Top 10 Best Football Teams In Africa 2021 (National)

Check out the best National football teams in Africa presently. A lot of African football teams are now doing fine both locally and internationally, as the continent generally keeps improving in terms of investing in the beautiful game. Very soon, we expect African teams to reach the same standard as their counterparts in Europe. 

At the past CAF Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, Algeria led after Djamel Belmadi, pulled a surprise outing to lift the Cup. The North African side beat the likes of Nigeria and Senegal along the way to claim the title, and in the process, moved to a high place in FIFA’s ranking to become one of the best teams in the candidate.

So, which African national teams are the best in the continent? Here, we will explore ten of them. Here are they:

Top 10 Best Football Teams In Africa 

1. Senegal 

Despite losing the 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations final to Algeria, as things stand now, Senegal remains the best in the African continent as far as football is concerned. Popularly known as The Lions of Teranga, the team, which was established in the 1960s, have been regular contenders in the Africa Cup of Nations.

One nice thing to add is the fact that the West African country has won the Amilcar Cabral Cup more than every other country in the region, even though they are yet to lift the Afcon trophy.

2. Tunisia

Although the Tunisians couldn’t win anything at the last CAF Africa Cup of Nations despite being familiar with the terrain, they are still regarded as a tough fish in African football, and thus, remain the number two best in the continent. The North African giants have won the Africa Cup of Nations on several occasions and are one of the teams that will rarely miss qualifying for the tournament. 

3. Nigeria

The Super Eagles have had their own fair share of challenges in recent years, but remain one of the best teams on the continent. The Nigerian team has won the Africa Cup of Nations on three different occasions. In fact, as of the early 1990s, the side was nicknamed The Giant of Africa for their prowess in the game, as well as their superb success. In 1994, the team was placed on the 5th spot in FIFA World rankings and became the only African country that has reached such heights. 

Nigeria came third at the 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations and one of the stars that represented the country at the tournament – in the person of Odion Ighalo, won the Golden Boot award (as he scored the highest goals in the tournament). It should also be noted that the side was the first African side to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup following their 1-0 victory over Zambia in the qualifiers. The country has produced some of the best African stars that the world has seen – the likes of Jayjay Okocha, John Obi Mikel, and so on. 

4. Algeria

Known as The Fennec Foxes/Desert Warriors, this side is known for playing beautiful football (which is something some African countries are yet to understand). Some months back, the North African country suffered some setbacks that led to their fall in the rankings, until they were able to pull themselves together and could move ahead to win the last CAF Africa Cup of Nations. The win ensured a rise in FIFA’s ranking, and Algeria is currently the fourth-best country in the continent. 

The North African country can boast of some talented and skillful players who are plying their trades in Europe, and their collective efforts have ensured the rising of their nation. 

5. Morocco

The North African country has been impressive as far as continental football is concerned. Popularly known as the Lions of the Atlas, the Moroccans have the reputation of being the first African side to win a group at the FIFA World Cup. The side could achieve that in 1986. 

The Moroccans were one of the countries that represented Africa in the last World Cup, even though it was not a successful outing. Nevertheless, the side is still a very tough country that is currently ranked fifth on FIFA’s African rankings. 

6. Egypt

Despite some recent challenges, the Egyptian side remains one of the strongest in the continent. The Pharaohs have won the Africa Nations Cup on several occasions and have a reputation of being one of the African sides that rarely miss playing in the tournament. 

Unfortunately, the Egyptian side hasn’t been too impressive on the world stage, particularly when they represent Africa in the World Cup. Nevertheless, the North African side remains a tough side to beat, and they also play beautiful football. 

7. Ghana

Ghana might not be a very big country, but when it comes to football in Africa, the side remains very strong and influential. Popularly known as the Black Stars, the country has gained a reputation at both continental and international tournaments and has been represented by some of the best footballers the continent as a whole can boast about. 

The likes of Micheal Essien and Asamoah Gyan have done a very big work in pushing up the lots of the country. Ghana has a reputation for being one of the African teams that have featured in a lot of Olympic Games (although they are yet to win any). Nevertheless, despite the country’s size, Ghana can boast about winning the Africa Cup of Nations on four different occasions. They won the first in the year 1963; the second came in 1965; in 1978 came the third; and after winning their fourth African trophy in 1982, they are yet to win another. It should, however, be added that the black stars have ended runner-up on 5 different occasions, with their most recent outing being 2015.

8. Cameroon

The Indomitable Lions are known for their toughness and rigidity and remain one of the best African teams. The country played in the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 1982. They also have the reputation of being the only African side that has been able to get to the World Cup quarter-final in the history of the tournament. It should also be added that it was the result of their success that made FIFA create more slots for African countries in the tournament. 

Thus the country has played in the World Cup more than every other African country (they have represented the continent on seven different occasions). Indeed, as the African side with the greatest amount of success on the global football stage, Cameroon is the only country from this part of the world that have been able to get into the final of the FIFA confederation cup (in 2003).

9. Congo DR

The Democratic Republic of Congo used to be an unknown country as far as African football is concerned, but have, in recent times, changed the narrative. Famously known as The Leopards, Congo DR has become one of the strongest and best African countries in football, and some months before now were ranked as the second-best in the continent. 

DR Congo has won the Africa Cup of Nations on two different occasions and also retained the reputation of being the first Sub-Saharan African side to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

10. Côte d’Ivoire

Ivory Coast is one of the toughest countries in Africa as far as football is concerned. The side is known for its superb way of playing football and have been able to achieve a lot in the history of Afcon. The country has produced some superb African legends who made their marks in Europe – the likes of Didier Drogba, Salomon Kalou, Emmanuel Eboue, Yaya Toure, and so on. These guys, who traded their skills at top teams in Europe, were able to tirelessly turn their country into a superpower as far as African football is concerned. 

That’s all about the best football teams in Africa so far.