Ekeson Transport Motors Terminals, Online Booking And Phone Number

Are you planning a journey anytime soon? Are you thinking about Transport system to consider? Perhaps you are looking for much information about Ekeson Transport Motors, and you are in the right place to know everything about Ekeson Motors. They are one of the leading transport systems in Nigeria and has also commenced operation fully in some Africa countries, and they have their headquarters in Nigeria. Ekeson Transport route the following cities of Africa and Nigeria Especially;

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Aba
  • Owerri
  • Port-Harcourt
  • Enugu
  • Onitsha
  • Umuahia
  • Jos
  • Kano
  • Kaduna
  • Accra (Ghana), etc.

Ekeson Transport Motors Terminals, Online Booking And Phone Number

Information about Ekeson Motors may not be new to a resident of Lagos especially Jibowu where this company has her headquarter just like any other transport system in Nigeria. The number of cars in Ekeson Transport fleet could not be verified currently, but they have got the best vehicles on board, they have factory fitted AC on most of their cars, tinted windows to aid best trip and every other thing you may think of that a passenger could need while they embark on a journey.

Ekeson Transport Offical Contact information And Phone Number

  • Address: 31, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba Lagos.
  • Sales & Reservation Contact
    • 09099900988
    • 09099900911
  • Email Address [email protected]
  • Official Website:¬† website www.ekesonstransport.com

Ekeson Transport Terminal  Headquarters

  • Address: 31, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba Lagos.
    • Sales & Reservation Contact
      • 09099900988

How to Book A Ticket with Ekeson Transport via terminal?

There are guides to follow while booking ticket with Ekeson Transport, however, it is imperative you should know there are Night buses which are are luxury buses that travel in the night only and you are given the privilege to choose the type of vehicle you will be going with. Also, you can reserve a seat for more than one person on just a ticket without necessarily need to register twice or book twice. So here is the simple step to do that.

Transport Motors Price List

Just the way other road transport works, the same thing is applicable here, there are two options if you are planning a journey with Ekeson Transport, you can choose to book your seat online, or you pay at any terminal that is closer to your current location, and of course, we will be dishing out the full list of Ekeson Transport terminals in Nigeria soon. To book your ticket with them in any of their terminal, all that is expected of you is, walk down to any of the terminal that will be listed, meet with the sale representative person, check the price tag for your location, that is where you are heading for, then hand over the cash to the sale representative and collect your receipt, do know that you can book ahead of the time you wanted actually to leave for your journey.

Another interesting thing we need to share with you as regards this transport system is that, and it does not only allow you to book for your ticket online, you can also cancel your ticket If anything comes up and you decide not to venture on the journey again.

Ekeson Transport Online Booking On www.ekesonstransport.com

You can sit back in your room, and make your seat reservation with ekesontransport.com. This is the easiest to do; in fact, it is always advisable you make use of the online booking because this can be done without needing to spend for transportation down to the terminal.

Get an internet to enable device either your phone or laptops, visit Ekeson Transport official website; https://www.ekesonstransport.com/ you can also wish to book via 3rd parties either using your mobile bank application or any other online services that listed Ekeson Transport booking services as one of the services they offer.

But not that, Ekeson Transport charges are one of the cheapest when you write on Road Transport in Nigeria, you can work with your budget when it comes to Ekeson Motors. Also, you should know that if you have booked a seat with them, you need to get to the terminal at least some minutes before the time that was allotted for you to leave, this transport system does not use African time just the way some other transport system does, they will embark on the dot of time given.

For corps members and children, students, and others, there is a discount that has been made available for all of these categories to help them in the little ways. You can enjoy a free trip if you have traveled with this company for at least 11 times in a calendar year, in your 12th trip you will be given a free ticket couple with other benefits. So using this transport system consistently has its advantages.

  • Commonly asked a question

Question: if I can’t get to the terminal before the departure time?

Answer: Please note that you must be available 1hrs before departure time, and if still not able to meet up, you are advised to call the phone number of the area you booked the ticket from

Question: How safe is your payment systems?

Answer: Interswitch handles our payment gateway, and the platform is protected with a 256 encryption SSL certificate.

Question: Having trouble booking a seat?

Answer: If you have any trouble booking, kindly call 080 3446 1132 or use the live chat on the website

Question: Do you travel outside Nigeria?

Answer: Yes, you need to call us to get booked

Question: How do I pay for a round trip?

Answer: Our round trip feature is coming soon

Question: When am I eligible for a discount?

Answer: A customer is eligible for a discount if he or she book ahead of time.

Question: Do all your buses have AC unit?

Answer: Yes, all our buses have AC unit unless stated otherwise at the terminal

  • Mission

To provide solutions to transportation and logistics needs in an innovative manner that exceeds the expectation of respective stakeholders.

  • Vision

To carry human being and Materials to their several and various destination within the Nigeria cities safely, comfortably and promptly.

  • Ekeson Transport Courier services

Also, do you need to deliver goods and services to anyone in any corner of the nation? You can make use of Ekeson Transport for your courier services and send parcels to anyone around the Ekeson Transport passes in the whole country.

  • Haulage Services With Ekeson Transport

Also, do you need to charter a bus for any of your occasion? Or you need a haulage service; you can contact them for this service, this service is one of the exclusive services,

you can use the provided Wi-Fi while you are on a journey.

  • Hospitality Services with Ekeson Transport

Are you in need of hotels and suit to lodge while you make your trip? You can contact them to make a reservation for any hotel, and at your budgeted plans, you do not need to bother if you are getting home very late or where to lodge if perhaps you could not round up your purpose of travel, you could easily stay in hotels you have booked with Ekeson Transport.


Conclusion On Ekeson Transport Motors Terminals, Online Booking And Phone Number

So far so good, that is all we could get you on the information you need to know about Ekeson Transport Online Booking contact details and if we have readers who have additional information and experiences to share with other readers.

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  1. I’ve used your transport service from jibowu to Abuja, which I find very exceptionally good compared to others I’ve used before… Please I would like to know where your Port Harcourt branch is located and how much is your VIP travel from Port Harcourt to Abuja..thanks..keep the flag flying.

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