Many Nigerians today don’t know where and how to get local government certificate of origin in Nigeria, otherwise known as the state of origin certificate; wouldn’t it be disappointing if you were asked where and how to get a Local government certificate of origin? You need not worry much now, because we got you covered, we will be giving you details on how to get a Local Government certificate in our today’s article. Happy reading. A Local Government Area is a carved out part of a certain state in a country or communities encroached with humans claiming that particular Area as Their Home Town or originated from that particular Area.

A Local government certificate otherwise known as State of origin Certificate is a certificate that certifies you of being an originated member of a certain Local government area in Nigeria that is, your parents especially or particularly your father originated  from that certain Local Government Area or in other words it certifies you of being a root member of a particular Local Government Area in Nigeria.


  • Where To Get The Local Government Certificate (State Of Origin Certificate)

This is usually a costly mistake people make in getting the certificate, they tend to go to the wrong place for the certificate hereby waisting their precious time in such places, moreover its a general question people ask.

To get your Local Government Certificate, you have to move down to the Local Government Area you originated from not minding the distance of your current location to your Local Government in order to get a valid State of Origin or Local Government Certificate, then locate your Local Government Secretariate which is where you would find a solution to your search for a Local Government Certificate of origin also known as State of origin certificate.

State Certificate Of Origin

  • How to pay And Get the Certificate

On reaching your Local Government Secretariat, request for the Certificate from any of the Local Government Officials, if you don’t seem to know any of them you can ask for directions from the security personnel you see there. On getting to an official, request for the certificate, you would be given a form to fill, this form consists a space for you to affix your passport (NOTE: you have to go with a minimum of 2 recent passports), fill out the form and you would be asked for payment, you may likely be requested to pay instantly at hand or directed to the bank for payment, receive the account details for payment after which you are to take a photocopied teller that indicates your payment to the Local Government (NOTE: A photocopied teller not ORIGINAL), then take a seat and wait while your certificate is been processed signed and printed out for your purpose.

Requirements for a Local Government Certificate Of Origin (State Of Origin Certificate)

Getting a Local Government Certificate or State of Origin Certificate requires some certain measures to be taken by whosoever needs the certificate which whereby without meeting up with the demands of this certificate whoever wants it would not be able to get it.

  • Father’s Origin: First and Foremost, being the most important aspect, your parents (father in particular) must be an indigene of the Local Government Area you claim in a particular state or in other words your father must be an originated member of that Local Government.
  • Full and correct Name: in this case, you have to be very careful and mindful of typical errors in case of writing down your name and more also your name should carry your father’s name to certify that you are truly from that Local Government. More also, you have to be mindful of filling in Two English names as both Surname and First name, such as writing down something like “Jackson Precious” as name, this is because it would have you go through another round of stress, you may be asked to provide a means of identification just to certify you are from that particular area, it may be a reputable person from your Local Government to Sign for you as an indigene of that community or Local Government that is if you use two English names as I have stated earlier, But Note That You Have To Use The Names That Appear On Your Other Credentials. But in case your credentials name contains two English names as your Surname and main name, then you are advised to fill in the names, but you have to provide a reputable member of your Local Government Area, maybe a chief, counselor or probably the king to certify you and probably sign for you as an originated member of that Local Government or as an indigene of that Local Government.
  • Two recent Passport: you will be asked for your passport and be sure to provide the recent once that tallies with your true image or identity to avoid delay or embarrassment from the Local Government Officials. Moreover to enable your image on the passport look very much alike with physical image or identity.
  • A Fee: for your certificate to be issued to you at ease, you would be required to pay a certain levy of Two thousand, Five hundred Naira (#2,500) maximum to obtain the certificate, apart from that you may also be required to pay a levy of one hundred naira (#100) as a form fill, that is, the payment of the form you are going to fill in your details before it is finally assessed and printed out for you as you Local Government Certificate.

Your Local Government Dialect or language will earn you an additional advantage while you want to get the certificate, this is because you might be asked to communicate with them in your dialect or language and during this period, if you can’t communicate in your language you may be delayed with certain unnecessary questions and probably u would be forced to get the signature of a reputable individual in your Local Government in other to get the certificate you require.

List Of State And Capitals In Nigeria

  • Abia State Umuahia
  • Adamawa State Yola
  • Akwa Ibom State Uyo
  • Anambra State Awka
  • Bauchi State Bauchi
  • Bayelsa State Yenagoa
  • Benue State Makurdi
  • Borno State Maiduguri
  • Cross River State Calabar
  • Delta State Asaba
  • Ebonyi State Abakaliki
  • Edo State Benin City
  • Ekiti State Ado-Ekiti
  • Enugu State Enugu
  • FCT Abuja
  • Gombe State Gombe
  • Imo State Owerri
  • Jigawa State Dutse
  • Kaduna State Kaduna
  • Kano State Kano
  • Katsina State Katsina
  • Kebbi State Birnin Kebbi
  • Kogi State Lokoja
  • Kwara State Ilorin
  • Lagos State Ikeja
  • Nasarawa State Lafia
  • Niger State Minna
  • Ogun State Abeokuta
  • Ondo State Akure
  • Osun State Oshogbo
  • Oyo State Ibadan
  • Plateau State Jos
  • Rivers State Port Harcourt
  • Sokoto State Sokoto
  • Taraba State Jalingo
  • Yobe State Damaturu
  • Zamfara State Gusau

Why It Is Important to Get A Local Government Certificate Of Origin

As a Nigerian Maybe a youth or Adult, Married or not Married you might be wondering why you should get the so-called Certificate addressed as the Local Government Certificate otherwise known as State of Origin Certificate or probably you might deem it not necessary to have the certificate simply because you are a Nigerian By birth.

This Certificate is Important for use in different ways:

  • As a student going into a higher institution, you would be required compulsorily of your Local Government Certificate otherwise known as State of origin Certificate to certify your true identity.
  • As a Jobseeker, you would be required of your Local Government Certificate also known as State of Origin Certificate.
  • As a traveler, the Certificate may be requested for depending on where you are heading to and the Officials in charge of checking your traveling documents.
  • Another aspect may also require the attention of your Local Government Certificate or State of Origin Certificate, which makes it an important document to have at hand.

it would be highly recommended that you have your Local Government Certificate or State of origin Certificate as you may call it, at hand in case of emergencies of either higher institutions requirement or job offer requirement, so as to save you the stress of rushing down to your Local Government Area for the Certificate or more over for the need of the certificate not to get to you unawares probably when you might be stranded or financially down.



A State of Origin Certificate in Nigeria is an Important document recommended for all bonafide Nigerians to have, in which you can get in the Local Government Area your parents, Father precisely originated from with a maximum amount of 2,500 nairas. Pertaining to Job opportunities and school admission it is highly required of you to get the Certificate. More also I would recommend you to get in contact with a reputable icon or person in your Local Government in case you are asked to get a high ranking signature so as to save you a whole lot of stress.

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