Top 10 Best Cities In Ghana 2020

The Best Cities In Ghana 2020  – Ghana is a country located in the Western region of Africa and is denoted as one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries located in that region. The country was colonized by the British and gained independence in 1957 also the nation adopt English as its official language. The country span across a land mass of 238, 535 square kilometers and has a population of 28.83 million. It is divided into regions which are currently 10 with other cities located in different parts of the country. The country has several cosmopolitan cities and remote nature reserves of diverse wildlife. Not just that, the state has some of the Best Cities in Ghana to live in.

Each of the cities highlighted in this list has its history and also offers different varieties that make them unique. Also, they have different recreational facilities.

Top 10 Best Cities In Ghana 2020

  • 1. Accra

First on our list is Accra, the capital and the largest city in Ghana, more so it is dubbed the most beautiful town in Ghana occupying the number one spot on the list. The city is home to over 2 million people and is the heart of the country. The city has a blend of ancient and modern buildings. More so, there are different recreational centers such as the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park containing a museum and a mausoleum, not forgetting the National theatre, International trade fair, Makola market which is the most patronized and biggest market (very good for business), there are attractive buildings and different beaches such as the Kokrobite beach and Labadi beach as well.  Most importantly it is said to be one of the safest city to live in Africa.

Cape Coast
  • 2. Cape Coast

Second, on our list is Cape coast which is one of the famous and popular cities in Ghana. It is located along the seaside, and it is the capital of the Central Region in Southern Ghana, making it one of the Best Cities in Ghana. The city is one of the most visited places by tourist because of the famous Cape Coast Castle built in the 17th century by the Swedish; the Kakum Park alongside other numerous tourist sites. Also, it is known as a fishing port making it another commercial city in the country and one of the Best Cities to Live in Ghana.

Kumasi Among The Best Cities In Ghana
  • 3. Kumasi

The fast-rising and developing city of Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region located in southern Ghana. It is the fast growing in terms of population which is approximated to be 1.73 million; it busy wise making it the second most populated and largest city in Ghana making it one of the Best Cities to live in. Also, the display of Ghanaian culture and heritage is one of the critical assets that this city is known for. The city also houses the famous open-air Kajetia Market, the PrempehII Jubilee Museum where the belongings of the Ashanti king dated back I the 20th century is displayed as well as the National Cultural Centre which organizes a workshop to present the Ghanaian culture and cultural dance performance.

Tema, Ghana
  • 4. Tema

We change our course to Tema, a city distal 25 kilometers from the capital city, Accra. The industrial hub of Ghana. It is a humanmade harbor built in 1960. It is the 9th largest city in the country with a population of 161, 612. If the business is your motive of visiting Ghana, then you need to be in this City as it is encompassed with numerous warehouses and industries that produce aluminum, refined petroleum, building materials, etc., its Port is the busiest in Ghana making it the leading seaport in Ghana. All these business activities add to the nation’s GDP making it be one of the Best Cities in Ghana.

  • 5. Koforidua

This is another beautiful city in Ghana. It is the capital of the Eastern Region in South of Ghana; it’s the most relaxed and calmest city in Ghana and one of the most beautiful cities as well. The city is nicknamed ‘K-dua’ or ‘Kof Town’ known for its rich forestry and green environment. The town boasts of housing heavy duty industries and all other several businesses making it a business area. Also, there are waterfalls in the area such as the Boti Falls and Akaka Falls including beautiful natural landscape such as the ObuoTabri Mountain all serve as a tourist attraction. Thus, the city is given the slogan “nature most favorite destination in Ghana.”

  • 6. Teshie

Number six on our list is Teshie; it is a coastal town in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It is the capital of Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal District. It is the ninth most populous city in Ghana housing approximately 171, 875 people. The town is not far from the famous and popular Labadi beach; the town is said to be lively and has friendly citizens who are mostly fishers, and due to the fishery occupation most of the local foods are have a spice of fish. It is most noticeable for housing the National officer cadet training school as well as Kofi Annan International Peacemaking center. There are also different restaurants to choose from whenever you want to enjoy the rich traditional and intercontinental cuisines.

  • 7. Sekondi – Takoradi

Seventh on our list is Sekondi, and Takoradi and dubbed the most attractive city in Ghana. Also, one of the Best City in Ghana to live in. The town earned its name Sekondi-Takoradi because the two municipalities were merged and are known as the “Twin City.” The city is known to house beaches and amazing b, beautiful hotels as well as finger licking restaurants where local and international cuisines are prepared. More so, it has one of the busiest and colorful markets in Ghana that is highly patronized by the majority of Ghanaians. The city is located in the Western Region of Ghana housing a population of 445, 205 people making it the fourth most populated metropolitan city in Ghana as well as the largest city in the Western region.

  • 8. Temale

This city is officially called Temale metropolitan District and is the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana. It is considered as the second largest city by land size as well as the third most populous city in Ghana with a population of 562, 919 people. The city is popular for its traditional mosque and housing the national mosques as well. Also, the city has a perfect combination of modern structures and ghettos. More so, it is known for its fertile land which attracts a lot of farming activities in the area and as such making it the food basket of the nation providing foods in surplus to be sold across the whole nation. Despite the agricultural activities in the area, it is said to be the tidiest and neatest city in Ghana.

  • 9. Obuasi

Gradually getting to the end of our list of Best Cities in Ghana, we move to Obuasi. The city is located in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The town is famous for its natural resources particularly Gold. The townhouses a gold mine, and the town itself has a myth believed that the streets are lined with gold. This gold mine has attracted a lot of persons to the area currently having a population of about 180, 334 people living in the town.

  • 10. Sunyani

Last on our list is the city of Sunyani is a capital town of Bong-Ahafo Region in Ghana. Its population is said to be 208, 496. The town is most notable for housing several institutions in the country such as the University of Energy and Natural Resources, the Catholic University College of Ghana at Fiapre and the Sunayi Polytechnic. The University of Cape Coast and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have their satellite campus in this town. Also, there are several primary, secondary and technical schools located in Sunyani. Like Temale, a majority of the population in the city engage grossly in agricultural production.


Conclusion On Top 10 Best Cities In Ghana 2020

Ghana indeed is a country of beauty and one of the brightest countries in Africa. All of the cities listed here are the Top Ten Best Cities in Ghana that you are sure to enjoy comfort and live in. More so, Ghana is one of the safest countries in Africa which implies that all of these cities can be settled in without fear. More so, the majority of the city that appear on the list are business areas where you can visit or settle and invest to earn and make the profit.

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