Agofure Motors Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address

GAM which is otherwise known as the G. Agofure motors is one of the leading road transport services in Nigeria, that has redefined the face of transportation business in recent times. The name might not look popular or a generic house name in some states in Nigeria, this is because this transport service provider is modeled after an international standard. A transport company that is projecting herself for the coming changes in every sector come 50 years, you will all agree that it will take time for such company to get to all and sundry but trust me, this company is moving with a great propensity.

Agofure motors is a transport company that craves to give the maximum support and welfare to their passengers. I can say affirmatively that the treatment given while on board in any of the company’s buses is synonymous to the treatment you will receive while you board any flight traveling within or outside the country. Agofure has her headquarter in Warri with this address G. Agofure Motors located at 154/158 P.T.I road Effurun. Warri, Delta.

Agofure Motors Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address

It will also interest you to know that this company does not only operate in Nigeria but also has its tentacles in other countries such as Ghana and some other African countries, as we have noted that this company is building a first-class road transport system both in Nigeria and beyond the border of Nigeria, here are the cities Agofure Motors operates in Nigeria;

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Aba
  • Owerri
  • Port-Harcourt
  • Enugu
  • Onitsha
  • Umuahia
  • Jos
  • Kano
  • Kaduna

And currently, the only Agofure Motors terminal outside Nigeria is known to be in Accra which is in Ghana one of the fastest growing Africa countries.

Agofure Motors Price List
  • Traveling With G. Agofure Motors (Gam); How To Book A Seat.

There are two options for booking a seat reservation with Agofure Motors; the first is making a payment on or before your trip at the company’s terminal nationwide or you visit the official website to book a seat. Also, you can make use of the third party application or platform to make your seat reservation.

But if we are to recommend for our readers the best option, we will surely recommend making your seat reservation via the official website of the company; this has its benefits attached, which ranges from the following;

  • You will have your data on the company’s databases in case of your next trip; you do not need to fill many forms, all you have to do is fill the form for your designated location and any other information that may need to be changed perhaps the credit card information and other dynamic information.
  • Also, if there are incentives that should go to Agofure Motors passengers perhaps a yearly incentives or a trip incentives base on regular patronage, you will have your information and biodata with the company already, you may be among the few lucky winners of their yearly incentives.
  • Also, your doubts will be clear as no one could inflate the official tag price for your particular route, this has been noticed in some terminals that will collect above the fixed price for a different route.

Step by step guide to booking your seat via Agofure Motors official platform.

If you are planning your next journey with Agofure Motors, here is the step by step approach for online booking.

  • First thing you should have is ensuring you have an internet enabled phone or facilities that you can access the internet with. After that has been done, proceed to this step
  • Visit locate the online booking
  • Fill in all the required information including your current location and destination you are heading to.
  • After this, on the next page of the application, you will be given options to pick from on your desired seat, after this select the continue button
  • After your seat has been selected, it is then you could fill in your personal information and also make an online payment for the seat reservation.
  • Once payment is made, and it’s been automatically confirmed by the company, you will be issued a receipt via your email and a text message on your phone
  • You may choose not to print this receipt as it is not necessary you tender it when you get to the terminal.

Note: making use of the online platform will save you about 10% to 20% depending on where you are going to, this is to encourage most of their passengers to make use of their website to provide maximum resources for the journey.

  • Agofure Motors; Buses Condition

While traveling by this bus, you will enjoy maximum fresh air from a factory fitted air conditioner system that has been integrated with every bus that operates in G. Agofure Motors, you will be served a delicious meal, and as you journey through you will be given nice music as you coast down every route to your destination. The price tag for each destination is affordable.

Here are the buses you will find in Agofure Motors Terminal

  • Scania Irizar:

This is a large luxurious bus with factory fitted AC which also has additional power outlets and a power outlet inside the bus; the bus can hold 59 passengers excluding the bus driver and one staff. This is the bus that they use mostly for their long distance journey.

  • Scania Marcopolo:

This bus is also a luxurious bus with integrated features of air conditioning, power outlets, and extra outlets. This bus has a capacity of 59 passengers.

  • Toyota Coaster:

This is the most commonly used by some transport system in Nigeria; it has the features of air conditioning and a capacity for 15 passengers.

  • Toyota Hiace:

This is the most commonly used by some transport system in Nigeria; it also has the features of air conditioning and a capacity for 15 passengers.

  • Courier Services at G. Agofure Motors

Also, if you wish to send any package to friends and families anywhere in Nigeria or Ghana, you can use the courier services provided by Agofure Motors, to get this done, all you have got to do is visit any of the company’s terminals and book for a courier service. You can do the same on their official website.

Agofure Motors Routes & Price List

Here are the Routes & Price list for Agofure Motors

From Port-Harcourt TO   

  • Onitsha    1,310
  • Enugu    1,560
  • Calabar    2,000
  • Owerri    810
  • Warri    1,560
  • Awka    1,460

From Owerri TO   

  • Onitsha    660
  • Uyo    1,410
  • Calabar    1,960
  • Warri    1,960
  • PHC    1,800
  • Enugu    1,060

From Calabar TO   

  • Enugu    2,100
  • Owerri    1,900
  • Umuahia    1,600
  • PHC    2,000
  • Warri    3,700
  • From Warri TO
  • Umuahia    2,050
  • PHC    1,550
  • Awka    1,250
  • Owerri    1,950
  • Calabar    3,650
  • From Uyo TO
  • Warri    2,650
  • Enugu    1,650
  • Owerri    1,400
  • PHC    1,250
  • Umuahia    950

Agofure motors bus parks/terminals in Nigeria

  • Ibusa Road, Asaba, Delta
    • Address: Ibusa Road, Opp. Nira Group Of Companies, Asaba.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Badagry Expressway, Lagos
    • Address: Km 23 Badagry Expressway, Maza Maza, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Holy Ghost, Enugu, Enugu
    • Address: By Ogbete Main Market, Holy Ghost, Enugu.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536 
  • Mile 2, Lagos
    • Address: Beside Signal Barracks, Mile 2, Oke, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536 
  • Volks, Lagos
    • Address: Volkswagen Bus Stop, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Ojota, Lagos
    • Address: By Texaco Filling Station, Ojota, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Abule Egba, Lagos
    • Address : Abulegba Bus Stop, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Jibowu, Lagos
    • Address: Jibowu, Lagos.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Waterlines, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    • Address: Aba Expressway, Waterline Junction, Olu Obasanjo Road, Opp Prudent Bank, Port Harcourt.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Oil Mills, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    • Address: By Oil Mill Market, Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Choba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    • Address: Uniport Bus Stop, Behind Mr. Biggs, Choba, Port Harcourt.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536
  • Warri-Sapele Road, Warri, Delta
    • Address: 263 Warri-Sapele Road, Warri.
    • Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536


Conclusion On Agofure Motors Price List, Phone Number & Terminal Address

That is all we can provide on information about Agofure motors in Nigeria, it is also worthy of note that this transport system also provides services for haulage and car booking either for personal use, you can get detailed information when you get to any of Agofure motor terminal nationwide.

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