How To Check Nigerian Passport Number 2020

Easy guide and details on how to check your Nigerian Passport Number – Although some things are quite easy to do or find, we all have found ourselves in situations where we struggle to get things sorted out simply because of ignorance. Indeed, knowledge is power, and if we don’t know something, there is nothing wrong with asking and searching for answers. 

You arrived here likely because you want to learn how to check your Nigerian passport number. Although it is not something difficult to get, there is nothing wrong with searching for such information. Of course, the number is quite important if you are processing your visa. So, don’t worry, by the time you are done reading this article, you should already witness an increase in your knowledge. 

How To Check Nigerian Passport Number

  • Where Is The Passport Number Located?

To ensure you easily find this number without any issues, it is necessary to first give some descriptions. Actually, the number is made up of 8 digits as well as one letter. You should, however, be careful not to mix it up with your passport book number, as it has been clarified that the passport number is different from the passport book number (and both are not the same) 

However, if you have a Nigerian passport, you don’t need to give yourself many issues, as you can easily locate your passport number in the upper-right corner of the document. 

Don’t forget that this number is very crucial, as it is relevant in various regards. For instance, when you are applying for a visa needed to travel to any country, the passport number will be demanded by the owner of the document. Those numbers are actually unique (I.e they won’t come twice, but only one person gets one). Should in case you desire to work in another country (even if it’s our embassy), you will be required to have an international passport. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep one’s international passport very safe. 

How To Check Nigerian Passport Number
How To Check Nigerian Passport Number

The Need For A Nigerian Passport 

Every country in the world have their own official passport, and Nigeria is not an exception. There are various ways to establish one’s identity as a Nigerian, but some mediums are more valued than others. The Nigerian passport is a major mode that will always be recognized by anyone (or organization) from any part of the world, as it confirms that one is indeed a Nigerian anywhere the person finds him or herself.

Just like in every other country, the Nigerian passport is also in the form of a document that allows citizens to move around as bonafide and recognized members of the society. While it is very easy to compromise various other means of identification, the same can’t be said of the passport. 

It should also be added that like in other places, the country too now has an electronic passport. Actually, it was made in accordance with international standards of travel and it is popularly referred to as e-passport. It nevertheless comes in various categories. There is the Official E-passport, and there is the Standard E-passport.

It is a must to have an international passport before you can travel out of Nigeria, particularly by air. You might have a lot of money to obtain a visa plus a ticket for your vacation or business meeting abroad, the fact remains that without this passport, it is impossible. Therefore, while there are various comments and reviews usually attached to the application and collection of the Nigerian passport (some people have pleasant experiences: that they were able to collect theirs without issues; while some people encountered a lot of stress before getting theirs), you must do all that can be done to get your own passport. 

It must be noted that the international passport is actually different from the ECOWAS passport. In case you are not aware, the ECOWAS passport is one that actually gives a person entry into fifteen West African states. However, to visit other places, not in the region, you will need a Nigerian passport. 

How You Can Get Yours 

It is kind of straight forward to get your own passport. First, it should be noted that the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) is the organization tasked with the responsibility of issuing electronic passports (e-passports). You can simply start the process of applying for a Standard e-passport (green cover). You must take note that the Nigerian international passport comes in several categories. There is the one that is 32-page. If you know you won’t be traveling through the air very often (perhaps you are a leisure traveler who only travels once in a blue moon),  then you might want to get this one. However, it is advisable that you go for the other one (I.e the 64-page passport) if you are someone who travels very often (perhaps you are a business person or something). The idea is simple, if you travel very often and you get the one with more pages, you won’t have to keep giving yourself the stress of having to constantly apply for new passports. 

Requirements For Getting Your Passport 

Before going to the immigration office to begin the process of your Nigerian passport, you should ensure that you already have the following (as an adult that is 18 and above):

  1. – A completed passport application form
  2. – 2 recent passport-size photographs
  3. – Your proof of payment
  4. – A letter of ID from local government
  5. – Your birth certificate
  6. – A completed Guarantor’s form

Also note that if you are married, you are to attach a marriage certificate. Additionally, if you have changed your name at some point, also add the affidavit there. 

If the passport is for your child who is below 18 years of age, then get ready these documents:

  1. – The completed passport application form
  2. – A passport-size photograph (signed on the reverse side by consenting parent/s)
  3. – The child’s birth certificate
  4. – Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s
  5. – A letter of consent from both parents 
  6. – The proof of payment

How To Apply For Your Passport 

Some years back, the only way a Nigerian international passport can be processed is simply offline. However, things have changed, and anyone can now choose to go on with the application online, from the comfort of their homes. 

Let us start with the online application method:

The first step is to visit the Nigerian Immigration Services portal and make the selection of which passport you desire. Select the processing country and simply complete the application form. After all, these have been settled, proceed to upload scanned copies of all documents listed, before making payment (you can use your Visa card). After finishing this, tap on “Submit”, and you will become entitled to an Application ID and Reference number. You can now print out your Guarantor’s form and then have it certified (this is quite important). After all, have been done, just do these two things:

  1. – Submit your completed application form with other required documents in person at your selected passport office
  2. – Appear{{ in person at your specified immigration office for photographs and biometrics to be}} taken.

Offline Method:

Perhaps you aren’t cut for the online affair, then you can still make use of the ‘good old method’. Nevertheless, we should add that this method takes more time compared to the online method. You are expected to submit through an agent quite all right, and you must be careful not to choose just any kind of agent who will frustrate your efforts (be careful not to fall into the wrong hand). However, have it in mind that even with an agent, you are still going to appear in person at the immigration office with your required documents. It should be noted that the standard international passports are valid for five years and they may only be renewed when all available pages have been utilized.


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