Top 5 Best National Anthem In Africa

Check out the list of countries with the best National Anthems in Africa. Every country in the world is expected to have its own unique identity, and one of these things is concerned with a national anthem. A national anthem is unique to a particular sovereign nation, and it is one of their major identity. As expected, all African countries have their own unique national anthem that is peculiar to just them. Indeed, it is one of their major identity, which made them different from the pack. 

A national anthem is a musical composition that is carefully composed to achieve certain important goals. One of its features is the fact that it is made in such a way to promote and encourage patriotism and get citizens of the country encouraged to seek the well-being of their country. 

And so, this article is set to explore five African countries with the best national anthem on the African continent. There are various factors that will make us settle for these five countries. The rhythm of these anthems is considered, as well as other important factors such as the message they try to pass. So, if your country is not part of this, it should be no problem whatsoever, as we should allow African love to keep spreading. 

Top 5 Best National Anthem In Africa 

  • 1. South Africa National Anthem

At the top of the list is South Africa, one of the most developed and influential countries in the continent of Africa. Actually, it is impressive to note that South Africa’s national anthem is regarded as one of the best anthems in the world at large. So, we are starting the list with South Africa. 

Although this country wasn’t part of the earliest set of African countries that gained independence from the colonial masters, South Africa has been impressive in various regards. The South African national anthem is unique, as it is a combination of various languages (Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sesotho, and English languages) 

  • 2. Kenya National Anthem

Coming next on the list is Kenya, one of the countries sitting on the Eastern part of the continent. Kenya is a big place when is comes to landmass, and it is one of the African countries getting it right when it comes to tourism (the country makes a lot of money via tourism each year). 

The country has a nice national anthem that we have decided to place on the second spot on the list of best national anthems in Africa. It was composed back then in the year 1963, titled “ Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu” (that is, “Oh God of all Creation.”)

The Kenyan national anthem is an inspiring one that exposes the deepest convictions of the citizens and encourages love for the country. 

  • 3. Egypt National Anthem

Egypt has a strong spot in history, and it has a reputation for being one of the oldest civilizations the world has known. So, Egypt is a pride of Africa, and even today can boast about being one of the most developed countries in the continent. Egypt can boast of having a nice economy with superb infrastructures too.

As early as 1869, the country already has its national anthem – crafted to honor the monarch. However, the current national anthem that belongs to Egypt was adopted in 1979 and came in the Arabic language the title is “Bilādī, Laki Ḥubbī Wa Fūʾādī,”).

  • 4. Ghana National Anthem

The fourth country on the list is Ghana, a West African country doing great things. The country has a reputation for being one of the fastest-growing economies in the continent and it keeps pushing for greater heights. 

The Ghanaian national anthem, which was written by Phillip Gbeho, was adopted after their independence from Britain, and it is titled “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana ”. 

  • 5. Nigeria National Anthem

We are rounding up the list with Nigeria, widely regarded as the continent’s big brother, due to its influence in various regards. Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in the world and has been given the chance for great economic growth. 

Before adopting its current national anthem (“Arise, O Compatriots”), Nigerian had been making use of “ Nigeria, We Hail Thee ”. The current national anthem is one that has joined together a people with tons of diverse languages and cultures and ways of life. It was originally written in the English language which is the official language of the country – since Nigeria was also colonized by Britain. 

The Nigerian national anthem is a two-versed anthem that encourages people that belong to diverse groups to come together as one and, in unity, take the country to great heights. 

More on National Anthems

A national anthem eulogizes the tradition of a country. It is composed to point back to the history of the people of that nation, and it is usually sung in major events and official functions. 

A national anthem is a national song that has been endorsed by the government of a country, and it has been generally agreed that the song, in particular, will become the official song of the people. We should also take note of the fact that different countries came across their national anthem in different ways. For some, a song that has become famous among the people of the country can be adopted. For some, it is majorly composed carefully in language the people love and can easily relate with. 


However, generally, the National anthems are meant to achieve certain very important aims (not any kind of song can be made a national anthem). They are something close to a sacred song that talks about honour, honouring past heroes and encouraging citizens to emulate them. When they are being sung, everyone is expected to stand still (stand at attention), while some are expected to salute (especially the military). 

So, each African country has its own unique national anthem which is peculiar to her sovereignty. Her citizens place great value on the anthem and sing the lines with passion. Therefore, as far it is serving its desired good purposes, we will agree that every African country has superb national anthems. We have explored the top five we believe should lead the pack. 

In our continent, most national anthems came in the official languages the country has settled for. Unlike some other countries in other continents whose national anthem are usually composed in their own local languages, the national anthem of many African countries is composed in the language of their colonial masters. For instance, those that were colonised by Britain have composed their national anthem with the English language. Same thing with those colonised by France (their national anthem came in the French language), etc. 

As we should be aware of, citizens of different African countries won’t mind debating about why their own country is better than other African countries. Well, it’s a lovely thing that we are patriotic citizens who love our countries dearly. And so, in various facets, we desire seeing our own country at the top.

Therefore, for many years now, Africans usually argue about which African countries have the best national anthems. Sure, everyone will be quick to recommend their own countries (it’s all part of the patriotism affairs) when asked about which African countries have the best national anthems. Nevertheless, the fact remains that some countries have better national anthems than others. 

That’s all on the list of the best national anthem in Africa.


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