An update on the list of the best universities in Austria presently in 2020 – You can locate Austria in Central Europe and its one of the Schengen countries that are home to one of the oldest and most influential cultures in Europe. The country’s capital is Vienna along with some other historical cities, such as Salzburg, Innsbruck which attracts tourists located in the state. Austria boasts of having some of the best universities to study in. Despite being a small country, it is at the forefront of giving the best education. The Austrian system of higher education varies between national universities, private universities, and universities of applied science and you are sure to experience the best education system in the country. Thus, this article is about the Top 10 Universities in Austria.

Top 10 Best Universities In Austria 2020

1. Universität Wien

    • (University of Vienna)
    • Location: Vienna

To get on top of our list in this section is the University of Vienna, founded in 1365 and has grown to become one of the renowned and outstanding universities in Europe. It is the most diverse educational institution in Austria and also the largest university accommodating 45,000 students. The university is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Austria, and its ranked 77th in Europe and among the 150 best universities in the world. The institution has over 175 officially recognized degree programs as well as 40 university continuing programs and training programs.

2. Technische Universität

    • (University of Vienna)
    • Location: Vienna

This university is referred to as the Vienna University of Technology, and it is the oldest science and technology education and research institute in Austria. The University was founded in 1815, located in Vienna. It is one of the significant domestic and internationally recognized institutions in the country, most importantly; it is well known for the high quality of teaching as well as research. The institution is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria. The university enrolls approximately 25, 000 students annually who choose from their diverse interdisciplinary research and teaching courses which cut across undergraduate, post-graduates, and professional programs.

  • 3. Universität Innsbruck

    • (University of Innsbruck)
    • Location: Innsbruck

Third, on our list of Top Universities in Austria is the University ofUniversität Innsbruck. This university is a public higher institution founded in 1669, and it is located in Innsbruck and currently the third-largest university in Austria. It can accommodate the over 25, 000 students that are admitted into the institution annually and it has over 50 courses that are officially recognized. The university is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria. Notably, the institution is well known for its consistency inefficient research and training as seen among the innumerable alumni (graduated students) as well as some of the current and former tutors. Additionally, the institution has made some notable cutting-edge discoveries.

4. Technische Universität Graz

    • (University of Technology Graz)
    • Location: Graz

TechnischeUniversität Graz is translated in English as the Graz University of Technology and is a public tertiary institution located in Styria alongside four other universities. The university is a public institution comprising of 7 faculties offering 18 Bachelor degrees and 33 master degree programs. The founding father of this institution is Archduke John in 1811.  It is a large varsity that accepts over 12, 000 students. The institution was accredited by the… most of the courses offered in the institution are officially registered and recognized. More so, the institution is known to have produced bright students such as Christian Doppler (Doppler Effect), Architect Otto Wagner, Richard Zsigmondy (chemistry Nobel Prize winner), etc.

5. Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    • (University of Graz)
    • Location: Graz

Fifth on our list of Top Universities in Austria is the oldest and largest university established in Styria, Graz as well as the second-largest and oldest in Austria having been founded in 1585 making it 435 years old. The Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (University of Graz) is not a profit-making institution that is a coeducational and also a public tertiary institution that enrolls over 25, 000 students annually. The institution is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria, and recognized both domestically and internationally for the quality educational training offered to graduate and post-graduate students, as well as the research, carried out. The institution conducts an entrance examination for students that applied, and it also accepts international students.

6. Wirtschafts Universität

    • (University of Economics and Business)
    • Location: Vienna

WirtschaftsuniversitätIs the Vienna University of Economics and Business that focuses majorly on teaching and training business-minded students; This is the largest business and economics university as well as one of the best business schools not just in Austria but in the entire continent of Europe. It was founded in 1898 with the aim of providing professional training to prospective people in the business. The university is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria. The institution enrolls over 20,000 students annually and a coeducational tertiary institution. The university awards a bachelor’s degree, doctorate, and a master’s degree in several programs and disciplines. The institution has no selective method of entry.

7. Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

    • (Johannes Kepler University Linz)
    • Location: Linz

Translated in English as Johannes Kepler University Linz was established in 1966. It is a Public higher institution located in Linz, Australia. It offers bachelor’s, doctorate and master’s degree as well as diploma qualification in different academic disciplines such as law, engineering, science, and social sciences. It is an accredited institution having obtained a license from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Austria. Also, the institution can enroll over 15,000 students. It offers The university is among the top 250 universities in Europe.

8. Universitätfür Bodenkultur Wien

    • (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)
    • Location: Vienna

TheUniversity of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences is another Top University in Austria where you can enroll and obtain your educational training and qualification. The Institution was established in Vienna in 1872, and it’s 147 years old. The university is a known education and research center for renewable resources. An approximate number of over10,000 students are enrolled yearly. The institution is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria. The institution in a bid foster their research and training combines both fundamental and applied expertise in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, and biotechnology as well as social and economic sciences to improve on the knowledge basis for sustainable management of natural resources. Aside from the Research department which is the core department, there are other departments to choose from including agricultural department

9. Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

    • (The University of Klagenfurt)
    • Location: Klagenfurt

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt can is called the University of Klagenfurt is a government (Federal) owned research institute established in 1970, and it is located in the state of Carinthia, and it is the largest university and research institute in the country. The institution awards degrees such as pre-bachelor degrees (certificates, diploma, etc.), bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in a different educational discipline offered in the institution. It is ranked among the top 150 young universities in the world. The institution was accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria

10. Medizinische Universität

    • (Medical University of Vienna)
    • Location: Wien

Last on our list is a public tertiary institution, the Medical University of Vienna established in 2004, located in the city of Vienna. The institution is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, Austria. It is a medium-sized institution that 7,000-7,999 students. The institution was established as a stand-alone to succeed in the faculty of medicine at the University of Vienna. Medical University is the largest medical organization in Austria. Also, it is one of the top research institutions in Europe and also has one of the largest hospitals in Europe, the Vienna General Hospital. For training purposes, it has 31 university clinics and clinical institutes, as well as 12 medical-theoretical departments making it one of the Best Universities in Austria.


Conclusion On Top 10 Universities In Austria 2020

Austria has about 71 higher-education institutions that are recognized, and it is from among this that we selected the top ten universities in the country that are suitable for scientists, artists, and psychologists, and aspiring thinkers and students.

Everyone wants to attend standard institutions to acquire a quality educational qualification. Those are the Top Ten Universities in Austria where you can get the best educational training you want. With the availability of modern training facilities and updated training approaches as well as a conducive learning environment. All of these institutions have provision for international students to enroll to obtain a degree in the educational program of their choice. You can make your pick from any of these universities if you want to study abroad.

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