Top 10 Best Estates in Lagos 2020

Interesting details on the best estates in Lagos, Nigeria. – Lagos is an impressive city/ state. When spoken of, it is lauded with a touch of pride or swag. Lagos has made the list of one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and that, mixed with the fact that we are talking about the commercial capital of Nigeria and West Africa as a whole puts Lagos on a whole different perspective. The city is always bustling with excitement and never-ending activity.

In this article, however, we want to examine residential quarters. Not just residential quarters, but some of the best residential estates in Lagos. we are not just looking for the most exclusive locations where real estate is most expensive, we are looking at the estates that have the best advantages to offer the potential resident. A serene environment, well-maintained road networks, security, proximity to good medical attention, should the need arise, as well as being close to the major business hubs so as to reduce the commute between home and work-place. This is not an easy list to compile, and as such we admit it has been a rather tough job to do. However, the job must be done, and so below is a list of residential estates in both the mainland and Island areas of the Lagos metropolis, the best places you should consider if you want to acquire residential property, either for your private use or for any similar reason.

We define an estate as a pre-planned site where houses that are uniform or similar in nature are built to accommodate people who will live together as a community. An estate should be smaller than a town or city. It is for this reason that we leave out Banana Island which we will call a city of its own.

Top 10 Best Estates In Lagos, Nigeria

Ikeja GRA
  • 1. Ikeja GRA

One noted source in real estate matters describes Ikeja GRA as ‘The Peak of Luxury Living on the Mainland of Lagos,’ and with good reason! Ikeja GRA is home to some of the most powerful figures in Lagos. Even players on the federal level: former ministers and senators make up some of the residents of this exclusive area.

Ikeja GRA has Bungalows, detached houses, duplexes, and serviced apartments, as well fenced, and opulent in nature. Even though there are now commercial activities that have now gained a firm foothold in the area, they just add to the flavour of the place, instead of to negate the quality of life of the area. The hotels, restaurants, and bars offer excitement to the residents of the area.
We must also mention that some areas like Oduduwa Crescent, Herbert Macaulay Crescent, Rev. Ogunbiyi and also Fani-Kayode streets in the Estate remain almost purely residential.

Ikeja GRA is very well secure. There is a high-security presence in the area: policemen and security men are available, and regularly patrol the area to ensure a peaceful and crime-free atmosphere at all times. The Nigerian Army Cantonment, Ikeja and the Nigeria Police College also add to the security presence of the area.

Attractions to Ikeja GRA include Ikeja High Court and Nigeria Immigration Service. There are also top-notch Hospitals within Ikeja GRA including LASUTH and Reddington Hospital. There are good schools in the area for your children to attend and so many recreational places for you and your family to relax.

Osborne Foreshore Estate
  • 2. Osborne Foreshore Estate

Osborne, as it is popularly called, is a highbrow gated community located along Osborne road Ikoyi. This is one of the most expensive and exclusive places to live in Nigeria. There is a central management authority that provides and maintain infrastructure in the estate. They provide tarred roads, good drainage, and street lights.

The estate has round the clock security (armed and unarmed) posted at the gate and patrolling the streets. Non-residents are not allowed into the estate until they are cleared by a phone call by their hosts.

Houses in the estate are predominantly duplexes, and the estate offers the advantage of being close to both Victoria Island and Ikoyi, which are important financial hubs in Lagos.

Victoria Garden City
  • 3. Victoria Garden City

The vice president of Nigeria lives here, so yes, Victoia Garden City is a big deal. VGC, as it is called is a popular high-end Estate in Lagos, designed for the high net-worth individuals. The estate is home to some of the VIP expatriates in the country, and some indigenous money bags as well.

With a landmass of approximately 200 hectares, this is a rather big estate indeed. The estate is located in the Lekki- Ajah axis of the Lagos metropolis and is in many ways the premier estate in the Lekki area. VGC is what other estates in Lekki want to be: safe, secure, well managed, fully serviced (water, waste, and electricity is managed by the Estate management), residential and commercial areas are well marked out, and there are even public areas for play and recreation.

VGC Management: The VGC Maintenance and Management Company Limited is in charge of the provision and maintenance of the facilities in the Lekki. They also maintain the security apparatus within the estate.

Security men are stationed at the gate, and they do not allow visitors into the estate without clearance from their hosts.

Pinnock Beach Estate
  • 4. Pinnock Beach Estate

{{{{Pinnock Beach estate is a gated, serviced residential estate cited off Femi Okunnu road on the Island part of the Lagos Metropolis. The estate is very well planned and has good infrastructures like well-tarred roads, efficient drainage channels, street lights, and also a well-landscaped environment. A very big plus is that there are reserved green areas in front of all houses and also recreational areas for children to play. {}}}}

There is a central maintenance authority in the estate which covers waste management, security, general maintenance of the estate, as well as electricity and clean water supply.

There is effective security in the estate; Security men are posted at the gate, and visitors are not allowed inside until they have been cleared by their hosts. There are also security officers positioned at strategic locations within the estate so as to keep a vigilant eye on every corner of the estate.

Estates In Lagos Nigeria
  • 5. Parkview Estate

Parkview Estate is a luxurious estate which is located in the Ikoyi axis of the Island part of the Lagos metropolis. It is bordered by the equally exclusive and opulent Banana Island. The estate is majorly residential, although there are a few business premises within the estate. Security is top-notch; there are security men posted at the gate, and also frequent patrols of policemen within the estate. Although visitors are allowed in, vehicles are subjected to security checks while coming in and going out. Reports have it that there have been no cases of theft or violent crimes within the estate in the past decade due to the estate’s top-level security.

Park View Estate is managed by the Park View Residents’ Association which is duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The Association collects its annual dues from residents’ and businesses, and these dues are used to service the security apparatus, as well as the provision of water, electricity, and waste management service.

  • 6. Magodo Estate

Magodo is divided into two phases, and they are Magodo GRA Phase 1, located in the Isheri area and Phase 2 in Shangisha, off CMD Road. Magodo Estate is home to the new rich in Lagos, as the area offers a taste of the good life which is abundant in Ikeja, but also a quiet homely area for residents to escape the hustle and bustle of Lagos life.

A major advantage that Magodo has over the Estates in the Lekki axis is that the ground is firm and tough, not like the island which is largely swampland that was sand-filled, or ocean fronts that were reclaimed by dredging. Magodo is practically located on a hill, and is immune to flooding!

Security within Magodo is top-notch. Streets are grouped together in twos and threes to form a‘Zones,’ and this aids the security management as each zone has its individual security posts and security guards to patrol their own areas.

  • 7. Friends Colony Estate

Friends Colony is a fully serviced residential estate around the Lekki axis of the Island part of the Lagos metropolis. The estate is luxurious in nature, well planned and full of beautiful duplexes. The estate is managed by central management authority, and they maintain the facilities in the estate including security, water treatment and supply, sewage treatment and disposal, and maintenance of the roads and drainage.

The estate can be accessed either through Agungi or Osapa, and both access roads are paved.

  • 8. Carlton Gate Estate

Carlton Gate Estate is a secure, gated residential estate which is located on Chevron drive. It measures about 40 hectares of land and spots about 231 individual serviced plots. The estate has a good road layout drainage network is also good. There are trees, flowers beautifying the estate, and also green areas for children to play, and lovers to stroll around at leisure all around the estate.
The estate has a central management authority that maintains the facilities in the estate, including security, waste management, gardening and playground maintenance, as well as treatment and supply of water.
The estate is very secure, there is one gated entrance and exit, and security men are stationed at the gate. Non-residents are not allowed into the estate unless they are cleared by the person they are coming visit.

  • 9. Chevy View Estate

Chevy View estate is a gated community situated along Chevron drive, off the Lekki – Epe expressway, just opposite the head- office of Chevron Nigeria Limited. Though the estate is mostly a residential estate, ChevyView Estate spots a few businesses located within the estate; and they include schools, hotels, and offices. Non-residents and visitors can mostly enter the estate freely, although sometimes they are subjected to routine searches while entering or exiting the Estate.

Most of the buildings in the estate are duplexes, that were built by developers and then sold to the present occupants. The estate is beautiful and upscale in nature.

  • 10 Ogudu GRA

Ogudu GRA in the mainland of Lagos brings to mind a calm, serene and lovely estate tucked in the mainland district of Ojota in Lagos. The estate boasts of exotic houses, good road network, with the full complement of functional and well-maintained streetlights and a drainage system that works. The residential estate is surrounded by equally expensive estates such as Omole and Magodo estates, the estate is populated by the rich and high net-worth people of the Lagos Mainland.

Highlights of Lagos

Broadstreet in Marina, which controls the financial activities of the Nation. The tall buildings in this part of Lagos are not empty, and the inhabitants are not idle. Broadstreet accommodates the headquarters of most Nigerian banks, insurance companies, and stockbroking firms. Think of Broadstreet as the brain which directs the activities of a network of branches that spread all over Nigeria, and even into other countries in the West African region.

The famous Idumota market where an array of attractions await to awe any onlooker. Some of these attractions include beautiful fabrics from all over the world. Idumota is possibly the fabrics capital of West Africa, as daily sales of fabrics run into hundreds of millions of naira.

And then there is the Alaba International Market, where electronics of all kinds touchdown into the Nigerian market. Alaba market also controls the distribution chain of retail entertainment products: physical copies of music and movie CDs.

Lagos loves to bubble. The nightlife is legendary in this city- upscale bars and clubs compete with one another not just for patronage but for eminence! This is particularly true on the Island part of Lagos, where the wealthiest citizens have made their enclave. On the island, you can find clubs that rival those in the most exclusive parts of Newyork or London, and they will keep you partying till morning.

The city never sleeps, but when it does it wants to do so soundly. Lagos as a place to live offers a large array of residential quarters, both big and small, and both extravagant in opulence, and minimalist in nature. Lagos state has something for everybody, regardless of the income or earning capacity.

That’s all about the list of the best estates in Lagos State.


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