamaica Plains with a population of over 30,000 residents. It is a quiet residential community that was founded in 1630 which is simultaneous with Boston. It was originally part of the town of Roxbury and was used as farmland, this area grew with so much construction and it grew further with the introduction of electric streetcars.

5. Roslindale

This is a neighbourhood that is filled up with middle-class income people and reduced crime rates. Roslindale has a population of over 30,000 residents and it is a very diverse neighbourhood with people from so many races. There are restaurants, shops, coffee shops and places you can spend quality time with family.

6. East Boston

East Boston popularly called Eastie is a neighbourhood that has long provided homes for so many immigrants over the years from diverse races and cultures. This was a once Italian-dominated community which has changed to becoming very diverse and known to be one of the safest neighbourhoods in Boston.

7. Jamaica Plain

This is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Boston that is diverse with Black communities, Latin and Asia and has a population of over 40,000 residents. Jamaica Plains is very affordable to live in and the crime rate is very low compared to other neighbourhoods in the U.S. in the 19th century, this neighbourhood was often referred to as the Eden of America as it is one of the greenest neighbourhoods in the city of Boston. There are quality schools in this neighbourhood which include private and public schools that are ready to offer quality education to the residents.

8. South Boston

South Boston with a population of 38,000 residents is known as one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Boston. It is known for hosting some of the best bars and events during St. Patrick’s day. Throughout the 21st century, the neighbourhood has become increasing popularly with lots of millennial professionals and it is popularly known as Southie. There are so many areas for recreational activities in this neighbourhood as there are so many parks that are meant for families, there are cafes, restaurants, shops and so many places that are very suitable for recreational activities.

9. Charlestown

Charlestown is known as the oldest neighbourhood in Boston, it is located north of the Charles River across from downtown Boston. It has a population of 20,000, it is home to many historic sites, hospitals, organizations and so many more.

10. Dorchester

Dorchester is known as one of Boston’s largest neighbourhoods with a population of over 130,000 residents. This neighbourhood is safe and it is named after the town of Dorchester in the English county of Dorset.

This neighbourhood is a diverse one and it includes a large population of African Americans, Germans, Irish, Italian, Polish, East and Southeast Asian Americans, European Americans and Caribbean Americans. It has an active political group and most of the people over age 25 in this neighbourhood have attained quality education.


Some of the areas we have mentioned in this article are quite expensive but you should know that other areas like the Jamaica Plains are quite affordable to buy a home which is considered very safe as well. The first thing to look out for is safety as Boston is a big hub for business and quality education and you are bound to get the best from the city.