This article will explore The Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE Courses), and it will serve as a guide for anyone interested in furthering their education in the institution.

The Federal University Oye Ekiti is one of the Federal institutions in the country, and it is located in the ancient city of Oye-Ekiti of Ekiti State, western Nigeria. Although the school is still young (it was established in 2011 under the administration of Goodluck Jonathan), FUOYE has been able to expand itself in various ways.

FUOYE Courses Offered, Departmental And Faculties List

Here are the Faculties in the institution, as well as the departments (and courses offered in FUOYE) under them

  • Faculty of Agriculture

    • Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology (Department of Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology)
    • Soil Science (Department of Soil Science)
    • Food Science and Technology (Department of Food Science and Technology)
    • Fishery and Aquaculture (Department of Fishery and Aquaculture)
    • Crop Production and Horticulture (Department of Crop Production and Horticulture)
    • Animal Production (Department of Animal Production)
    • Agricultural Economics and Extension (Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension)

That’s the list of courses offered in the faculty of Agriculture in the University

  • Faculty of Science

    • Plant Science and Biotechnology (Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology)
    • Biochemistry (Department of Biochemistry) 
    • Mathematics (Department of Mathematics)
    • Computer Science (Department of Computer Science)
    • Industrial Chemistry (Department of Industrial Chemistry)
    • Physics (Department of Physics) 
    • Geophysics (Department of Geophysics)
    • Microbiology (Department of Microbiology)

For those who are bent on anything that has to do with science, those who love and enjoy things that are scientific, doing calculations, and conducting research that will be of great benefit to humans, then such can pick up anything of the science courses offered in this university.

It is pretty obvious that the country is in need of superb scientists who can help bring changes to the nation via innovations. Scientists will play a vital role if a country will move from being a developing country to being a developed country. One of the major differences between both categories is how one is well-known for researching, creating, and producing solutions to problems. After providing these, they will go ahead exporting them to other countries, thereby gaining more relevance in the global market.

Therefore, the country really needs more superb scientists to help get things better, and we also need o to fast-forward the technological progress of the nation. Therefore, if the field of science is for you, you can take a big step and move in the right direction. You can start or further your knowledge of FUOYE. As you sharpen your knowledge, you can even be a part of an international society that works on several scientific issues.

Therefore, if you have the desire to become a scientist, your dream can become a reality here. You should glance through the courses provided in the faculty of science and their departments:

FUOYE Courses

  • Faculty of Engineering

    • Metallurgical Engineering (Department of Metallurgical Engineering)
    • Mechatronics Engineering (Department of Mechatronics Engineering)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
    • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) 
    • Computer Engineering (Department of Computer Engineering) 
    • Civil engineering (Department of Civil engineering) 
    • Agricultural and Bio-resources (Department of Agricultural and Bio-resources)

That’s the list of FUOYE courses offered in the Engineering Faculty and their departments:

  • Faculty of Social Science

    •  Economics and Statistics (Department of Economics and Statistics)
    •  Economics (Department of Economics) 
    •  Sociology (Department of Sociology)
    •  Psychology (Department of Psychology) 
    •  Accountancy (Department of Accountancy)

For people who have the desire to become a people-person, they might want to become a specialist in human behavior and will just be fine. You can choose to go into the Faculty of Social Sciences and learn all that concerns humans. You will be trained to increase your gaze on the economy of nations. Such a field is something very vital that affects human behavior.

We have listed the FUOYE courses being offered in the faculty of social sciences and their departments. Next is Arts.

  • Faculty of Arts

    • Theatre and Media Arts (Department of Theatre and Media Arts)
    •  English and Literary Studies (Department of English and Literary Studies)
  • FUOYE’s Vision

The major idea of the School is to give opportunities to ensure youngsters experience success in their academic pursuits.

  • Mission of FUOYE
    • Committed to inspiring the citizens to learn and study by indulging in important aspects such as technological integration, entrepreneurship, scholarship, scientific research, etc.
    • The University also offers a high-quality education experience, and won’t only limit its scope to the empowerment of students alone, but also fresh students. So, it is necessary to push the indigenous learning experience in the community.
    • Determined to prepare youngsters for the realities of the modern world. So, things have been put in place to ensure that they also accumulate more knowledge about global society as well as a civic responsibility.
    • Also, have a responsibility to prepare youngsters to become the next generation of professionals in the community. By giving students the right education and knowledge, it becomes very easy for them to compete in the global market as well as create values for the community.
    • The School also offers all the needed learning equipment that ensures there is a conducive environment for students to compete. It is necessary to put in place an adequate environment that will promote certain cultures to make success in academics a reality. FUOYE doesn’t limit her gaze to Nigeria alone but focuses on the global market as a whole. With this, students will be able to meet all that is needed to ensure they grow personally and that will help them when it comes to when they will apply for jobs.
    • FUOYE is one School that offers a creative learning opportunity in the country, and anyone is free to come to sharpen their creativity there with no issues. Here, the most important thing isn’t just all about the formation of a personality, but even for the personal growth of the school. The management tries to look ahead into ensuring legacies that can last for a long while (long term goals and not just short term)
    • One of the major areas the University chose to give a lot of attention is in the area of mining. FUOYE has a goal to advance the activities in the country, and they are taking steps to make it a reality. Another area is in the farming sector. Agriculture is one area that can bring positive transformation, not only to an individual but to the society at large. Agriculture is necessary to foster the economics of the county as well as the general quality of life for citizens of the country. The sector can provide countless jobs and opportunities and reduce the unemployment rate. It can provide wealth and abundance, and improve the fortune of a society.

So, still, asking what the courses offered in FUOYE is? The answer has been eventually provided for the question. With this guide, you don’t have to miss out on the chance of studying in a prestigious University like FUOYE. Definitely, being a Federal University, you will enjoy your time in FUOYE. It is advisable to always strive to graduate with very excellent grades (if you can get a First Class, it is superb) and just start shaping your future from now, one step at a time.


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