Top 10 Best Estates in Lagos 2022

The best estates in Lagos actually prove the position of the city as the Centre Of Excellence. With its thriving business scene and plenty of economic opportunities, Lagos is the most popular state in Nigeria. That popularity has led to a very large number of people trooping into the city, and a rise in the prices of quality accommodation.

This high demand for accommodation often means that most people are forced to stay in crowded and run down areas, as they mostly cannot afford the better areas.

For those with the style and taste, and who have the financial muscle to back it; there are some pristine locations in the city of Lagos; estates where they can live in peace and comfort, and live with decent neighbors.

Top 10 Best Estates In Lagos 2022

1. Pinnock Beach Estate Lekki, Lagos

Pinnock Beach estate is located in the Lekki axis of Lagos, on the Island. The estate is accessible through the Femi Okunnu road (also called Shoprite Road), which means it is not heavily affected by traffic congestion.

This is a rather exclusive estate; carved out for the affluent. The buildings are mostly single family houses; bungalows and duplexes, and the architecture is simply breathtaking. This is a foreign place to live; all the roads are tarred, the power is uninterrupted, and so is the water.

Living here comes with quite some expense. For example; there is a yearly fee of N450,000 paid by each resident (occupant) for the maintenance, electricity, water supply, and waste management services provided by the managers of the estate.

2. Chevy View Estate

Chevy View estate is located directly opposite Chevron Nigeria Limited, probably the biggest corporate name in the whole of the Lekki Axis. Many of the residents of this estate work in Chevron, or they work in any of the associated companies working with them.

The estate is a rather complete community; there are schools, medical centers, hotels, coffee shops, and shops. This means residents hardly have to come outside the gate of the estate; they can stay inside their neighborhood, and socialize with one another.

Most of the houses in this neighborhood are duplexes: (semi & fully detached; terraces) which are mostly constructed by the developers.

3. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi is one of the most exquisite estates in Lagos. For those who don’t know; Ikoyi is old money in Lagos. Parkview Estate resurrects that uniqueness, and the sense of opulence for which Ikoyi was once known. For those who have always wanted to live in Ikoyi, and who now have the means to afford it; this is the place of choice.

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi is made up of Italian-style manors, artfully designed houses with little gardens where residents can bathe in the sun, and enjoy some cool natural breeze.

4. Orchid Court Estate, G.R.A Ikeja

Orchid Court, GRA Ikeja is wonder to behold. Many would be surprised to see an estate on the mainland side of Lagos rated so highly; but Orchid Court Estate really does stand out as one of the best estates in Lagos. The buildings are modernist in nature, and the finishings are of the highest quality.

Orchid Court is complete with recreational areas, kids’ play territory, pool, a green recreational center, and so on. There are even offices and shops in this neighborhood.

The neighborhood is also secure; it has an electric wall, radio, and video entryway telephone. The estate is fully serviced; electricity, waste management, and water are all taken care of by the estate management.

5. Grenadines Homes CitiView Estate

Grenadines Homes Citiview Estate is a beautiful estate mostly made up of apartment complexes, mansions, detached duplexes and semi detached houses as well. The estate has a green area, and many of the buildings also have gardens within them. Grenadines Homes Cityview Estate is located off the Olubunmi Okojie road, Off the Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekki.

This estate gives its residents some extra perks such as Novare mall, Shoprite, and Genesis Cinema. All these are located very close to the estate; which means there are plenty of places for residents to relax and have fun.

6. Living Gold Estate

Living Gold Estate is located in the famous Banana Island of Lagos State. The name is catchy enough, and all the facilities one would expect from a top estate are all there; including electricity, security, water, waste management, and so on. The buildings in this estate are mostly semi detached buildings, but there are also townhouses, and duplexes as well.

Living Gold Estate also has a view of the ocean, and there are gyms, cafes, and relaxation centers in the estate as well. The estate has a green area which they call a forest; there are many different types of birds in the area.

7. Lekki Gardens Estate

Lekki Gardens estate, as one would expect, is located in the Lekki area of Lagos. It is one of the most beautiful estates in Lagos, and it is also well planned out for the enjoyment of residents. Lekki Gardens is made up of duplexes, detached homes, apartments complexes and also has a few commercial centers.

The estate is fully serviced; it offers all the necessary comforts such as water, security, electricity, and waste management.

8. Friends Colony Estate

Friends Colony Estate is located in the Lekki, Agungi area of Lagos. Friends View estate is neat, well-maintained, and has very good roads and drainage, as well as uninterrupted power supply. This is a pristine development; it may be exciting to note that the builders are also the ones behind the famous Bourdillon Estate in Ikoyi, and Napier Gardens.

Friends Colony Estate is made up of Duplexes, Bungalows, Townhouses and Mansions; all interconnected by paved roads. The estate is accessible through Agungi or Osapa.

The residents of this estate enjoy 24 hours security patrol, waste management, fumigation, and other services; and for these they pay subsidized fees.

9. Shonibare Estate

Shonibare Estate is located in Maryland, which makes it one of the classiest neighborhoods in the mainland area of Lagos. It is not particularly new place, but the most astonishing thing about this estate is how well it has been maintained, and the fact that the estate has managed to attract some of the most refined people in the city. If you desire to live among decent upper-class people, Shonibare Estate is the place to be.

The estate is made up of semi detached buildings, although there are also townhouses,

10. G CAPPA Estate

G Cappa Estate is located in Maryland, Lagos. Built by G Cappa PLC; one of the most renowned building companies in Nigeria; it would be a huge let did if this estate did not measure up to its name. But it does; G Cappa Estate is made up of semi- detached two family buildings as well as duplexes and town-houses.

The estate also has open areas; these green fields are play areas as well as relaxation spots.



The best estates in Lagos are cool residential areas for those who can afford them. These estates are so beautiful and well maintained that many people prefer to live here than to live abroad. It must be mentioned that aside from the security and serenity of these areas, another benefit of living in these places is the joy of living with quality people.