Most airports are used for commercial air transport, they are known to have facilities to store and maintain aircraft and they consist of so many places like the landing area, runway, helipad, control tower, hanger and so much more. You might have seen the picture of an airport but you don’t know how big it is, airports usually cover a large area of space most times, not all the lands are fully used, there are airports that are very big that covers a massive land area but we won’t go into details about that.

Apart from planes being in the airport, other places are also there, like the mall, restroom, and so many other places to mention. Nigeria has lots of airports from International airports to domestic airports and so many others. I know you must be wondering why they are being separated from International to Domestic;

Domestic airports are being used to carry out domestic flights, that is flights that are within a country while the International airports are used to carry out flights that go from one country to another. You should know that international airports cover more areas than the domestic airports, as most of the buildings are mostly used as terminals, International airports also have places for passport checking and a whole lots of checkpoints within.

In the State presence, alphabetical order

International Airports in Nigeria

  • Abuja, FCT
    Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
  • Enugu, Enugu
    Akanu Ibiam International Airport (Enugu Airport)
  • Kano, Kano                                                                                                                                                                Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport
  • Lagos, Ikeja
    Murtala Muhammed International Airport
  • Rivers, Portharcourt
    PortHarcourt International Airport

Major Local Airports in Nigeria

  • Adamawa, Yola
    Yola Airport
  • Bauchi Bauchi
    Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport
  • Borno, Maiduguri
    Maiduguri International Airport (Maiduguri Airport)
  • Cross River, Calabar
    Margaret Ekpo International Airport
  • Kaduna, Kaduna
    Kaduna Airport
  • Plateau, Jos
    Yakubu Gowon Airport (Jos Airport)
  • Sokoto, Sokoto
    Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport

Other Domestic Airports in Nigeria

  • Bauchi, Bauchi
    Bauchi Airport
  • Benue, Makurdi
    Makurdi Airport
  • Delta, Asaba
    Asaba International Airport
  • Delta, Warri
    Warri Airport
  • Edo, Benin
    Benin Airport
  • Gombe, Gombe
    Gombe Lawanti International Airport
  • Imo, Owerri
    Sam Mbakwe Airport
  • Kaduna, Zaria
    Zaria Airport
  • Katsina Katsina
    Katsina Airport
  • Kebbi, Birnin
    Kebbi International Airport
  • Kwara, Ilorin
    Ilorin Airport
  • Niger, Minna
    Minna Airport
  • Ondo, Akure
    Akure Airport
  • Oyo, Ibadan
    Ibadan Airport
  • Taraba, Jalingo
    Jalingo Airport

Other Airports that are not owned or managed by Federal Airport Authority Nigeria (FAAN)

  • Akwa Ibom, Eket
    DNEK Eket Airstrip
  • Akwa Ibom, Uyo
    Akwa Ibom Airport (Uyo Airport)
  • Bauchi, Azare
    Azare Airstrip
  • Cross River, Bebi
    Bebi Airstrip
  • Delta, Escravos
    Escravos Airstrip
  • Gombe, Bajoga
    DN54 Bajoga Northeast Airport
  • Kebbi, Tuga
    Kebbi Tuga Airstrip
  • 8. Kogi, Ajaokuta,
    Ajaokuta Airstrip
  • 9. Kwara, Bacita
    Bacita Airstrip
  • 10. Niger, Bida
    DNBI Bida Airstrip
  • 11. Niger, Shiroro
    Shiroro Airstrip
  • 12. Yobe, Nguru
    Nguru Airstrip
  • 13. Yobe, Potiskum
    Potiskum Airstrip
  • 14. Zamfara, Gusau
    DNGU QUS Gusau Airstrip

Military Airports

  • 1. Benue, Makurdi
    DNMK MDI Makurdi Air Force Base
  • 2. Rivers, Port Harcourt
    Rivers PHG Port Harcourt NAF Base+

Most International airports in use today are being owned by the government but some of them are being leased to private bodies to help in overseeing and controlling the place for everything to be intact and for operations to run smoothly.

You should know that some airports may contain premium and VIP services, services which are done here are called express as they are being used for First class and Business Class passengers or frequent users of the airport. Most times it takes a long time for baggage’s to get checked at the airport but with those services you are assured that yours will be checked swiftly as you are considered a very important person.

Apart from people being moved from one place to another at the airport, they also move goods from one place to the other, you should know that the plane that carries out this process is called a Cargo plane. Cargo planes are used for moving goods from one place to another, goods are being properly checked to avoid them from carrying contraband items or even hard drugs, and most times the use of X-ray is being advised as many airports now use this to check out goods before loading them in the plane, this has also made the movement of goods easier from one place to the other.

Notable International Airports In Nigeria And Interesting Details About Them

  • Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

This airport is named after Nigeria first President Dr. Nnamdi Azkiwe, this airport is located in Abuja which is the Federal capital of Nigeria. It is an international airport that allows passengers to travel from one country to the other. The airport has been in existence for a long time and it is also known as one of the most popular airports in Nigeria. Apart from taking international flights, it also carries out domestic flights, some major changes have been made to the airport as it has been put up for renovations, the latest renovations which were done on the runway and the terminal and the new terminal which was recently completed can process up to 15 million passengers annually. The airports consist of so many buildings inside.

Address: Airport Road Kuje-Amuwo Abuja Municipal Abuja Nigeria

  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport

This is the most popular airport like literally, everyone has heard the name, it is mostly abbreviated as the MMA, this airport is known as one of the best in Nigeria, arguably the best, in terms of passengers, the busiest and takes more flights a day than any other airport in Nigeria.

This airport was built during World War II and since then it has been in existence and making travels easy within and outside Nigeria. This airport consists of both domestic and international terminal, each of these terminal shares the same runway. During the 1980s and the 1990s, this airport was labeled to be a bad one as it was causing threats to the lives of many, the US government placed a sign that it was unsafe for travelers to go there, many cases happened during those periods as so many criminals were on the rise, passengers were harassed and things were being stolen, airport officials also added to the issue, as they were also taking bribes from certain individuals to sign documents and passports, but now this is known as Nigeria best airport and it is very safe to travel there.

Address: Located in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Port Harcourt International Airport

This airport is known as the third busiest airport in Nigeria as it has served lots of passengers, this airport is known to have been closed down a couple of times for renovations and repairs, and at one time they worked only during the day. The Port Harcourt International Airport deals on both International and Domestic flights and there has been a massive improvement in their services since then.

Address: Located in Omagwa which is a place in Port Harcourt.

  • Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport

This is another airport in Nigeria, though it is not that popular. It is known for taking international flights to places like Jeddah during Hajj. This airport also carries out domestic travels using Arik Air and it has been helpful to the people of Sokoto.

Address: Located at Sokoto

  • Akanu Ibiam International Airport

This airport is being named after a late medical doctor in Enugu state who has played an important role in their lives. This airport is still undergoing renovations and construction to meet lots of demands but some parts of it are being used as of present and they work on domestic and international travels.

ADDRESS: This airport is located in Abuja

  • Kaduna International Airport

The Kaduna international airport was opened in 1982 and it is around 22 kilometers northwest of the city. For now, just domestic flights are being carried out in the airports and so many things have been suspended following the bad runway which caused injuries some time ago.

Address: Located in Kaduna

  • Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport

This airport was the main airport serving northern Nigeria and it carries both domestic flights and international flights. The airport is known to carry Muslim pilgrims to Jeddah for their seasonal visits and also to other places.

Address: Located in Kano

  • Ilorin International Airport

The Ilorin international airport is serving the Ilorin city, for now, this airport just operates on domestic flights, several renovations are being put in place to make sure it serves its purposes.

Address: Located in Ilorin

In conclusion, we have given you details about the list of both local (domestic) and international airports in Nigeria and their address. We have given you full lists about domestic and international airports and we believe this article must have been helpful to you in whatever way you need it for, share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on Facebook.


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