List Of Airlines In Nigeria {Local & International} And Address

Airlines are known to be organizations that provide services for air transport on different routes. In Nigeria there are lots of airlines which you will need to know, many airlines perform public and private services for individuals and to the public, airlines are being made so that there will be a convenience in moving people from one root to the other. This article will be giving you information about the various Local and International airlines in Nigeria and their websites, we will be giving you detailed information about each airline and things you need to know about.

Before booking with a particular airline, I believe if it is your first time, you will want to have information about the airline, and even how you can book for a flight. You should know that booking for a flight in a particular airline is very easy as certain steps are just required from you, there are lots of airlines that are ready to give you good services that operate in Nigeria and beyond, this article will be ready to give you full information on everything which you need to know. You should know that airlines are being licensed and they are recognized with air operating certificates by the government aviation body.  The list below will show you the list of Airlines in Nigeria and their websites.

List Of Airlines In Nigeria {Local & International} And Address


Delta Airline which is known as one of the best in Nigeria is said to have been originated from America, which is known as a major airline in America and its headquarters is in Atlanta. The airline operates up to about 5,400 flights daily which include 325 destinations in 52 countries and up to 6 continents, they began operations on the 17th of June 1929 and its original name or should we say the former name was Huffdaland Dusters. As of March 2019, Delta Airlines operates a fleet of about 825 aircraft and these aircraft were manufactured by Boeing, airbus and Mc Donnell Douglas, Delta often seeks to utilize older aircrafts especially the ones with narrow bodies. You can visit their website at


This is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria,  Arik air is one of the leading major airlines in Nigeria, as they operate mainly from two hubs which is the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos and the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, they serve as regional and travel to some other destinations in Africa. Arik Air is known as Nigeria leading airline which began operations in the year 2006 and since then they have been making massive progress. They took over the former Nigeria Airways facilities in Lagos, in the year 2008 they started international operations to London and they have been making progress since then. Arik Air operates up to 23 aircraft in its fleets and they fly up to 6 international destinations. You can visit their website at


You must have heard about Air Peace which is another popular airline in Nigeria. Air peace is still new but it has been able to make a name in the aviation industry, they began operations in 2013 and it has now has the license to fly to international destinations. The head office for Air peace is located in Lagos state and it serves both passenger and charter services. Though there have been some minor accidents with the airline but not more than three, so far no passengers have been recorded to be injured with the recent one that took place on June 22, 2019. You can visit their website at

List Of Airlines In Nigeria Local International
List Of Airlines In Nigeria Local International

Allied air is a cargo airline that is based in Lagos Nigeria and it is gradually making name in the aviation industry, they started out operations in the year in the year 2000, before a quick notice by the federal government in year 2007 for all airlines to be re-registered and which they did and they passed the various qualifications which were needed. They operate with 3 aircraft in the fleet, one is used for DHL services to South Africa and they fly to other African countries also. You can visit their website at


This airline is based in Ikeja and it was established in the year 1996, this airline was closed though in June 2019 due to some certain reasons which were not disclosed out to the public, they have been operating for a long time and they deal on passengers and cargos services. This airline has been used by many Nigerians for a long period of time and it travels to many destinations. You can visit their website at


This is the largest German airline and it operates also in Nigeria in their major international airports. This airline owns subsidiary and several aviation companies, in terms of passengers carried it is known as the largest airline in Europe. They began operations to run domestic travels in 1955 and since then they have taken over and they have been rated as one of the best. Lufthansa airlines is widely used by many in Nigeria, they have lots of passengers which they carry to different destinations and routes. You can visit their website at


This is another popular airline in Nigeria which started in the year 2008 and since then there has been a massive improvement which have been made with the airline. In terms of quality and services they are far ahead than other airlines, they have a total of 4 aircraft in the fleet and they have served different locations. Dana Air has been able to carry lots of passengers in a short period of time, you can visit their website


Another popular airline in Nigeria is the Qatar airways, this airline is not only popular in Nigeria but it is also popular in the world. This airline is owned by the Qatar government, the airline operates a hub and spoke network and it travels to different destinations. This airline also operates in Nigeria and it has it offices at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. The Qatar airways group is known to have employed more than 43,000 persons and they have been doing an excellent job till date. They began operations in the year 1994 and they have many divisions, they deal on passengers and cargo to different destinations. You can visit their website at


This airline belongs to the France government and they handle many aircraft’s, they have been in existence for a long period of time and they travel to various routes and destinations. Air France is among the top airlines in the world which have provided good customer care and satisfaction, they also have their office in Nigeria which carry passengers to and fro to various routes. You can visit their website for more information at


This airline is based in Dubai and they have their office in Nigeria, this is the largest airline in the Middle East and it operates over 3,600 flights per week from its hub to more than 150 cities. Emirates airways are widely used by many and they have been known to be quite affordable, they have good customer service and support.  Emirates are diversified into different industries and they have lots of employees who carry out various services and work in different sectors. They operate with about 255 fleets and they claim to have lower emissions than other airlines. They have the first class, economy class, and the business class; you can visit their website at


This is another popular airline that is from the UAE and it is the second-largest operating airline. This airline operates in the Nigeria International airport and it is known as one of the best airlines. You can visit their website at


This airline is a major airline in America that its headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, they have been operating for a long time and have travelled to various destinations and routes. They also operate in Nigeria and you can book for flights as they are affordable. You can visit their website

List of Airlines in Nigeria in alphabetic order

Aero Contractors Passenger / Domestic / International

Air Azman Passenger/ Domestic

Air France Passenger / International

Air Peace – Passenger/ Domestic

Alitalia – Passenger/ International

Air Nigeria Passenger/ Domestic

Allied Air Cargo / Domestic

Arik Air Passenger/ Domestic / International

Asky Airlines – Passenger / International

Associated Aviation Passenger/ Domestic

Britis Airways – Passenger/ International

Dornier Aviation Nigeria (Dana Airlines Passenger) / Charter / Domestic

Delta Airlines Passenger/ International

International Destination – Passenger / International

EgyptAir – Passenger / International

Emirates Dubai – Passenger / International

Ethiopian Airlines – Passenger / International

Etihad Airways – Passenger / International

FirstNation Airways (formerly Bellview Airlines) Passenger / Domestic

Iberia Airlines – Passenger / International

Kabo Travels/Air – Passenger / Domestic

Kenya Airways Nairobi – Passenger / International

KLM – Passenger / International

Lufthansa – Passenger / International

Med-View Airline – Passenger / Domestic

Middle East Airlines – Passenger / International

Qatar Airways – Passenger / International

RegionAir – Passenger / International

Royal Air Maroc Casablanca, cotonou – Passenger / International

Royal Jordanian – Passenger / International

Rwandair – Passenger / International

South African Airways – Passenger / International

Sudan Airways – Passenger / International

Turkish Airlines – Passenger / International

Virgin Atlantic Airways – Passenger / International


In Conclusion, we have given you a list of local and international airlines in Nigeria; they are also one of the best airlines operating so far and very affordable with good customer services. These lists which have been given to you contain their website address which you can look up for more information.

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