List Of All Nursing Schools In Ogun State And Their School Fees 2024

A nursing school is any educational institute that gives training to people to become fully qualified nurses. The nursing occupation hasn’t seized to increase in popularity and demand over recent years. Nursing is an amazing and valuable career you should choose. Moreover, in this article, the list of nursing schools in Ogun State and their fees will be provided. Check the list below to know about these schools.

Nursing Schools In Ogun State And Their School Fees

 No.   School Name   School Fees (Naira)
 1.  Ogun State Schol Of Nursing  65,000
 2.  School Of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode  50,000-65,000
 3.  School Of Nursing, Lantoro, Abeokuta  50,000-65,000

Details On The School Of Nursing In Ogun State

  • Ogun State School Of Nursing

This school of nursing is located at Idi Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Ogun State School of nursing was established to train expert nurses who have passed the professional examination test usually conducted by the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria. The school was initially a part of the School of Nursing Eleyele Ibadan before Ogun State was created in 1976.

Ogun State School Of Nursing’s main mission is to create the most proficient ways and provide solutions to the health issues challenging an ethnically, culturally, and socially diverse society by developing and producing highly professional nurses. The health school is deeply focused on improving and transforming the Nigerian nursing sector. The average school fee for Ogun state school of Nursing is 65,000 naira. To gain admission into this prestigious school of nursing, applicants must pass WAEC/GCE/NECO O Level with a minimum of five credits. These five credits must include mathematics, English language, chemistry, physics, and biology.

  • School Of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode

School of Nursing, Ijebu Ode is a popular professional institution for nurses in Ogun State. The school has good facilities and amazing educators that are bent on transforming the Ogun State nursing sector through a solid and value-driven service.

The school fees for the School of Nursing, Ijebu Ode, is between 50,000 – 65,000 naira To enter the school of nursing in Ijebu Ode, you must possess a secondary school certificate and must have passed at least five courses including English language, chemistry, biology, and physics. This school’s duration for nurse training is only three years.

  • School Of Nursing, Lantoro, Abeokuta

School of Nursing, Lantoro, Abeokuta was established in 1950 and is owned by the catholic diocese of Abeokuta. The school is focused on rendering high-quality training to young professional nurses. The school was initially a midwifery institution but in 1998, it was changed into a school of nursing.  School of nursing, Lantoro, Abeokuta is staffed with awesome and accomplished individuals who are dedicated to maintaining the excellence held by the school since its existence.

The school fee for the school of Nursing, Lantoro is between 50,000 – 65,000 naira. Presently, this nursing school has more than 150 students and is still willing to admit more people. You must possess the senior secondary school certificate with at least five credits including English Language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology to gain admission into this great nursing institution.

Important tips to become a good nurse

Although nursing is a pleasant profession that virtually everybody values, however, how do nurses render their services? A nurse must know the best strategies that will enable him or her to become a successful nurse. Moreover, the basic tips that can guide and help you in becoming a good nurse will be explained below.

  • Don’t Ever Skip Or Avoid The Basic Processes

Sometimes, there is an urge to prescribe medications quickly and to shorten the supervision process. This is what most nurses do. Some of them are often in a rush to take part in other jobs at home or to visit someone else. But in fairness, a nurse should understand the fact that he or she is dealing with the life of another human. That is why nurses must always be polite and diligent when discharging their duties. They’re not allowed to skip or shorten the care process simply because they need to do something else. They should always be eager to help the patients no matter how long they spend. This is the way that good nurses behave and if you adhere to this strategy, you’ll ever be appreciated in the nursing industry.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Basic Safety Precautions

A competent nurse should not neglect simple laws and regulations. As a good nurse, you should not forget simple precautions, such as wearing gloves, taking notes, and washing your hand after taking care of your patients.  This is the critical indicator of a good nurse. As a professional nurse, you’re not expected to be lazy or too stressed to obey the simple guidelines.

  • Keep Up With The Latest Developments

Another technique and tip that will certainly aid you in becoming a good nurse are to keep up with new changes in the medical field. This is going to help you a lot. A lot of nurses are considered incompetent and inexperienced because of the old strategies in which they use to carry out their activities. You should keep track of the updated technology infused into the nursing world and learn about them.



Nursing is a great and respected profession. Moreover,  the job demands deep professionalism and experience. As a nurse, you need to learn the best way to care for and communicate with the patient. You should always remember to comply with the basic nursing rules and regulations. Besides, in this article, the list of nursing schools in Ogun State and their fees has been provided.