Top 10 Best Technical Schools In Ghana

Education across Africa tends to get advanced and improved day after day depending on the educational system of the country, discussing on Top 10 best Technical schools in Ghana, Ghana as one of the African countries have one of the fastest-growing educational systems in Africa as they tend to produce schools and higher institution that are on the top ranking list of best higher institutions in the continent.

In respect to Technical school, Ghana does not take the back seat in producing great technical schools in the country; there are quite numerous numbers of professional schools in Ghana that are into retrenching able hands. If you are quite eager to get into one of the best professional schools in this country you could as well consider getting enrolled in any of the below listed technical schools in Ghana depending on your wish, because if you definitely looking to get the best amongst those that would be listed out here, you have every information to pick.

In an industrious country that happens to have constant growth in the educational system, Ghana receives quite a lot of admission letters each year, following the increase in admission letters received by Ghana Higher institutions consequently brings about the expansion of the schools in Ghana as well as the rise of new schools. Following recent times, the numbers of available technical schools ranging from the private up to the public professional schools are numerous up to the extent that it becomes irresistible in choosing one. Nevertheless, this article gives more light on the best technical schools in Ghana.

Top 10 Best Technical Schools In Ghana

  • 1. Koforidua Senior High Technical School

Speaking of great professional schools in Ghana, the reputation of this school has traversed far and beyond. This school is known to be a giant in the academic sector of Ghana that tends to rub shoulders with other great higher institutions in Ghana. Moreover, this school notably belongs to a Class A institution. Let’s get to know more about his technical school.

The Koforidua senior high technical school in the year 2011 set an outstanding record in Ghana as the school with the highest number of passes in the WASHSCE (Western African Senior High school council examination) having over two hundred students from the school scoring A+ in all the eight studies conducted. To be precise, there are four hundred and eighty-eight students who sat for the exam in the school (488), and a massive number of four hundred and eighty-five (485) students came out with flying colours, now I bet you wouldn’t want to ignore this technical school.

Following the achievement was the popularity and rank given to Koforidua senior high technical school as the second-best in the whole of the Eastern region. There are lots of results attained by this school which I believe you would like to partake in their next achievement, all you need to do is register and get enrolled in this school, and you would be proud you did so.

  • 2. St. Joseph’s Technical School

Here comes another large technical school in Ghana, this school also just as the previously discussed school also tends to get a high pass rate in the WASSCE (Western African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination). This school has also made a name for itself on attaining the top position in the Secondary/Technical class in the National Best School Award ceremony. Just like the first school on this list, this school is also noted as one of the best technical schools in Ghana.

The Saint Joseph’s Technical School in Ghana is a public technical school which implies that all its operations are mainly under the rule of the government. This institution has imposed on itself the duty of breeding up proficient and vocational graduates, with appropriate morals for both self and formal employment making use of effective and sustainable tactics.

  • 3. Don Bosco Technical Institute

The Don Bosco Technical School is situated at Odumase which happens to be the suburb district of Sunyani town in Brong-Ahafo, and it stands tall as a government-assisted institute in Ghana. This technical school offers candidates or students a two-way school curriculum which tends to be the boarding and day sector.

Aside from the fact that Don Bosco technical school also has a high rate of passes in Western African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE), the school also became widely known in Ghana as the best technical institution following its participation in various national programs, such partnership includes the Lady Chief Mentoring programme of the year 2014 as well as the School business plan Prize challenge of the year 2012.

  • 4. Brakwa Senior/Technical School

Looking for an institution with a promising future? Here you have got one, this school happens to be a technical school alongside other schools that have not lasted a decade, and it has shown a steady improvement in its overall performance.

The rate at which the students of this great technical school in Ghana perform excellently is quite surprising as they notably cleared six (6) subjects of the eight (8) subjects sat for in the WASSCE Examination which has been quite encouraging. More also, the performance of this technical school ever since the year 2015 to date has been notably linked steadily with some of their students qualifying for admission into highly rated or regarded Universities.

The Brakwa Senior Technical school was founded in the year 2011 following the joint effort of the governments of Ghana and the public members of the city at which the school is built.

  • 5. Cape Coast Technical Institute

The cape coast technical institute is yet another great technical institute in Ghana that is proudly regarded as one of the best professional schools in Ghana following the declaration of this school as the “Most resourced” technical school in the Central Region in the year 2014/2015 academic year. This same year also was the year the cape coast technical institute was named the best in overall performance in the whole of the Central region. This occurred after this great technical school in Ghana came into the limelight in the previous year by winning the Babson National Entrepreneurship competition in Ghana.

  • 6. Kumasi Technical Institute

Speaking of the best technical school in Kumasi, there is entirely no way that this school wouldn’t be mentioned as the school have been in existence for over three-decade, however, that is not a factor that considers this school as one of the best technical schools in Ghana, the school has notably recorded a significant number of achievements as regards to excellent performance in the academic sector. This institute was founded in the year 1976 by the joint effort of the Ghanaian Government and the Canadian international development agency known as the CIDA.

  • 7. Asuansi Technical Institute

The Asuansi Technical Institute was founded in the year 1917 on the 21st of August as a rural school mainly focused on reading, writing, and arithmetic which were up to standard three. The school continued that way until the year 1922 when it was changed or turned into a trade school which was focused on boosting Vocational Education in Metalwork, Agriculture, Carpentry, and Masonry, and later on in the year 1963, it was renamed the Asuansi Technical Institute which was aimed at offering craft course.

  • 8. Royal Technical College

The Private technical schools also are not left out on this list, this technical school which has found its way up to the list of the top 10 best professional schools in Ghana is found significant in academic performances. This school is located in Accra Metropolitan, Ghana.

  • 9. National Technical Engineering College

This technical school is also another reputable private institution in Ghana, also located in Accra Metropolitan.

  • 10. Samonya Tech Institute

This institution popping out last doesn’t merely make it the least; it stands tall as another highly reputable private technical institution in Ghana.



Getting yourself enrolled in a technical school for proper education and vocational training requires that you get a certified technical school recognized by the governments in Ghana and that is what we have fulfilled right in this article.