How To Check Nigerian Passport Number 2023

The Nigerian passport is an important document which facilitates travel, and also identifies one as a Nigerian. Knowing how to check Nigerian passport number can help one to properly fill out important official documents which require one to prove his identity. In fact this piece of information is so important that one have it written in a readily accessible booklet or diary or mobile phone which one carries on his person at all times.

Of course one can only have a Nigerian passport number if one has a Nigerian passport, or if at least one has gone through the proper processes involved in getting the Nigerian passport, in which case, even if not on hand it could be in transit.

It is especially important to know how to find your Nigerian passport number when applying for a visa; most authorities want to know that you have a passport, and that it is valid as at the time of your visa application.

How To Check Nigerian Passport Number

In order to check your passport number, just open the passport page on your Nigerian passport; which is the second page; the one that displays your photograph. Then look to the top right hand side; right below the header which reads “FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.”

The passport number is also called the passport book number; and it is the Alphanumeric digits numbering 9. The Nigerian Passport Number is always written in capital letters and in bold characters.

That number should be kept private, and only provided when necessary because it is sensitive information which can be traced back to the owner. Your Nigerian Passport Book Number is just like your BVN or your NIN; it is linked to your personal information, and must be kept safe. Furthermore, your passport number is unique; no two Nigerian passport holders are given the same passport number.

How To Check Nigerian Passport Number
How To Check Nigerian Passport Number

The passport number is required when applying to the embassy of any country for a visa.

Some employers may require it; especially if the job requires that one travel frequently, and also if the applicant has indicated that he has experience in the job, or that he is a frequent traveler.

It is a valid means of identification which is unique to only you, and can be used on forms or to prove ones identity.

In the event of loss or theft of ones passport the passport number can be used to issue a new one, or to track the lost one, especially if an attempt is made to travel with said passport.

What Else Can Be Found On The Passport Page

Aside from the Passport number other important information about the holder can be found on the passport page such as:

Name (Surname first, and then given names)

Country code (NGA)

Nationality (Nigerian)

Date of birth

Sex (Male/Female)

Place of birth

Date of issue

Date of expiry

Personal number

Authority (Usually the city where the passport was issued)

Holder’s signature

Type: (P)

Passport number

Further Details About Your Nigerian Passport Number

Please note that your Nigerian passport number is only valid for as long as your passport is valid. Most Nigerian passports have an expiration tenure ranging from 5 years to 10 years, and after the expiry of the passport one should apply for a renewal. On renewal of the passport you will be issued with a new Nigerian Passport Number, thus invalidating the old one.

You will need to apply on time for a renewal so as not to affect your travelling plans; Nigerian passport renewals typically take two weeks to process, and there may be significant additional downtime due to the backlog of passports to be processed ahead of yours.

Most countries demand that your passport be valid for at least 3 months after the date when you have applied for a visa from them. That means if your passport is about to expire then you may act fast in order to get it renewed because if not, the inevitable delays may impede ones travel arrangements and cause one to miss his schedule.

What Not To Do When Renewing The Passport

Many Nigerians are in a hurry to have their passports renewed so as not to miss important travel engagements; for this reason they are tempted to patronize touts who lurk around immigration offices or embassies, and promise to expedite the processing of passport booklets.

The Nigerian government encourages patriotic citizens not to use any other channels when looking to get their passports renewed. Besides, those touts may end up taking the money without processing any passports; and even if they do, the passports may end up being fake. These fake passport issuers may land one in trouble, or cause ones visa applications to be denied; thus worsening the initial situation.

Furthermore, when visiting the Nigerian embassy in your country of residence in order to get your passport renewed, it is important to make sure one does not to address the embassy staff disrespectfully; this is because they have the power to deny one access to the Nigerian passports.

No matter how rich or desperate one may be, it important that one does not try to bribe the members of staff at the immigration office or embassy in order to get the passports done quickly. This would disrupt the normal flow of work at the embassy and cause an extension of the backlog, meaning further delays to other applicants.



The Nigerian passport number is the alphanumeric combination at the top right corner of the Nigerian passport page. It is boldly written, and in capitals. It is important to keep ones passport number safe and private, and also to ensure that one only applies for the Nigerian passport from the proper channels.