Top 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria 2020

A football academy is a place where young football aspirants are trained to become professional footballers. Attending the best football academies in Nigeria is important and has a lot of benefits. A player that is well trained under a football academy will have a deeper experience of football.  His technical, mental, and physical football abilities would surely be top-notch. Nigeria is a country that has an intense interest in sports activities, most especially, football. There are a lot of football academies young players can attend in Nigeria. Besides, the best ten will be provided in this article.

Top 10 Best Football Academies In Nigeria

  • 1. Pepsi Football Academy

Pepsi football academy was established by Kashimawo Laloko in November 1992. This football academy is based in the Agege district, Lagos. The academy had and still has an endorsement from the Pepsi Company. Over recent years, the Pepsi football academy has grown to be one of the most prominent and reputable football academies in Nigeria. For now, the academy has about 3000 young footballers between the age of 6-18 getting trained under it. The academy isn’t only famous for its efficient training, but also, for the great footballers, it had produced. Professional and successful footballers such as John Mikel Obi, Joseph Akpala, Uwa Elderson Echiejile, and Sunday Mba had attended the football academy. Pepsi football academy has about 54 coaches and 14 different football training centres.

  • 2. Barcelona Football Academy In Nigeria

Nigerian Barcelona football academy which is popularly known as FCB ESCOLA is situated in Surulere, Lagos. The academy trains young players between the age of 5-18 to become experts in football. FCB ESCOLA is the first of its kind in Africa and is located in one of the African biggest cities. The Nigerian Barcelona football academy has over 400 students and not only from Nigeria, but all over the world.

  • 3. Midas Football Academy

Another great football academy in Nigeria is Midas. This football academy was established in November 2006 and is located in Ipaja, Lagos. This football academy is well-registered and linked with the Nigerian football federation and Lagos state football association. The Midas football academy is passionate about impacting good football training not just on young players in Nigeria or Africa, but all over the world. Also, the football academy has efficient and appropriate football facilities that will help aspiring footballers. Students in the Midas football academy participate in football competitions in Nigeria, Africa, and all around the world.

  • 4. Chelsea Football Academy In Nigeria

Nigerian Chelsea football academy is another top football academy in Nigeria, an awesome academy young players can attend. In 2012, the football academy was said to create a training centre in Lagos. Moreover, due to some issues, the creation of its training centre was obstructed. Moreover, to study in this academy, you would need to travel to England.

  • 5. Kwara F.A

Kwara F.A was created in 2005. The football academy was established by the Kwara state government as a means of empowerment for its youths. The football academy is located at the Kwara state stadium complex, Ilorin and it has about seven professional coaches. Kwara F.A trains about 150 young footballers. Besides, anybody can apply to the Kwara F.A football academy. It isn’t restricted to only Kwara state residents. Through KFA, young footballers can still apply for various examinations such as TOEFL, WAEC, NECO, and so on. The academy has standard training facilities to train youths to become a professional footballer.

  • 6. Papilo Football Academy

Papilo football academy is one of the best football academies in Nigeria, it was established in 2000 by a famous retired Nigerian player, Nwankwo Kanu. Kanu, during his football days, cannot be overlooked in the national team and his foreign club. Nwankwo Kanu had played for Ajax, Portsmouth, Arsenal and Inter Milan. He had collected several awards too. His football academy is also one of the best in Nigeria. The academy was set up to discover youths with raw football talent in all Nigerian localities. Fantastic players like Joel obi of Inter Milan and Kelechi Iheanacho finished from the school.

  • 7. Abuja College Of Football

Abuja college of football was created in 2012 by Gabriele Volpi. The academy was created to encourage and discover football talent in Nigeria. Abuja college of football has its main training centre in Abuja, moreover, it has training centres in Owerri and Lagos too. It is open to all young footballers from all Nigerian states. The academy does perform in different competitions in and outside Nigeria.

  • 8. Siaone Soccer Academy

Siaone soccer academy is popularly known as SSA. It was created by a prominent Nigerian coach, Samson Siasia. This football academy is located in Garki, Abuja. Samson Siasia, the owner of this football academy played internationally for ten years and eleven years for the national team.  He deeply understands what it takes to develop football youngsters into experts. The football academy registers for various competition in and out of Nigeria.

  • 9. Edusko Sports Academy

Edusko Sports Academy was established in 2007 by a popular retired football player, Segun Odegbami. The sports academy is open to all Nigerian youths aspiring to be a professional and successful football player. Edusko doesn’t only offer its students football. They can as well choose to study basketball, tennis, or other sporting courses under the academy. The duration of study at Edusko Sports Academy is only six years.

  • 10. Little Tigers FC

Little Tigers Fc is another awesome football academy young players can join in Nigeria. Young kids, starting from the age of three can join the academy. This academy has the necessary training facilities that would improve the young player’s abilities.

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Nigeria is a country that intensely appreciates the value of sports. There are various football development centres young players can attend in the country. There might be a football academy close to you in your state, moreover, the top ten football academies in Nigeria have been listed above.