Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In Africa (2023)

It is important to observe who the richest football clubs in Africa are because money is an important metric by which to measure the success of a football club. Money is also important in keeping the club functional and competitive because it takes money to attract and retain talent, and also to properly administer a football club.

Some of the top ways via which African clubs can make money include sponsorship deals, ticket sales at games, selling talent to foreign clubs, and of course winning competitions. Naturally, a club needs to spend some time winning some laurels in order to identify itself as a marketable brand, and the kind of money it can make will depend on the economy of its country. It is therefore understandable that many of the richest clubs in Africa are from Northern and Southern Africa.

Having this money has made the clubs able to attract some of the best players on the continent; although it may take some more time before they are able to turn financial power into success on an international scale, having money has certainly given these clubs a footballing identity; and made them joyful to watch.

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In Africa

 1. Al Ahly Of Egypt

Estimated Value: $40 Million

Al Ahly is not just a club in Egypt; it is the pride of Africa. This club was established in 1907 and is today the biggest football club in Africa. In terms of trophies won, Al Ahly has more trophies than any club in the world, and it must be noted that each trophy comes with a cash reward. Al Ahly is the most recognizable sports brand in Africa; they have always had very good sponsorship deals from multinational companies.

Al Ahly games are also well attended; they now use the Cairo International Stadium (which is a 75,000 capacity ground), and the Al Salam Stadium (30,000 capacity ground). These stadiums are usually bustling with excited fans all dressed in the clubs’ colours. The fanbase is one of the reasons why Al Ahly is so rich; nobody else compares to this club in terms of the number of fans.

Al Ahly is consistently successful, both on the local scene and in Africa’s top international club competition. The constant inflow of silverware has made the club notoriously wealthy; no other club can compare their revenues in this regard.

 2. Mamelodi Sundowns

Estimated Value: $25 Million

Mamelodi Sundowns is a South African football club; one of the biggest in the country. The club is known for its yellow kit; for which Mamelodi Sundowns has been given the nickname “The Brazilians.” This is the most supported club in South Africa; it was founded in 1970. The club is quite successful; it has won several local leagues, and the 2016 CAF Champions League, as well as the CAF Super League.

Mamelodi Sundowns regularly makes money from the silverware it wins in the competitions it participates in. However, the bulk of its money comes from sponsorship deals, and from the patronage of fans. The club plays its home games at the Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium (which is a 28,900 capacity stadium), and the 51,762 capacity Loftus Versfeld Stadium.

The club’s games are well attended; fans come to watch Sundowns play their exciting Tiki-Taka brand of football which has been likened to the way Arsenal and Barcelona play. The club is owned by South African business magnate Patrice Motsepe and is the most recognized football club in the country.

 3. Kaizer Chiefs

Estimated Value: $20 Million

Kaizer Chiefs are fierce rivals of Mamelodi Sundowns. Kaizer Chiefs is based in Naturena, Johannesburg, South Africa, and was established in 1970. The club has won over 50 trophies in its years of existence and is one of the most recognized football clubs in South Africa.

One of the most impressive things about this club is the massive following it has. Kaizer Chiefs is perhaps the most supported football club in South Africa; their supporters number more than 40 million, both in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Kaizer Chiefs plays its games at the FNB Stadium, which has a capacity of 94,797 people. The club is quite formidable in international competitions, and this exposure continues to add to the clubs’ value.

 4. Pyramids FC

Estimated Value: $19 Million

Pyramids FC is a rather new club; but formidable in all ramifications. This club was established in 2008, as Al Assiouty Sport, but was acquired and rebranded as Pyramids FC. The club was acquired by Emirati businessman Salem Al Shamsi in 2019, and this has now made the club financially stable.

The club plays its home games at the 30 June Stadium, which is a 30,000 capacity ground located in Cairo. Pyramids FC has quickly won over the hearts of many people in Cairo; the club’s games are already quite well attended.

The club has huge financial backing; the owner is a wealthy businessman. Furthermore, it makes money from sponsorship deals, selling talent, and from ticket sales at its home games.

 5. Club Africain

Estimated Value: $18 Million

Club Africain is a Tunisian football club based in Tunis. The club was founded in 1920 and is actually a multi-sports club. Club Africain is one of the giants of football, not only in Tunisia but also on the continent; they started winning international competitions as far back as 1971. Club Africain has also won several trophies in Tunisia; making the club quite rich by earnings from competitions.

They play at the Stade Olympique de Radès, which gives them the potential to earn by ticket sales to 60 000 fans.

 6. Zamalek

Estimated Value: $15 Million

Zamalek of Egypt is one of the most familiar names in African football. This club was formed in 1911 and has changed its name several times.

Nevertheless, Zamalek has consistently won several CAF Champions League titles; showing their near dominance of the football scene on the continent; only behind their arch-rivals Al Ahly. Zamalek is a team that is well known by anybody who knows African Football; the CAF Champions League prowess means that they have played in nearly every notable stadium in Africa.

Zamalek is one of the richest football clubs in Africa because they have won a great deal of trophies. The club is also very wealthy because they have a very huge following. Zamalek is estimated to have at least 20 million supporters not only in Egypt but across the Arab world. The club plays its home games at the Cairo International Stadium which is a 75,000 capacity ground.

They also make money from TV rights, sponsorships, and club merchandise.

 7. Orlando Pirates

Estimated Value: $12 Million

Orlando Pirates is one of the power houses of South African football. The club was established in 1937 and is one of the earliest foundations of South African football. The club is very successful; they have an impressive trophy cabinet that includes several South African Premier Soccer League trophies and a CAF Champions League trophy as well.

They play their home games at the Orlando Stadium, which is a 37,139 capacity ground. The club makes its money from sponsorship deals, ticket sales, and TV rights.

 8. Wydad Casablanca

Estimated Value: $12 Million

Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca is another one of the power houses of African Football. This club was founded on 8 May 1937; although at that time its core focus was Water-Polo. This is one of the big clubs in Morocco; it is one of the clubs whose names ring a bell anywhere on the continent.

The club has raked in a lot of money by winning several Moroccan titles as well as the Champions League on two occasions. The club plays at the prestigious Stade Mohammed V stadium, which is 67,000 Capacity ground. The club also makes money by selling merchandise, and from sponsorship deals.

 9. TP Mazembe

Estimated Value: $10 Million

TP Mazembe is the richest and most successful club in DR Congo. At one time they used to be the most successful club below the Sahara. However, their record of two Champions League trophies has been equaled by Enyimba. The club was formed as TP Englebert in 1939, and this is one of the most feared clubs in Africa.

They make their money from winning trophies; they have won the local league several time. They also make money from sponsorship deals, TV rights, and ticket sales. The club plays at the Stade TP Mazembe, which is an 18,500 capacity stadium.

 10. Esperance

Estimated Value: $10 Million

Esperance is the most successful club in Tunisia. They have a total of 48 domestic titles and 12 international titles. This is one of the most iconic clubs in Africa; and if a player cannot go to Europe, Esperance is usually his choice to play in Africa. The club makes a lot of money from its winnings in competitions, as well as from support from its teeming fans.

Esperance was established in 1919, and is one of the most recognized brands in Africa.



The richest football clubs in Africa depend to a large extent on the economic conditions of the countries in which they play. When a club plays in a financially progressive country, it can make more money from ticket sales, and from purchases of club merchandise. This list is therefore a good indicator of Africa’s most progressive regions; a sign of economic stability.