Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Chicago (2023)

Over the years Chicago has picked up a reputation for having a high crime rate than most cities in the U.S., but there are some safe neighbourhoods in Chicago where you and your family could stay or even raise your kids there but you must be very watchful and vigilant as well. Chicago is known as the third most populous city in the U.S. and the most populous city in the state of Illinois.

It is an international hub that has produced so many notable people in America and it is associated with so many various sectors of the industry which includes finance, commerce, education, technology, telecommunications and so many others. There is so much that happens in Chicago on a daily and this is due to population and the considerable amount of things that are available in the city.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Chicago (2023)

1. Edison Park

Edison Park is known for having its historic field house that was built in 1907 as a public school and this park became part of the Chicago park district in 1936. It is located in the Northwestern region of Chicago and it is distant from the city centre but that does not mean you do not get to feel the fun and interesting things that are ongoing in the city. This neighbourhood is home to many young professionals and many families and it is very suitable and safe.

2. Norwood Park

Norwood Park is a neighbourhood that is populated with over 30,000 residents and the community area contains the oldest extant building in Chicago. This park is known for having a parade that runs through every Memorial Day since 1922 and it is also famous for its Greenland and suburban feel. This neighbourhood is considered an ideal place for people of retirement age and crime here is 72% lower than the city average. There are some other little districts inside Norwood Park which are known as Norwood Park east, Norwood Park west, Big Oaks and so many more.

3. Forest Glen

If you are looking for a neighbourhood with a family-friendly atmosphere then Forest Glen is one that you should be looking out for. It is known as one of the oldest neighbourhoods on Chicago Northside and it is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Chicago with a much-reduced crime rate. It has a very good interest in politics and there is a transportation network that cuts across to the city centre. There are so many amazing things in Forest Glen like shops, coffee shops, small shops and so many more. It is a place that is ideal and created in a family setting kind of way.

4. Lake View

This is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in in Chicago. It is a laidback atmosphere that has a picture-perfect shoreline, convenient walkability and so many more. Having a home or even an apartment in Lake View is considered to be very smart as this neighbourhood has a much-reduced crime rate compared to other cities in the U.S. The locals hang out around the shoreline and there are spots like lively Wrigleyville and the Belmont Theater District making it a major entertainment hub.

5. Mount Greenwood

This is a family-friendly neighbourhood that is even safe when you walk on the streets. The homes here are affordable and there are young professionals and even young families who live in this area. The neighbourhood is surrounded by other suburbs and green space which makes it very comfortable while taking a stroll at night and even safe.

6. Westmont

This neighbourhood is located in Northwestern Chicago with a population of over 20,000. Westmont has a lot of history as many of the areas have been used as farmlands in the past and those areas around Westmont became one of the most prosperous areas around the state. During the 1960s there were some developments of some major companies which includes light service companies, industrial firms and wholesaling firms.

7. West Lawn

West Lawn has a population of over 30,000 residents and it is considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Chicago. This area has been growing until the great depression and it is considered to be a melting pot of such due to its constant change of races moving in and out of the area. This place is known as safe and affordable to live in.

8. Rogers Park

Rogers Park is known to be a lush green environment, culturally diversified, with unique bars and restaurants, early 20th architecture, live theatres, beaches and many more. It is located in the city’s far Northside with a bubbling economy and so many historical places. There are so many things and many activities that you can carry out while living in Rogers Park and the price of homes here are affordable.

9. Streeterville

This is a beautiful neighbourhood and a safe one to live in it is surrounded by so many attractions like the historic Navy Pier, the provocative Museum of Contemporary Art, and a sweeping stretch of lakefront that offers easy access to everything Lake Michigan has to offer and so many more.

10. North Centre

North Centre is one of the safest neighbourhoods that is close to downtown Chicago and with a population of over 35,000 residents. It is a diverse and educated neighbourhood and the area has fewer reported crimes than any area in the city.


Before renting or buying a home in any of these neighbourhoods it is advisable you look online to hear what residents of those neighbourhoods are saying about the area. Some of these neighbourhoods are far from the city centre but it is very safe though quite expensive safety comes first and that is what anyone renting or buying a home should look out for. There are still some affordable homes that you can get from this list of safest neighbourhoods in Chicago, you can check online and you will eventually see a house that is up to your taste and standard.