FUOYE Portal fuoye.edu.ng For Students {Freshers Pre-Degree, PG}

The Federal University Oye Ekiti is owned by the Federal government of Nigeria and is one of the Federal institutions in the country. The School is located in Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, and was established in 2011 when former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was still on the seat of power. 

Students of FUOYE can actually log in and register for the course they desire using the school’s portal without issues, as the institution is one that is technology-inclined. It is now a normal thing for higher institutes of learning in the country to develop online platforms where their students can simply log in and swiftly perform important activities such as registering of courses, accessing fees structure, and so on and so forth.

The portal allows students to easily access things that have to do with their academic on the go (I.e from anywhere they are in the country, and with any device they desire). This means, with impressive developments of this sort, they don’t really need to always visit the administration offices before they can get things sorted out, as the only thing they need to get access to the portal is to be a bonafide student of the University.

It should be noted however that FUOYE’s website is one that serves various purposes, and the student portal is not the only one available on it. In this article, we will explore a handful of them.

FUOYE Portal fuoye.edu.ng For Students {Freshers Pre-Degree, Post Graduate}

Here are the several portals that can be found on FUOYE’s website:

  •  Undergraduate portal: One crucial role of this portal is to ensure students access the official list of courses offered in the institution. Additionally, undergraduate students can get to know how the academic calendar for a session will run as well as some other important things like the fees to pay.
  • Postgraduate Portal: This concerns postgraduate program applicants, and it is a page to explore important information such as the courses that are available as well as their requirements.
  • FUOYE eCampus Portal: This is can be accessed by candidates who chose the school in Jamb and have participated in their post UTME screening exercise. Such candidates can make use of this portal to check their admission status.
  • FUOYE student Portal: As a student of FUOYE, the student portal can be utilized to access important details such as fee structure, exam results, and so on.
  • Staff Directory: The page is made up of information that is related to personnel.
  • FUOYE Post UTME Portal: This was made for aspirants who obtained the UTME cut off score and applied to the University.

FUOYE Student Portal – ecampus.fuoye.edu.ng/portal/

It is necessary to input a user name as well as a password before a student can be able to gain access to the portal. With this, it is easy to achieve tasks such as:

  • Registration of courses
  • Getting and filling online application forms
  • Payment of school fee (how much to be paid as well as the deadline)
  • Accessing 1st & 2nd-semester result
  • Checking out the admission requirements
  • Viewing your transcript

It should be noted that it is possible to access the student portal either through a phone or through a computer.

FUOYE Official Website – https://fuoye.edu.ng/

The website was created to serve multi-purposes. If you are searching for certain information you can’t easily find elsewhere, you should simply explore the school’s official website (www.fuoye.edu.ng).

If you desire to know more about FUOYE as well as the latest updates and stuff going on in the school, you might want to make use of the User login option to gain access to the posted content. It is pleasant to note that the website was carefully created to benefit not just students alone, but even staff of the institution.

Users will be guided in creating an account and logging in when they desire. Additionally, things like these can also be viewed:

  • Deadline for Change of course
  • Acceptance Fee And Deadline
  • Course Registration And Deadline

FUOYE Admission Portal – https://ecampus.fuoye.edu.ng/putme/

The portal is necessary as there are candidates who desire to make online admission, and it can be utilized to do various things such as registration, admission application form, admission list, and so on.

How You Can Check Your FUOYE Admission Status

Either you are making use of a computer or a smartphone, you can easily check your admission status (that is, to confirm if or not you have been admitted by the management of FUOYE)

The following is a simple way on how to check whether or not you have been admitted to this institution:

  • At first, you should visit the eCampus FUOYE admission status portal and then enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space you will see there.
  • You should then click the Login button before choosing the Admission Status to access your FUOYE admission status. 

FUOYE Portal fuoye.edu.ng For Students

Admission Screening And Registration Instructions

New candidates need to pay an acceptance and clearance processing fee that is 40,000 Naira, and it is non-refundable. However, it should be noted that there is a stipulated deadline that should be paid. We should also add it that if you don’t pay as at when due, it means you are no longer interested in the admission and that it should be given to someone else.

If you are a fresh student, you are to pay for the acceptance letter with these simple steps:

  • Log into the eCampus portal by inputting your JAMB registration number in the appropriate place.
  • After that, simply tap on the Check Admission Status link. After clicking on this, you will see if or not you are admitted. If it’s positive, you are to select the Accept admission offer before proceeding to pay a clearance processing fee of N5,000.
  • After the admission is eventually confirmed, you will be given your own account, then proceed to the undergraduate portal to set it up.
  • As you have changed your password, the next thing is to log in again with your JAMB registration number as well as the new password. Don’t forget to then check your profile details and validate your information.
  • After updating the info, you will get a confirmation link in the email address you provided. Then, you can pay the acceptance fee (which is N40,000)
  • After everything is done and dusted, simply download and print out your admission letter from the portal.

Kindly note that when you are registering for your admission for the first time, each aspirant is to submit things like:

  •  Birth Certificate
  •  A Local Government Certificate
  •  A Letter Of Attestation (from their Parent)
  •  A Guarantor’s Letter (from their Clergy)
  •  A Court Affidavit Of Good Conduct
  •  A Medical Report (from The University Health Center)
  •  SSCE Result
  •  Jamb Admission Letter
  • Acceptance Fee Payment Receipt
  • The University Admission Letter

How To Register For FUOYE Post UTME

This is only for aspirants who were able to get 180 and above in Jamb and made the institution their first choice when registering for Utme. Here is how to register:

  • You must first pay the registration fee before launching the Post Utme link from FUOYE’s official website – ecampus.fuoye.edu.ng/putme/.
  • After that, fill in the payment details. When you are done with this, you will be able to access the application form (fill it and upload it)
  • Move on to download the post UTME application form and take it to the place agreed on for screening. Don’t forget to visit the official website to know your own date.

More On Federal University Of Oye Ekiti 

The School has grown to become a well-known one in the country and was even able to kick off her postgraduate school in 2018.

The first-ever vice-chancellor of FUOYE was Prof. Chinedu Nebo, while the current one is Professor Kayode Soremekun.

Being a Federal University, there are a lot of interests in FUOYE. First of all, due to various reasons, a lot of Nigerians are usually interested in avoiding institutions where they have to pay a lot of money as tuition fees. In Nigeria currently, almost all State and private institutions demand huge money each year – and this is where Federal schools come to the rescue. Federal institutions like FUOYE tries to encourage more Nigerians to get a tertiary education and certificate by ensuring their fees are affordable and anyone can pay for it irrespective of how much they earn.

Additionally, results obtained from Federal institutions are given a lot of respect in the market, as they are usually filled with superb lecturers (so, quality education is usually synonymous with federal schools)

Therefore, it is not a surprise that despite being a young institution, FUOYE is already popular and has different students from different walks of life seeking to get different certificates. And to ensure the ease of administration, it is necessary to have a website that will not only disseminate information as at when due but will also be utilized by students to do whatever they want to do in the process of achieving their aims.

FUOYE’s official website is fuoye.edu.ng, and it was created for students, Freshers, Pre-degree, Postgraduate students, and so on).

If you are a FUOYE jamb aspirant that will love to access the FUOYE student portal, know that it is now easier and faster to get it done.

The website is an elaborate one that is filled with various important information. When you launch it, you will see a list of news and updates that concerns the institution. Below that part, after viewing FUOYE’s motto (which states “Innovation and Character for National Development”), you will get to the tab that concerns Student E-portals (the University’s E-learning portal) that can be accessed on the internet. According to what was stated on the website, the portal has been “packaged just to meet your need”. The direct URL is (elearning.fuoye.edu.ng)

When you open the tab, you will meet a page that has the following, and their description:

  • AGORA: This means Access to Global Online Research on Agriculture, and it is an initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO) with various publishing partners.
  • SCIENCE DIRECT: It is a leading full-text scientific database that offers journal articles and book chapters from over 2,000 journals, which are grouped into 4 major sections, which are:
    • Physical Sciences and Engineering
    • Life Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • HINARI: It means Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative Programme, and it was set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) and major publishers. Here is one of the world’s largest collections of biomedical and health literature.
  • TEEAL: It stands for The Essential Electronic Agriculture Library, and it is actually a searchable digital library that can be accessed offline. It deals majorly with agriculture and also coverage in related subject areas. One of the interesting things to note is that the collection is updated every year, and is available for installation in the ICT section of the school’s library. 
  • PROQUEST: The databases actually offers a single source for scholarly journals, as well as newspapers and reports. There are tons of digitized historical primary sources, and it even has over 350,000 ebooks. There are various things available that make the information easily navigable.
  • ARDI: This stands for Access to Research Development and Innovation program, and it is actually a partnership between the World Intellectual Property Organization and some other publishers. It was put in place with the aim of ensuring that developing countries are being integrated into the global knowledge economy. It is expected that by so doing, these countries will be able to realize their creative potential. As things stand now, over 15 publishers provide access to over 10,000 journals and books for over 100 developing countries and territories.
  • NATIONAL VIRTUAL LIBRARY: The National Universities Commission is currently in charge of this online digital library. The Digital Library was made and deployed with backings from the likes of the Education Trust Fund (ETF) and UNESCO. One of the major aims is to ensure that students will get the latest publications of the highest grade in their respective fields so as to progress teaching and research.

It was also noted that students must visit the school library to be able to get their username and their password.

Featured Staff

Below the e-learning tab is a spot that is preserved for “Featured Staff”. The institution is one that celebrates its staff and encourages them to be more zealous in their duties.

Who’s Online

You can also see how many people are currently surfing FUOYE’s website at a particular point in time. The website has been programmed in such a way that you will know how many guests and members are available

Contact Of FUOYE

Under the “Who’s Online” tab is the contact address of the University. Here is how it was addressed:

  • Federal University Oye-Ekiti,
    • Oye-Are Road,
    • Oye-Ekiti,
    • Tel: (234) 8165396888
    • Time: 8am-4pm
    • Days: Monday to Friday
    • Email: info@fuoye.edu.ng,


Under the admissions spot are the following:

  • Predegree Academic calendar (the school academic calendar will be displayed here for pre-degree students)
  • Predegree Academic Fees (this will display how much is to be paid as fees for pre-degree students)
  • JUPEB Academic Calendar (the school academic calendar will be displayed here for JUPEB student)
  • Undergraduate Admission (this page is all about the admission of undergraduate students)
  • Undergraduate Academic Calendar (the school undergraduate academic calendar will be displayed here)
  • Undergraduate Academic Fees (this will display how much is to be paid as fees for undergraduate students)
  • Undergraduate Academic Prospectus


The next tab is a list of faculties in the University. Take note that there are currently seven (7) faculties in the school, and they are:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Management Science
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences

Courses Offered In FUOYE

  • Water Resources And Agrometeorology
  • Theatre And Media Arts
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Plant Science and Biotechnology
  • Physics
  • Microbiology
  • Metallurgical and Material Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Geophysics
  • Geology
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • English and Literary Studies
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Economics and Development Studies
  • Crop Science And Horticulture
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Animal and Environmental Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Agricultural Engineering

FUOYE’s website also has relevant links including:

  • Resource (to gain more knowledge about stuff)
  • Student/Staff Email (your own peculiar email address as a student of the institution)
  • FUOYE eCampus Portal (meant for you being a student of the University)
  • Library Management System (that concerns the school’s library)
  • Document Directory (a directory for relevant documents)
  • FUOYE Repository (made by the management of the institution)

In conclusion, the FUOYE website is dynamic and serves a lot of purposes. One of the major things it is being used for is to check one’s admission status (which is a straight forward procedure). Simply launch the eCampus FUOYE admission status portal either from your phone or your computer and enter your Jamb registration number at the place provided. After this, tap the login button and proceed to choose Admission Status to access the FUOYE admission status without issues again.

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