Top 10 Best Online Colleges For Military 2020

An update on the list of best online colleges for Military 2020 – Like every endeavor, the military force is an instrumental and integral part of a nation’s security. Also, they pursue academic qualification aside from the physical exercise they are exposed to. Most of the military personnel are absorbed with high school qualifications or with lesser qualifications. It is known that many military personnel is willing to further their education as they advance in military service so as to help them upgrade their position or apply for an increment in salary among other reasons. Due to the nature of the military activities, it is a bit difficult for them to be physically present in the four walls of the classroom for lectures, and as such most opt to attend online schools. It is known that online colleges give makes learning flexible and not as rigid as physical colleges. Therefore, this article will review the Top Ten Best Online Colleges for Military, where they can obtain quality advanced education.

Top 10 Best Online Colleges For Military 2020

1. Drexel University

    • Country: USA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Drexel University is atop the list because of the strategies put in place to attract students. The school was established in 1891 and accredited by the middle state’s commission on higher education, the college enrolls over 24, 000 undergraduates who study both degree and non-degree programs. The college has a wide array of courses to choose from, also the institution reduced her tuition fee; improved experience portfolio and skills translator service as well as personalized one-on-one support military enrolment counselor as well as live tutor assistance that is available to help them one-on-one.

2. Liberty University

    • Country: USA (Lynchburg, Virginia)

Next on our list is a private University and one of the largest universities in the country located in Lynchburg, Virginia USA. The school was established in 1971 and has a wide array of degree and non-degree as well as professional programs that over 75,000 students can choose from. It also is also the second Best Online College for the Military. The school was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The college has loads of flexible online programs that suit every military personnel that is active regardless of your rank in the force. The college’s affiliation with Servicemembers Opportunity College Degree Network System gives it the edge and ability to provide extra educational service to serving and active military personnel as well as ensures they do not lose their grades despite their absenteeism which is due to frequent traveling.

3. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

    • Country: USA (University Park, Pennsylvania)

Third, on our list is the Pennsylvania State World Campus is the online branch of the Public University. The university has over one hundred online courses and they are all offered online. The college was established in 1998 and is one of the best colleges offering long-distance education. The campus was accredited by the Middle State’s Commission on Higher education. Also, the university’s efficiency in producing the best qualified military students has caused it to be ranked among the Best Online Colleges for Military. Also, it has a military support team that provides guidance for military students all through their years of study in the college’s online institution and the institution is most suitable for transiting military students.

4. Bellevue University

    • Country: USA (Bellevue, Nebraska)

The university was established in 1966 and located in Nebraska, USA, and was accredited by the higher learning commission. The college admits annually about 9000 students. The institution has 25 online bachelor’s degrees that the military students can apply for. There are classes that start every month, there is also a 6 weeks course. Enrolling into this institution online school has great benefit for soldiers that are still on duty and are active that earns it a place among the Best Colleges for Military. More so, the university was founded by the military making its location in close proximity to the Air force Base in Omaha.

5. Park University

    • Parkville, Missouri

Fifth on our list is Park University located in Parkville, Missouri USA. The institution was first founded with the name Park College and has transited into a large college which led to a change of nomenclature. The university has over 500 online courses that active military personnel can apply and enroll. The institution was established in 1875 and takes in about 11,000 students annually to undertake its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The institution is flexible that it has special packages like financial aid assistance, customizable academic plans, and also personal guidance that best suit different military personnel so as to fast track their study.

6. Regent University

    • Country: USA (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Regent University was established in 1978 and it is a private Christian research university. The institution enrolls over 10,000 students annually and has different graduate, post-graduate as well as professional programs which are approximately 120. The institution was accredited by the southern association of colleges and schools commission on colleges. Regent university gives room for a military that is active to choose from either the 8 weeks or 15 weeks online course and as well provides financial aid assistance.  The university is affirmed to be a great institution for Christian military personnel.

7. University of Southern Mississippi

    • Country: USA (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Seventh on our list is the University of Southern Mississippi is a public research university located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The university was established in 1910 and accredited as well by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The institution is among the Best Online Colleges for Military and sure has over 45 undergraduate and post-graduate online programs available, particularly for the military student to choose from. In addition to their online military program, the university also has a supportive environment that helps all active and transiting military students apply, graduate, and further their careers within the shortest time possible, as well as a military-friendly atmosphere, should in case the military student wishes to have a physical lecture.

8. Webster University

    • Country: USA (Saint Louis, Missouri)

Webster University is a private university founded with the initial name “Loretto College” but changed its name prior to advancement and development. The institution offers a wide variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs which are over 100 options to choose from. The institution was established in 1915 and it is one of the Best Online Colleges for Military particularly for active-duty military personnel. The Higher Learning Commission accredited the university. It is well known for its tuition assistance and waving of tuition fee as well, it also participates in national assistance program etc.

9. Saint Leo University

    • Country: USA (Saint Leo, Florida)

This private University is Catholic owned and was founded in 1889. The university accepts about 15,000 students to study its wide array undergraduate, post-graduate and professional courses. The university is known as the sixth-largest provider of courses for military personnel. The university offers different flexible services that benefit active military personnel. It has a wide variety of online programs such as criminal justice, homeland security, and computer information system among others. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Colleges.

10. Idaho State University

    • Country: USA (Pocatello, Idaho)

Finally on our list is the of the best online colleges for Military, Idaho State University (ISU). The services offered by this university have earned it a spot among the Best Online Colleges for Military. Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accredits the University. Idaho State University is well equipped with ultra-modern facilities that attend to its numerous students which are over 12,000. Additionally, the university also offers a different variety of courses approximated to be about 280. They have also online such as psychology, dental hygiene, emergency management, etc. that military student can choose from. The university is over 100 years old been established in the year1901 under the name“the Academy of Idaho”.


Conclusion On Top 10 Best Online Colleges For Military 

This article has revealed that there are different varieties of colleges that military personnel can choose from to attend and obtain their degree or post-degree qualification in any program of their choice. There you have the list of the Best Online Colleges for Military that you as military personnel anywhere around the world can attend. Of course, you will get the best of lectures as well as other extracurricular activities that will make your online study worthwhile. This implies that if you are very busy and active military personnel who may not be physically present to attend a physical lecture, you can enroll for an online course in any of these institutions listed above.

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