For those who know the usefulness of their Nigerian passport, it is pretty normal to find themselves in certain similar situations. If you travel overseas occasionally, then we know quite well that your passport will mean a lot to you, and that you will set out to ensure its relevancy. So, when, perhaps, the time for its expiration is drawing nearer, it is normal to be interested in knowing if you can renew it before the day comes. 

This article will give you great insight into all that concerns the renewing of Nigerian international passports, including the possibility of renewing it before it expires. You will get it to know the renewal process as well as how much money you will have to pay to get it done. 

Can You Renew Your Nigerian Passport Before It Expires? 

Yes, you actually can renew your passport before the date of its expiration. Actually, the organization in charge of all that concerns the issuance of the Nigerian passport is aware of the fact that many people can’t afford to see their documents getting expired right before their own very eyes (as it is being used for various important things). As we all should know, certain things are still slow in Nigeria, and people are expected to renew their documents beforehand (I.e before it gets expired) so as to avoid situations where they will get stranded as a result of waiting for the renewal of their stuff. 

Therefore, it is possible to renew your passport before it expires. 

  • Nigerian Passport Renewal Cost

Having known that you can actually renew your Nigerian international passport even before it gets expired, the next thing you might want to see now is the amount you should prepare as you get set to get it renewed. 

Actually, the price is not static, and it is actually for various reasons (as there are various factors involved). For instance, age matters. An adult won’t be paying the same amount as would a minor. Additionally, some other factor considered is the number of pages you desire. You should know already that the Nigerian international passport comes in different packages – there are the 32-page and the 64-page. But don’t worry, we will give you more information here.

  • Nigerian International Passport Renewal (32 Pages) 

For this one, here are the fees that can be expected:

  1. – For those of ages 0 to 17, the fee is just ₦8,750
  2. – For those of ages 18 to 59, they are expected to pay just ₦15,000.
  3. – For those of ages 60 and above, the fee is ₦8,750.

Nigerian International Passport Renewal (64 Pages) 

If those that desire to get the one that comes with 64 pages, irrespective of your age, you are to pay ₦20,000.

Note: Irrespective of the type of passport you want to get, there are certain things that are simply general. For instance, either you are getting the one with 32 pages or the one with 64 pages, you are to pay a sum of two thousand Naira as your address verification fee. It should be noted that bank charges are not included in the above fee, so, you are to take care of that yourselves.

Additionally, it should be added that the administrative charges are not refundable. Nevertheless, let’s say a person mistakenly make a payment on twitter occasions, such can get back their money. 

Renewing Your Nigerian Passport From Outside The Country 

If you reside abroad, we also get you covered here, and we will state how much you can renew your passport too. 

Just as we’ve clarified earlier, the fees differ due to various factors (particularly the number of pages you intend getting) 

  • 32-Pages Booklet

For this, the following fees are attached:

  1. – For those of ages 0 to 17, they are to pay $65;
  2. – For those of ages 18 to 59, the fee is just $94;
  3. – For those of ages 60 and above, they are to pay $65.
  • 64 Pages Booklet

Irrespective of your age, as long as you desire to get the booklet with 64 pages, then the fee is $125.

It should be noted that the above fees are actually applicable to all consulates, embassies, and high commissions.

Things Needed To Renew Your Nigerian Passport 

After informing you that it is possible to renew your Nigerian international passport before it gets due to expire, and you have also seen how much you will spend to get it done, we will also state the procedure for passport renewal. 

First, for those in the category where their passport is already expired, these are the things to present so as to get it renewed once again:

  1. – Your Passport booklet
  2. – An application letter
  3. – Your Evidence of Payment and acknowledgment slip
  4. – A copy of your passport’s data page.

Now, let’s talk to the other category (that is, those that want to renew a passport that is yet to be expired, and there are more than six months left). Actually, apart from presenting the aforementioned documents, you are also to make known why you intend to renew the passport.

Steps To Renew Nigerian Passport

If you have a Nigerian passport already, these things shouldn’t be new to you, as you are expected to have passed through a similar process to get the passport in the first place. So, you are only passing through a similar procedure, including:

  1. – Launching the agency’s official website ( just go to directly) and then complete the passport application.
  2. – You should then make the necessary payment and also obtain an Application ID and Reference. It should be noted that all that concerns how you will make your payment is already stated in the site. You will see the instructions written there. Yours is simply to follow it and pay attention to the necessary details. 
  3. – After those steps have been fulfilled, you can now take your application to the office you settled for while applying. Please, you should note that you are also meant to come along with other relevant documents. 
  4. – Form people not based in Nigeria but residing outside the country, you should be aware that at the moment of applying for your passport renewal, it is expedient to take the application to the nearest Nigerian Consulate, High Commission or Embassy, depending on which surrounds you. 
  5. – It is necessary to also emphasize that for those with passports that are older than six months, such must go to the agency’s office (the one who has chosen that is close to you) to take your picture as well as your biometric data.

That is all. Once you have judiciously followed the above processes, you should simply fold your arms and let the immigrants guys complete the passport before handing it to you. As you can see, it is not something too difficult or burdensome. By utilizing technology, the immigration guys have been able to make things easier for those interested in applying for or renewing their Nigerian international passports. If there are still certain important things you desire to clarify, then waste no time in approaching the Nigeria Immigration Service via their website (from anywhere you are in the world), and they should gladly help you out.

How we have done justice to the question: “Can I Renew My Nigerian Passport Before It Expires”.


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