List Of Mineral Resources In Africa, Location & Uses

Full List of mineral resources in Africa, uses, location found and all you need to know about them. Africa is an important continent on the global map due to various factors. Indeed, here is a continent that is filled with various mineral resources that some other continents badly craves for. Almost all the natural resources serving great purposes in the world can be found in Africa. It was made known that Africa contains about 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources. In fact, while many of these resources are being explored, there are still some that are still dormant and not yet explored to the fullest. 

Here are the most important mineral resources in Africa, as well as their locations and uses:

List Of Mineral Resources In Africa, Location & Uses

  • 1. Oil and gas

Crude oil is one of the leading resources in the global market due to its uses, and it is impressive to note that several African countries have it in a large abundance, including the likes of:

    • – Algeria
    • – Angola
    • – Cameroon
    • – Chad
    • – Republic of Congo
    • – Egypt
    • – Eritrea
    • – Gabon
    • – Ghana
    • – Kenya
    • – Libya
    • – Nigeria
    • – South Sudan
    • – Sudan
    • – Tunisia
    • – Mozambique

Africa produced five of the world’s top oil-producing countries. It has been made known that close to $2tn of investments are expected by 2036.

Uses Of Crude Oil 

    • Crude oil has a lot of functions, and it is being used in the making of several important products. It is popularly being used to produce transportation fuels, including gas gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Crude oil is also used in the making of fuel oils which are utilized for heating and electricity generation, as well as in the creation of several petroleum products.
    • Crude oil can be used to make several other items when it is used with certain chemicals of various kinds (depending on what the goal is). Petroleum byproducts can bring up important items like paraffin wax, tar, perfume, fertilizer, insecticides, soap, etc. 
    • It should also be added that crude oil is the base for plastics that is used in all it is being used for (including plastic bags). So, it is not surprising that crude oil is always in high demand. 


  • 2. Diamonds: 

Diamonds are found abundantly in African countries like:

    • – Angola
    • – Botswana
    • – Central African Republic
    • – Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uses of Diamond 

    • Diamond is one of the most rarest and most expensive gemstones out there. It is of great value not only because of its classic beauty, but also because of its superb functions and uses. 
    • Diamonds are used for various things. They are used as gems and for the making of jewelry. Due to its hardness and toughness, it is also used for the cutting of glass, as well as in drilling rocks. Diamonds are also utilized in generating laser beams in electronics.


  • 3. Gold: 

Gold is found abundantly in African countries like:

    • – Benin
    • – Burkina Faso
    • – Djibouti
    • – Mali
    • – South Africa
    • – Tanzania.

Uses of Gold 

    • Gold has always been an important precious metal, and much value is placed on it even because of its important versatile functions. It can be swiftly broken down to be used as sheets and wires, it conducts electricity, and it has the reputation of its glamorous shining features. Since gold is chemically passive and does not react swiftly when joined with other metals, it is easy to use them in the filling of orthodontic appliances (as it is ductile and can easily take shapes). It is also used as a substitute for misplaced or dislocated teeth, as well as in the making of various electronics and computers (since gold are good conductors of electricity). 
    • Due to its preciousness, gold is usually used to make medals and statues, as its beauty is simply exceptionally significant. However, the majority of gold around is used in making jewelry. It is pretty valuable, good-looking, and durable. 


  • 3. Nickel and Uranium: 

This minerals are found abundantly in Burundi

Uses of Nickel and Uranium

    • Nickel is so important in the production of stainless steel as well as other alloys. As a result of its features and composition, these metals is vital as far as the chemical and aerospace industries are concerned. 
    • Uranium, on the other hand, is a unique mineral that is utilized as a nuclear fuel in power stations. As a result of its features, it is usually used to produce nuclear weapons. 


  • 5. Pozzolana: 

This is found abundantly in Cape Verde.

Uses of Pozzolana

These are majorly used as cement replacements. It should be added that adding them to an existing concrete mix and not taking out an equivalent amount of cement, have an implication: which is that the paste content gets increased while the water/cement ratio gets decreased. 


  • 6. Fish: 

They are found abundantly in African countries like:

    • – Comoros
    • – Guinea-Bissau
    • – Mauritius
    • – Sao Tome and Principe
    • – Senegal
    • – Seychelles.

Uses of Fish 

Everyone should know by now that Fish is one of the healthiest foods we’ve got around, laced with superb nutrients, including protein and vitamin D. One important nutrient that is synonymous with fish is omega-3 fatty acids, which is vital for the brain and body as a whole. Fish is enjoyed as a food (there are various very delicious fishes, including the likes of salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and so on. 


  • 7. Timber

They are found abundantly in Liberia.

Uses of Timber 

Timber is quite versatile, and it has several uses. Although it is mostly synonymous with the building as well as construction materials, timber actually can be used to make various things. It is used in making air dispensers, artificial limbs, Beehives, fencing, furniture, fuel/power generation, musical instruments, and so on. 


  • 8. Titanium

They are found abundantly in the Gambia.

Uses of Titanium

Titanium metal is a unique one with features that are utilized in the making of things like aluminum, manganese, iron, etc. Its alloys majorly serve its functions in the aerospace industry.


  • 9. Graphite: 

They are found abundantly in Madagascar.

Uses of Graphite 

These are used for refractory, to make vital things like battery, steel, brake linings, lubricants, and so on. One of its famous usages is in the production of pencils. It was made known that as at 2011, a large chunk of what was produced was used to make pencils. 


  • 10. Tobacco: 

They are found abundantly in Malawi.

Uses of Tobacco 

The leaves are majorly used for smoking (particularly in pipes and cigarettes). Some also consume it as snuff and dipping tobacco.


  • 11. Iron Ore: 

They are found abundantly in Mauritania.

Uses of Iron Ore 

The major use of iron ore has to do with the production of iron (just as its name implies). The iron that is produced is utilised in the making of steel (which are used to manufacture automobiles, ships, tools, bicycles, and a whole lot of other things). 


  • 12. Phosphates: 

They are found abundantly in African regions like 

    • – Western Sahara
    • – Morocco.

Uses of Phosphate

It is a common thing to see phosphate salts serving medicinal purposes. These are majorly used for bowel cleansing, constipation, heartburn, and so on. Additionally, whenever there are cases of low blood levels of phosphate, the usage of these salt can help bring things back to normal. 


  • 13. Aluminum and Gas

They are found abundantly in African countries like:

    • – Guinea
    • – Mozambique.

Uses of Aluminium and Gas

Since it is pretty light weighted and endowed with huge strength, it is often utilised to make structures. Gas is usually made for fuel purposes. 


  • 14. Cooper: 

They are found abundantly in African countries like:

    • – Uganda
    • – Zambia.

Uses of Cooper

In terms of electrical conductivity, copper is pretty superb. Therefore, it is majorly used in electrical equipment like wiring and motors. 

Kindly note that there are still more mineral resources in Africa, hopefully, we get to add more to the list.


When the Industrial Revolution started in Europe year back, one of the reasons Europeans gave Africa full attention was because of the huge deposits of natural resources like rubber, palm kennel, and so on, which are very relevant to their industries. Interestingly, at those periods, crude oil hasn’t been discovered. 

List Of Mineral Resources In Africa

Today, there are various countries in Africa enjoying the dividends of oil (and it appears some parts are yet to even discover theirs). This alone has made Africa a very important continent, and indeed, the world’s fastest-growing region for foreign direct investment. 

Africa is a huge and broad place no doubt. There are over 40 countries on the continent, with tons of languages, customs, and traditions. One of her strengths is the big deposit of mineral resources she has, which are located in different measures, in different parts of the continent. The Northern part has a lot of oil and natural gas deposits, while the Sahara is blessed with nuclear ore as well as things like copper, gold, and so on. 

Conclusion On The List Of Mineral Resources In Africa, Location Found & Uses

In conclusion, as you can see, Africa is blessed with several untapped riches that can make the continent a very prominent one in the global world. Hopefully, the continent will get things right very soon. 


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