List Of Free Football Academies In Germany

If you would like information to enable you to enlist in a free football academy in Germany, if you would like to do so for free or a subsidized amount, then this article is for you. I listed free and subsidized football academies in Germany. 

All across the world, Germany is increasingly being recognized as the top destination for the development of football talent. German football is purposeful, free-flowing, and disciplined. In order to be thoroughly grounded in this type of football, and to have this type of winning mentality it is important to be groomed from an early age.

That is why the football academies in Germany have become so highly sought after, because people in the know, from every corner of the world, want to come to Germany in order to learn how to play like a German machine. While most are paid, some have very low charges.

List Of Free Football Academies In Germany

1. BVB Evonik Football Academy

BVB Evonik Football Academy is run by Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. which is the holding company of the famous football team Borussia Dortmund. Training Fee: The BVB Evonik Football Academy has greatly subsidized the training fees; you pay 99 Euros for a training course that lasts about 24 months.

How To Join

  • To join this academy you have to visit their website.
  •  Registration may only be carried out by the parent or legal guardian of the participating child.
  •  Following the successful submission of data, the applicant shall receive a confirmation e-mail from the academy, telling them to transfer the participation fee to a specified account within a specified time period. 
  • After the payment has been made, the customer shall receive e-mails containing confirmation of participation. This will include when to show up at the academy, and the details of your training course.
  • Website:


2. Bayern Munich Academy

Bayern Munich Academy is the training facility where Bayern Munich groom their own young talents. The Bayern Munich Academy is where players such as Owen Hargreaves, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and David Alaba were groomed.

To Join the Bayern Munich Academy

  • Go to the Bayern Munich Website, and Register.
  • Website:
  • Players must be between the ages of 15 -18 years old.
  • Players must show a competitive spirit.


3. RB Leipzig 

RB Leipzig has 17 men and women’s junior teams with about 250 players on its list. The team is very much interested in the development of youth football. That team has now become part of the Red Bull football franchise hence the RB in front of the name.

RB Leipzig provides academy players with education – basic sports, schooling, and social skills.

To Join RB Leipzig Academy

  • Call them or visit their Website:
  • Phone Contact: +49 341 / 124 797 – 777 or +49 341 / 124 797 – 100
  • Website:  


4. FC Koln Academy

FC Koln or FC Cologne is a German football club that was founded in 1948. At present, the senior team plays in the top flight of the German football structure; the Bundesliga.

The FC Koln Academy is located in the city of Cologne. FC Cologne regularly promotes youth players to the senior team; Timo Horn, Iso Jakobs, Thomas Kessler, Noah Katterbach, and Jonas Hector are players in the current senior team who all rose from the ranks of the academy.

To Join FC Koln Academy

  • In order to find out more, or to talk directly with a representative of the club please use the following information.
  • Website:
  • You may send direct messages to the club by filling out a contact form on the official website following this link: 


5. FC Ingolstadt

FC Ingolstadt is a German football club based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. The club was established in 2004 and currently plays in the German 3rd League. This is a relatively small team; it has a 15,800 capacity stadium. FC Ingolstadt has a reputation as a youth development team.

To Join FC Ingolstadt Academy

  • To get more information about how to join FC Ingolstadt Academy, please go to their website
  • Website:  


6. Würzburger Kickers

Würzburger Kickers is a football club based in Würzburg, Bavaria. Before World War II, the club played briefly at the highest level of German football. The club was founded in 1907 and currently plays in the third tier of German football. The club currently has 13,090 capacity stadium.

To Join the Wurzburger Kickers

  • please visit their website.
  • Website:


7. Munich International Soccer Academy- MISA

Munich International Soccer Academy is located in the South of Munich.  This football academy is in close proximity to FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München. 

To Join Munich International Soccer Academy please contact them via the contact information below.

  • MISA, Kai Oswald, Gasteig 3, 82031 Grünwald, Deutschland
  • Telephone Contact: +49 89-20035187
  • Website:


8. Fussballschule Kantenwein International Soccer Program

Fussballschule Kantenwein in Germany offers an intensive training program and boarding school. The school runs for 50 weeks of the year. From this academy, it is possible to be linked to a club in Germany to play professional football. 

To Join the Fussballschule Kantenwein Academy please make enquire through any of the following contact details:

  • Telephone: +49 (7232) 311818 
  • Fax: +49 (7232) 311820
  • Website:


9. The EduKick Germany Football Academy

The EduKick Germany Football Academy develops the football skills of children between the ages of 15-24 years. The academy is open to both boys and girls, and those who show a high level of competitiveness. 

  • To find out more about this academy:
  • Website:


10. IFX Soccer Academy

The IFX Soccer Academy is a football training establishment that teaches football skills to young and aspiring footballers. According to their website, they have helped many academy enrollees find professional clubs in Germany. The establishment seems to be targeted at talents from outside Germany who are then housed in the establishment’s boarding facilities, and trained before they are sent for trials at any of the professional clubs in Germany.

To join this academy,

  • please follow the contact information below. 
  • Website: › german-football-academy


German Football Academy

According to their website, this is an international football academy; it operates in Germany and Ukraine. The website further states that young talents who excel in training can be scouted to play for professional football clubs in Germany or Ukraine.

In order to join this academy, please use the contact information below.

  • Website:

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It seems that Germany is one of the best places to learn football. But as a young person, we advise that you consider the risks properly before committing to travel: there are issues such as the weather, the language, and the fact that you will be in a strange environment. Furthermore, we urge you to be very sure before committing your money to anyone.