Courses Under Art Department In UNILAG

The prestigious University of Lagos is one of the foremost universities in the country, well-known for numerous impressive features. Fondly called Unilag, the institution is one of the oldest universities in the country today.

It came into being in 1962 and it has trained thousands of students over its many years of existence. As expected, a lot people who passed through the institution are now doing fine in the society. Many of them are well-placed individuals in the country, and they have contributed to Nigeria’s growth one way or the other.

Everyone knows there are numerous universities in Nigeria right now. But if we should be realistic, then we should admit that there are various categories as far as the quality of our universities is concerned. In other words, some are much better than others. Some universities are known for excellence, while some other universities are ‘just there’.

Now, there are various courses under Art Department in UNILAG. These impressive courses are for those who desire to launch into the Arts and Humanitarian fields.

Art students with the right requirements, coming to an institution like the University of Lagos is a right step in the right direction. One of the benefits of studying an Art course at a University like Unilag is that your creativity will be enhanced in a manner that will get you surprised.

Courses Under Art Department In UNILAG

The Departments in the Faculty of Arts – Currently, it consists of six Branches. And they are:

  • Linguistics
  • African and Asian Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • English Language
  • European Languages
  • History and Strategic Studies
  • Philosophy

So, if you are a secondary school student about to write Jamb, and you are searching for an appropriate higher institution to further your studies, we recommend the University of Lagos. If your child is an Art student, and you are seeking for a nice Art course that they can study at the University, you can choose from any of those above. If you have a Bachelor of Arts degree from another Institution, and you intend going for Mastered, you can consider Unilag. For creative persons in the Academically world that desire to become a guru by studying humanitarian disciplines, they can enroll for a programme at the University and they will be fine.

As an Art student, the University of Lagos will help in enhancing your talent and help sharpen your skills. So yes, making the choice to study at the University of Lagos is actually a nice decision.

Of course, we should clarify that there are different faculties in the University of Lagos. However, this article is focusing on the Arts Faculty at the University of Lagos. In this faculty, students can master a four-year degree programme with the assistance of the system of course unit.

It is also possible to get a three-year degree programme among the school’s courses for those with the GCE or another necessary specialty.

You will get a Bachelor of Arts degree after you are done with your programme at the University of Lagos, in the Faculty of Arts. This will be according to the course you studied in the Institution, ranging from Philosophy, Yoruba, French, History, English, Russian, Igbo, Arts, and Visual Arts.

Apart from the above courses, people interested in studying the likes of Linguistics and Italian Language in the Faculty of Arts are also with the opportunity to do so at the University of Lagos. These courses are superb in themselves, and it is a plus studying them in an outstanding Institution like the University of Lagos. Just as stated earlier, courses of this sort are keenly attached to creativity, and they have a way of bringing out the creativity in students. They can brighten the mind and bring out a part of them which they never knew existed.

The University of Lagos is one of the institutions in the country that is synonymous with excellence. Unilag keeps passing through different degrees of developments and innovations. Right now, despite several challenges attached to the Nigerian education sector, Unilag is still rubbing shoulders with some of the best higher institutions in the world.

The University has over a thousand academic staff members, as well as administrative staff members that are said to be in the region of 1,065. Unilag’s Motto is “In Deed and in Truth”.

They will always be a difference in knowledge accumulation and quality of education our schools dish out in Nigeria. Sincerely, many higher institutions in the country are undeserving, and they keep graduating half baked students each year. Students that sort their ways illegally to get their certificate. Students that pay lecturers for marks, and so on. You even see them with clueless lecturers who were employed without competency. Lectures that only ‘sort’ their ways to the position – and we all know a blind man cannot lead another blind person. So, if the lecturers are not academically sound, imagine what they will give to the students. The students of such Institutions would find it soo difficult to get to the spot required academically.

However, an Institution like the University of Lagos is one where you have to work hard to get what you likely deserved. If you want a first-class, then you must work very hard for it by studying seriously, attending classes when due, doing your test appropriately, doing your assignments when you ought to, and so on. By so doing, students are moulded into superb individuals that can think with their brain and come up with solutions to solve issues.

Of course, this is one of the reasons a school like Unilag is still regarded as one of the best universities in Nigeria. They have a nice standard, and they stand out from many other higher institutions in the country. In fact, when you check world ranking of universities, you should see that the University of Lagos is above some universities in developers countries. It shows that the University of Lagos is an institution that is highly reputed both here in Nigeria and in the international body.

Can Art Students Do Their Masters And Ph.D. In The University of Lagos?

The answer is ‘Yes’. If you studied courses like English Language and Literature, French, Igbo and Yoruba languages, and History for your Bachelor of Arts degree, you can proceed to further your education in the Faculty of Arts in Unilag for your Masters degree. In fact, you can proceed to do your Ph.D. there if you so desire.

Take note that Masters students deal mainly on research, and it can be run either full time or part time (same applies for Ph.D. students)

In fact, if you desire to go the lane of languages, the Institution has in place structures that can help you understand and interpret these languages. All the important communication skills and abilities in languages take place at Unilag’s Faculty.

Unilag has an impressive linguistic lab as well as the things you need to study what you desire in a proper way. So, the University of Lagos is a school anyone can be encouraged to attend. In fact, degrees obtained from a high ranking University like the University of Lagos, are usually respected.

Now, that’s all on the highlights of courses under Art Department in UNILAG and the Departments in the Arts Faculty of the University of Lagos.


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