Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In Africa 2020

In this post, we did a ranking of the 10 most financially strong clubs on the African continent – The richest football clubs in Africa 2020. Having just money doesn’t make you rich, though; we want to see structures on ground that translate to wealth, and wealth that translates to money. The Richest club should have a large fan -base, a worthy identity that attracts the best players, winning potential to continue to win competitions and get prize monies, a solid brand that corporate entities want to associate with: in fact, Sponsors should line up, eagerly waiting to have their names and logos on your shirts. In this post, we identify the richest clubs in Africa, we talk a little about there histories and analyze how they got to be on this list, including what makes them the richest. Without further ad, let us get to it:

Top 10 Richest Clubs in Africa 2020

Al Ahly of Egypt
  • 1. Al Ahly of Egypt

Al Ahly of Egypt is without a doubt the most valuable sports brand on the African continent. They are currently valued by Forbes at 19.25 million euros, and valuation is not by coincidence. They have a solid foundation, the kind that many European clubs only dream of- and this solid foundation translates to the wealth and riches that they can boast of. Al Ahly was founded on the 24th of April in the year 1907, which makes them 113 years old. In these one hundred and twelve years of existence, they have won 109 trophies, which translates mathematically to about 0.90 trophies every year. Unprecedented and consistent success! Al Ahly is the second most successful clubs -second to Real Madrid- in terms of international trophies. They are truly Africa’s club of the Century, they have been at the forefront of the Egyptian League, having been crowned champions of Egypt on 40 occasions in a League that has been in existence for 70 years. They have also won the Egyptian Cup 36 times, and also the National Super Cup 10 times. Al Ahly is the undisputed heavyweight champions of Africa, having won the CAF champions league a record 8 times. They have also won Africa’s second-tier competition the CAF Confederations Cup once, and the battle of champions: the CAF Super Cup 6 times, the African Cup Winners Cup 4 time(s), Afro Asian Cup 1 time, Arab Cup Winners Cup 1 time, the Arab Super Cup 2 time(s). Al Ahly has also made their presence felt on the world stage with a bronze medal of the FIFA Club World Cup in their trophy cabinet. Brand Recognition is on the high side, their red shirts are immediately recognizable, striking fear into the hearts of their opponents. And they have the highest following of any football club in Africa. Their home ground: the Cairo International Stadium has a normal sitting capacity of 30,000 people, which is adjustable to accommodate 75,000 people. This hallowed ground is the most revered arena in Africa, and is popularly called ‘the Courtyard.’ Its highest record attendance is 130,000 people. Al Ahly is currently building a stadium that will contain 60,000 people as per its normal capacity. The club continues to get enormous financial support from its teeming fan-base, not only in Egypt but across Africa. Sponsorship: The Club is currently being sponsored by WE, but they have a long list of eager past sponsors, who have been proud to have their names and logos branded on Al Ahly shirts. Vodafone, Etisalat, Coca Cola, Helwan, Old Spice, Mansour Group to mention a few.

Esperance Sportive de Tunis
  • 2. Esperance Sportive de Tunis

There is no club more popular in Tunisia than Esperance de Tunis- in fact, this is one of the most popular clubs in Africa and the Arab World. The club was founded on January 15, in the year 1919, making it 101 years old. It started as a meeting of friends in a coffeehouse called Taraji, in the town of Bab Souika, and has now blossomed into a world-class football club. The club has achieved considerable success, as one would expect from a well-grounded establishment. They won the Tunisian League 28 times, as well as the Tunisian Cup 15 times, and the Tunisian Supercup 4 times. On the continental level, they have won the CAF Champions League 4 times, the African Cup Winners Cup 1 time, CAF Super Cup 1 time, CAF Cup 1 time, Afro- Asian Club Championship 1 time. Fanbase and Support: Their home ground is Olympic Stadium of Rades(owned by the Tunisian government), and its normal capacity is 65,000 people. This stadium is regularly filled with people flying the club’s colours of red and yellow, and it is indeed an intimidating atmosphere to play. The club is hugely popular and continues to enjoy financial support from fans in Africa and in Arab counties as well. SPonsorship: the club has been famously sponsored by Coca-Cola. During the 1998/1999, they were kitted by Unisport and displayed logos of Coca-Cola, Monte Carlo, Delice and LG, all at the same time. The club is valued at 12.75 million Euros.

Club Africain of Tunisia
  • 3. Club Africain of Tunisia

Club Africain comes in next with a valuation of 11.8 million Euros. Club Africain was founded in the capital Tunis in the year 1920. This is the next best thing in Tunisian club football; Club Africain is the second most popular club in Tunisia, and one of the most popular in the Arab World. They are 99 years old and are quite a successful club to boast of. Club |Africain have won the Tunisian League 13 times so far, as well as the Tunisian Cup 13 times, and the Tunisian Super Cup 3 times. Regionally they are a force to reckon with: they have the North African Cup of Champions in their trophy cabinet (2-time winners), Arab Cup Winners Cup (1-time winners), Arab Champions League (1-time winners), Maghreb Cup Winners Cup (1-time winners), Maghreb Champions Cup (3-time winners), amongst others. Club Africain are also users of the Olympic Stadium of Rades, beneficiaries of the stadium’s 65,000 capacity for their teeming fans to fill up the arena in rowdy scenes of celebration. The Clubs colours are red and white, and their supporters love to fly their colours. Sponsorship: Club Africain has been sponsored in the past by Ford, Boga, Barcelo and so on.

Kaizer Chiefs
  • 4. Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, the fourth richest football club in Africa, based in Johannesburg, South Africa was founded on January 7, 1970. The club is valued at 10.48 million Euros and this figure is earned by strong brand identity. The Club is one of the most supported clubs in the country and draws an average attendance of 13,686 spectators per game. Their home grounds are the FNB Stadium and Moses Mabhida stadium with a capacity of 94,796, and 56,000 people respectively. This is a major source of funds for the club. Chiefs, as they are popularly known traditionally wear yellow shirts and shorts.

Mamelodi Sundowns
  • 5. Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns come in next with a valuation of 10.32 million Euros. The most recognized football club in South Africa, Mamelodi Sundowns was founded in 1970 in Mamelodi, Tshwane, Gauteng. The team has played in the South African Premier Soccer League since the League was inaugurated in 1996. The club has won the League 9 times (a record in South Africa ) as well as the Nedbank Cup 4 times, as well as having won 3 National Football League Championships. on the Continental level, they have announced their presence with a win the CAF Champions League (2016) and were named 2016 CAF Club of the Year. Their home strip is Yellow shirts and Blue shorts, and that has earned them the nickname ‘The Brazilians’. They play their home games at the Lucas Masterpiece Moripe Stadium and Loftus Versfeld Stadium both in Pretoria. The stadiums have a capacity of 28,900 and 51,762 respectively. The club receives support from its teeming fans. Sponsorship: Mamelodi Sundowns is a well-established football brand in South Africa and they are have been sponsored in the past by Disprin, Dettol, MTN. They are currently sponsored by Ubuntu Botho.

  • 6. Zamalek of Egypt

Zamalek comes in next with 10.30 million Euros valuation making them sixth on the ranking of the richest football clubs in Africa. The Club is based in Giza and was founded in the year 1911. The club is 108 years old. They were first called Qasr Al Nile Club, then changed to Al Mokhtalat Club, then changed again to King Farouk Club, and then with the coming of the Egyptian Revolution in 1952, the club changed its name to Zamalek SC. The club has been successful, they have won 4 African Cup of Champions Club, 1 CAF Cup Winners Cup, and 2 CAF Super Cups. They have won the Afro Asian Club Championship 2 times, and the prestigious CAF Champions League 5 times. Their home colours are White with red stripes, and they are quickly recognizable with their supporters flying their colours. Unfortunately, Zamalek is without a stadium of their own at the moment; their old stadium being too small and in poor condition.

  • 7. USM Alger

Union Sportive de la Medina, based in Algiers in Algeria comes in next with a valuation of 9.65 million Euros. The club was founded in 1937. They wear traditional colours of red and black. They have won the Algerian top League 8 times, the Algerian Cup 8 times, and the Algerian Super Cup 2 times. Their stadium, the Omar Hamadi Stadium has the capacity to take 10,000 people.

  • 8. ES Setif

Entente Sportive Setifienne comes in next among the richest football clubs in Africa with a market value of 8.6 million Euros. The club was founded in 1958, in Setif, Algeria. The club’s colours are Black and White. The club’s home ground, the Stade 8 Mai 1945, has the capacity to take 18,000. The Club is known to its supporters as the Black Eagles. ES Setif is a successful club. They have won the Algerian top League 8 times, and the Algerian Cup 8 time. They have won the CAF Champions League 2 times. They have also won the regional competition Arab Champions League 2 times, and the North African Cup 3 times. They have also won the CAF Super Cup 1 time. Sponsorship: They have been sponsored in the past by Djezzy GSM, they are currently sponsored by Kia Motors and Ooredoo.

  • 9. Raja Casablanca of Morrocco

Raja Casablanca comes in next with a market value of 8.13 million Euros. The club was founded on March 20, 1949. Raja is one of the most popular clubs in Africa and the Arab world. They are known as the Green Eagles. Raja is ranked by FIFA as the number 10th club in the World. Raja is also ranked third in Africa; after Al Ahly and Zamalek. Their home ground is the famous Stade Mohamed V, in Casablanca, and it has a normal capacity of 45,000. Raja has 8 continental titles, bested by Al Ahly which has 20, and Zamalek which has 12. TP Mazembe have 11 titles while Etoile du Sahel has 9. Sponsors: The club has been sponsored in the past by Chimicolor, BMAO, ODEP, Danone, Lavazza, Western Union, Fiat, Coca Cola, and Asta. the club is presently sponsored by Siera.

  • 10. T.P Mazembe

Lastly, on the top 10 richest football clubs in Africa, Tout Puissant Mazembe of Congo comes in next with a valuation of 7.70 million Euros. The club was founded in 1939. They are popularly known as the Ravens by their supporters. The team is known for their White and Black stripe shirts and black shorts. Their home ground is the Stade T.P Mazembe which has a normal capacity of 18,500. They have won the Congolese top League 17 times, the Coupe du Congo 5 times, DR Congo Super Cup 3 times. On the Continental level they have won the CAF Champions League 5 times, CAF Confederations Cup 2 times, CAf Super Cup 3 times, African Cup Winners Cup 1 time. Related: 

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