As expected, the highest paying companies in South Africa are some of the most attractive places for fresh graduates to work. The tech industry has certainly come in strong in recent years, bringing in a number of high paying positions. Nevertheless, finance, mining, energy, and food processing are also well represented on this list.

The South African labour market is quite well developed; workers get very good pay and very good treatment. Nevertheless, many of these companies are multinational institutions and they have international standards to maintain, which is why they pay so well.

In any case, young South Africans looking for employment opportunities have no shortage of options to choose from.


1. Broadband Infraco

Average Salary: R780,897 Per Year

Broadband Infraco is a communications company that aims to make fast and reliable communication available to the people of South Africa. The company provides communications services in the form of telephony, long distance internet based call services, data connectivity, and so on.

The company also aims to open up communications especially in the rural areas of the country. It realizes that communication is an essential component of growth and development.

Broadband Infraco may not employ so many people (only 155); but it pays quite well. The average salary at Broadband Infraco is R780,897 per year.

2. Sentech

Average Salary: R619, 370 Per Year

Sentech Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise that operates also in the communications sector. The company is licensed to provide Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Services (ECS) services. The company is operates around 60 to 70 radio and TV sites across South Africa.

With an average salary of R619, 370 per year this is one of the highest paying companies in South Africa; and they employ a lot of engineers, drivers, technicians, and of course on air personalities.


Average Salary: R612, 147 Per Year

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is a regulatory body tasked by the government of South Africa to regulate the telecommunications and broadcasting industry. Mostly, there staff are made up of bureaucrats and engineers; much of their job includes paperwork and desk jobs.

With an average salary of about R612, 147 per year, this is one of the best places to get a job if the salary is your biggest consideration.

4. South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Average Salary: R586, 370 Per Year

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is perhaps the most iconic company in the country. This is a sort of an umbrella organization; under it are 19 radio stations and 6 television stations.

This is one of the biggest South African companies, not just by the size of the physical structure, but by the size of the operation. The company recently recorded R6.6 Billion in revenue, and has about 3200 employees presently.

South African Broadcasting Corporation pays an average salary of R586, 370 per year; which is quite juicy when compared to many others.

5. Eskom

Average Salary: R428, 000 Per Year

Eskom is South Africa’s electricity giant. It operates a number of power stations including Kusile Power Station, Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, Kendal Power Station, Matimba Power Station, and Medupi Power Station. Eskom has a workforce of 42,749 people, so it is not a small company by any means.

This is the company that powers the nation; it produces 95% of the electricity used in South Africa. Aside from the management staff who do most of the paperwork, the company also employs plenty of engineers, drivers, mechanics, and so many other workers. As for pay; the average salary is R428, 000 per year which is quite impressive.

6. Standard Bank

Average Salary: R425, 000 Per Year

Standard Bank is one of the best known financial institutions in South Africa; it is also one of the best known South African financial institutions outside the country. To top it all off, this is also one of the best paying banks in South Africa, with an average salary of R425, 000 per year.

Aside from this; the bank also gives one the opportunity to work in one of the best managed organizations in the country; with several financial services such as commercial banking, wealth management, investment banking, insurance, foreign currency exchange, private banking, and investment banking.

This is one of the biggest lenders in the country. Its headquarters are located in Simmonds Street, Johannesburg.

7. Bain & Company

Average Salary: R418, 000 Per Year

Bain & Company is a management consultancy that provides researched based data to public, private, and non-profit organizations. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, but has been in the South African market since 1994. The company has a penchant for excellence, and in order to achieve that it needs to keep its employees motivated.

The company offers a wide range of career options, but regardless of what jobs people do, they are made to feel like they are part of the company, and essential to the company’s success.

Bain & Company has an average salary of R418, 000 per year.

8. Nestle South Africa

Average Salary: R415, 000 Per Year

Nestle is a multinational food and drinks giant; probably the biggest in the world. The company makes food and beverage products such as chocolate, coffee, cereals, ice cream and dairy. As possibly the biggest food processing company in the world, there is a reputation to maintain; which is why Nestle’s employees earn an average salary of R415, 000 per year, and the benefits are just great.

The company maintains a high standard in everything it does; which is why it is one of the most sought after places of employment throughout the country.

9. First National Bank

Average Salary: R405,000 Per Year

First National Bank (FNB) is probably the oldest banking institution in sub Saharan Africa; and among the most respected on the continent. FNB also has operations in many markets outside South Africa; and the company is even listed on other markets like the Botswana Stock Exchange under the symbol FNBB. As per revenue; this is one of the biggest South African companies.

FNB workers are well paid; on the average they get about R405,000 per year.

10. Accenture

Average Salary: R399, 000 Per Year

Accenture is a multinational company that is headquartered in Ireland, and that provides consulting and IT services to its clients. It operates in 5 divisions: Strategy, Consulting, Technology, Interactive, and Operations. The company is deeply into research and development of new models of doing business.

Many of the people working in this establishment are IT professionals, but there is also room for other staff as well. On the average employees receive a salary of R399, 000 per year.



The highest paying companies in South Africa have mostly expanded their scope of operations; most of them have business outside the country just as they have within. Having become so successful, they have also established a culture of taking care of their workers because the workers are the biggest assets any company has.