NORTHERN FORESHORE ESTATE – Interesting Facts {Pics & Videos}

There are lots of things you should know about the Northern Foreshore  Estate Lagos. I know you must be wondering what this place is all about, staying in a nice house is the dream of many, but they have not been able to see a safe, secure or even clean environment to stay, this is why we have compiled this article to give you interesting facts about the Northern Foreshore Lagos, address and other facts which you need to know.

Northern Foreshore Estate, Lekki, Lagos

The Northern Foreshore Estate is a high gated estate which is located at the Chevron drive, this estate is close to the North Pointe estate Lekki. You should know that the estate was developed by Aircom Nigeria Limited. Aircom Nigeria limited has developed many estates in Nigeria and they have created a name for themselves, they have a good record detail of estate being developed. The Northern Foresgore Lagos has good roads, infrastructure, good drainage system and even recreational grounds where kids or adults can have fun time, one good thing about the estate is the availability of 24 hours electricity and good water usage, though you are charged by your usage. This estate has been in existence for quite some time from the year 2006 and Aircom was able to deliver 206 units of fully detached houses of various types, by 2008 they were able to add 306 units of houses ranging from bungalows, duplex and this was a project which was done in a short period of time. There are lots of things we will talk about in the Northern Foreshore estate, things like the security, traffic, public amenities and every other thing which you need to know.

Northern Foreshore Estate


One important thing to know before you rent or buy an apartment in an estate is the roads and the drainage system. Many complain about the flood problem in Lagos state, you should know that when you are within the Northern Foreshore Estate you are safe; you have nothing to worry about because the roads are good and the drainage system is very effective. The roads are very wide, so you can drive easily and they are interlocked, no clogs within the drainage system and its very effective. This should give you assurance enough that you are safe in this estate. another aspect to talk about is the issue of security; Security is very efficient and the security personnel’s in the estate work hard to make sure that residents are being safe, you should know that there are both armed and unarmed security personnel in the estate, non-residents have a clearance parking area before they are being given entry into the estate, the estate main entrance is off the Chevron drive. There is traffic from the estate to VI every morning, this is something you should note and it will take you about 55 minutes to get to Victoria Island from the estate, you are advised to leave early in the morning so you can make it on time.

Northern Foreshore Lagos

Another thing to know before renting an apartment is to know about the environment, the environment is very clean and tidy, there is a waste bin at the outside of every compound and the waste management is very effective, they come to pack the dirt monthly and a service charge fee is being requested monthly for this. You won’t see a heap of dirt lying anywhere, there is landscaping all over the estate and all houses have green areas for a better environment. The Northern Foreshore Estate Lagos is top-notch, it is one of the recommended places to live in for you and your family, it is very safe, clean and you have lots of amenities at your disposal. When you talk about good water supply, this estate supplies clean treated water to all residents, this water is being supplied 24 hours and you pay via your usage. In terms of electricity, the estate is being supplied with 24 hours of electricity, you also pay for this via your usage, they are not solely dependent on the EKDC and this is very good. They are street lights which will help light up the place at night to help ease movement around the estate and this is being powered up by the central generators.


Renting an apartment in an estate is a bold step many complain that most apartments in estates are costly or even buying a house there is costly, but if you want a place of good quality, then you have to spend for it and the Northern Foreshore Estate is very affordable, the properties have been very okay. About 70% of the houses in the estate are family duplexes and there are still lands available for sale within the estate and this gives you an opportunity of getting a place there. The prices of the various houses will be listed below

Newly Sand filled land costs N112,500 per square meter

Land costs N115,000 per square meter

4 bedroom bungalow N2.2 million – N3.5 million for rent

5 bedroom duplex costs N150 million – N180 million

4 bedroom duplex N3.5 million – N5.5 million for rent

All residents are expected to pay about N16,500 monthly for service fee this includes waste management, security, environmental services.

If you are they types that have kids and you want them to attend schools that are close to the estate, they are a few good schools like the Lekki British International School, Dowen College, some Islamic schools and lot of others. Public amenities like banks, supermarkets, hospitals are close by. This is to bring ease to your movement in the estate.

Video Drive Of Northern Foreshore Estate, Lekki, Lagos

In conclusion, you should know that the Northern Foreshore Estate is one of the best estates in Lagos state and the houses there are affordable, if you are a high-income earner, then this estate is recommended for your safety and comfort, security, clean and tidy environment and recreational areas for you and your kids to have fun.


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