AKTC Transport Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address

AKTC Transport Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address – In 2005, in the fast crumbling of fortunes and the almost collapse of Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited (AKTC) the then State Government set to lease Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited (AKTC) to private investors, Nsik Motors Limited was one of the bidders and at the end won the lease of the transport company on October 2005 and has maintained the contract and still in operation till date as a result of its non-resilient performance and of course, best service delivery standard which the State Government is duly appreciative even approves the lease continuity.

In 2007, after the former sole distributor in Nigeria to Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Company Limited-China, and also the manufacturers of Jinbei brand of vehicles had decided to bow out of business for undisclosed reasons, Nsik Motors Limited, who was then one of their loyal and large patronizer was commissioned to oversee the distribution of the cars spare parts and also made the primary distributor of the company’s product. The role Nsik Motors Limited has played in marketing and usage of Jinbei brand of Buses cannot be underestimated, and this has been perfected to the admiration of the manufacturers and the users.

AKTC Transport Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address

Station/Destination        Amount                Bus             Departure-Time

  • ABUJA  EKET/ORON – 7,500.00 NGN – AC  – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • ABUJA  CALABAR – 8,500.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • ABUJA  IKOT EKPENE – 6,000.00 NGN  – NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • ABUJA  UYO  – 7,500.00 NGN  – AC
  • ABUJA  UYO – 6,000.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • BAYELSA UYO – 4,000.00 NGN – AC
  • BAYELSA UYO – 3,000.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • BAYELSA CALABAR – 5,000.00 NGN – AC
  • BAYELSA CALABAR – 4,000.00 NGN – NON A/C
  • BENIN CALABAR – 5,000.00 NGN – AC
  • BENIN CALABAR –  4,500.00 NGN – AC
  • BENIN   UYO  – 4,000.00 NGN – AC
  • BENIN   UYO – 3,500.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR ABA – 1,550.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR ABUJA – 12,000.00 NGN – NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR ABUJA -13,000.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR BENIN – 6,000.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR BENIN – 6,800.00 NGN – AC
  • CALABAR BAYELSA – 5,000.00 NGN – AC
  • CALABAR IBADAN – 13,000.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR IBADAN – 12,000.00 NGN – NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR IKOM – 1,500.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR LAGOS – 12,000.00 NGN – NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR LAGOS – 13,000.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR JOS – 10,700.00 NGN – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • CALABAR UYO  – 1,300 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR UYO  – 1,700.00 NGN – AC
  • CALABAR WARRI  – 5,500.00 NGN – NON-AC
  • CALABAR WARRI – 6,500.00 NGN – AC
  • EKET/ORON LAGOS/IBADAN –  7,500.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • EKET/ORON LAGOS/IBADAN      6,000.00 NGN –  NON-AC  – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • EKET/ORON ABUJA –  6,000.00 NGN –  NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM
  • EKET/ORON ABUJA – 7,500.00 NGN – AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

EKET BENIN                                      3,400.00 NGN                      NON-AC

EKET ENUGU                                     3,500.00 NGN                      NON-AC

ENUGU CALABAR                           4,500.00 NGN                      NON A/C

ENUGU UYO                                       3,500.00 NGN                      NON-AC

ENUGU UYO                                       4,300.00 NGN                      AC

IKOT EKPENE ABUJA                     6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC – 6:00AM- 6:45AM

IKOT EKPENE ENUGU                    3,500.00 NGN                      NON-AC

IKOT EKPENE KADUNA/JOS        8,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

IKOT EKPENE LAGOS/IBADAN  12,000.00 NGN                    AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

IKOT EKPENE LAGOS/IBADAN  6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

IKOM UYO                                          1,300.00 NGN                      NON-AC

IBADAN CALABAR                         8,500.00 NGN                      AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

IBADAN UYO                                     6,000.00 NGN                     NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

IBADAN UYO                                     7,500.00 NGN                      AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

JOS UYO                                              6,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC

JOS CALABAR                                   9,700.00 NGN                      AC

KADUNA UYO                                   6,700.00 NGN

KADUNA CALABAR                       10,700.00 NGN

LAGOS  IKOT EKPENE                    6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

LAGOS  IKOTEKPENE                     7,500.00 NGN                      AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

LAGOS  ORON                                    7,500.00 NGN                      AC

LAGOS  CALABAR                           8,500.00 NGN                      AC  –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

LAGOS  UYO                                       7,500.00 NGN                      AC

LAGOS  EKET                                     6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

LAGOS  EKET                                     7,500.00 NGN                      AC

ORON    LAGOS                                  7,500.00 NGN                      AC

ORON    LAGOS                                  6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

PORTHARCOURT CALABAR       3,000.00 NGN                      AC

PORTHARCOURT CALABAR       2,500.00 NGN                      NON-AC

WARRI CALABAR                           4,550.00 NGN                      NON-AC

WARRI UYO                                       4,500.00 NGN                      AC

UYO ABA                                            950.00 NGN                          SMALL BUS

UYO ABA                                            900.00 NGN                          NORMAL BUS

UYO ABAKILIKI                               3,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO ABUJA                                        6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

UYO ABUJA                                        7,500.00 NGN                      AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

UYO AKURE                                       4,750.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO AKURE                                       5,050.00 NGN                      AC

UYO ARIARIA                                   950.00 NGN                          AC

UYO ASABA                                       1,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO AWKA                                        1,850.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO AWKA                                        2,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO BENIN                                        3,800.00 NGN                      AC

UYO BENIN                                        3,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO CALABAR                                 1,400.00 NGN                      AC

UYO CALABAR                                 1,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO WARRI                                       4,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO WARRI                                       4,800.00 NGN                      AC

UYO ENUGU                                       3,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO ENUGU                                       3,800.00 NGN                      AC

UYO IBADAN                                     6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

UYO IBADAN                                     7,500.00 NGN                      AC –  6:00AM – 6:45AM

UYO IKOM                                          2,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO JOS                                              6,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO JOS                                              8,200.00 NGN                      AC

UYO LAGOS                                       7,500.00 NGN                      AC – 6:00AM – 6:45AM

UYO LAGOS                                       6,000.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO KADUNA                                   6,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO KADUNA                                   8,200.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO ONITSHA                                  2,750.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO ONITSHA                                  3,050.00 NGN                      AC

UYO PORTHARCOURT                  2,100.00 NGN                      AC

UYO PORTHARCOURT                  1,700.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO OWERRI                                    1,600.00 NGN                      AC

UYO OWERRI                                    1,300.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO UMUAHIA                                1,350.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO BAYELSA                                  2,500.00 NGN                      NON-AC

UYO BAYELSA                                  2,000.00 NGN                      AC

WARRI CALABAR                           5,500.00 NGN                      AC

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Furthermore on AKTC Price List And Terminal Address

AKTC transport was fondly known as the Nsik Motors limited. The company commences activities as far back as March 2003 when it was registered with Nigeria cooperate affairs commission. The startup was not what the company now looks like; the company started as a motorbike operator who is commonly known as Okada in Nigeria and was mastered minded by Mr. Nsikan Johnny who then was the one using Okada for the transportation business which amalgamated to today’s transport system.

Mr. Niskan’s motivation was to give room for more effortless movement of goods from one location to another and of course great job opportunities in the face of heightening unemployment. His dream does not stop in that place of been as an Okada rider rather he further moved to acquire a used car Volkswagen Bus which is commonly referred to as Danfo, he started using the vehicle to ply Port Harcourt where he initially served as a bus conductor, and he has learned the rudiments to road transport business. In the meantime, he graduated from just plying the city of Port Harcourt to start an interstate transport, in a bid to ensure this, and he acquired a Mitsubishi L300 besides with the Danfo Bus he already had. The Mitsubishi L300 operates within Port Harcourt and Uyo, and he hired another driver to use the Danfo to operated within Port Harcourt City and the environment.

As the journey further he acquired another Toyota Hiace Bus to joined the existing Buses in operation, as the further business boom, Mr. Jonny also procures additional four buses in addition to the current three buses which prompted him to register the company to commence activities to convey passengers across cities. So that what was necessitated registering the company under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as Nsik Motors Limited. Not too long, he procures a park as No. 3 Obasanjo road, Port Harcourt Rivers State On May 2003. The business was further strengthened when another park was purchased at 108 Ikot Ekpene road, Uyo in Akwa Ibom in agreement with Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited’s premises served as its Uyo operational base.

Even Though it is a profit-making Company but still exercising an uncompromising faith in its Quality, Safety and Comfort principle (QSC), Nsik Motors Limited which entered into a partnership with Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited’s (AKTC) at a time the latter had suffered serious operational setbacks and low patronage from passengers, but within a short time, it was restored and return the erstwhile and Giant Akwa Ibom Transport Company Limited’s (AKTC) standard, this is evident in the Uyo-Port Harcourt routes that Nsik Motors Limited operated it. After a long time in the business, Nsik Motors Limited commenced the operation of brand new air-conditioned buses into its existing fleet and continued in spite of the universal craving for over profits by most transport companies in carrying three (3) passengers per seat row, which was novel as at then.



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