Check out interesting facts about Friends Colony Estate, Lekki, Lagos State – Having a house at a comfortable region and having access to a good water supply is one good thing to note, you should know that a good estate comes with full security, maintenance and a host of other things. We will take a look at the Friends Colony Estate Lekki Lagos and so many interesting facts about this place, so if you would love to stay in that area I believe this article will be a good starting point for you to have more details about the place.


Friends Colony Estate is a fully residential estate that is located in the Agungi/Osapa area of Lekki, this estate is fully maintained with good infrastructure, roads, and drainage system with 24 hours of electricity. Friends colony estate is one of the best estates in Lekki Lagos and it’s affordable, especially when you have a bigger family, you can either stay in a duplex or any of the 4 to 5 bedroom apartments. An estate that comes with 24-hour electricity, not all estate does that, you should know that. This estate was developed by the Aircom Nigeria, the Aircom Nigeria has been known for doing a good quite number of jobs developing several estates in Lagos and their job is topnotch compared to others, as they make sure they create a good drainage system because that is a major concern or the first thing anyone who needs an estate will ask in Lagos.  Accessing the estate should not be a big problem, as it can be accessed via Agungi or the Osapa road but during the raining season, residents are advised to come through the Osapa as the Agungi road is known to be flooded and congested with traffic.  Morning rush traffic starts about 6 am to 6:30 am in the morning leaving the estate and anywhere around the Victoria Island or Ikoyi you should be spending about 30 minutes to 1-hour drive and it will take less than 40 minute or 30 minutes without traffic depending on the speed.

Friends Colony Estate

Another thing to consider before renting an apartment in an estate is the drainage system, many estates in Lagos has the issue of flooding, before estates are being developed or even any house, the soil level is expected to be tested and lots of things are supposed to be in check before any construction should begin, as all of these would prevent further damages in the future. This is some estates after heavy rainfall many become flooded and inaccessible, many even flooded up to some apartments, you should know that prospective buyers might see those places as a threat and many will fail to patronize, leaving those properties there. The Friends colony estate is so different that the roads leading to the estate are in good condition and even the ones in the estate are wide and in good condition with good drainage system that water can flow through in terms of heavy rainfall, so buildings will not be affected or even cars will not experience threat.  The friends Colony estate has a very beautiful environment, why is it called an estate without having a beautiful environment, though not every estate is being maintained or even kept up to standard but this one is top-notch as there are green areas everywhere, the waste is handled very well by the waste management as there are waste bins outside every house, though you should know that are certain prices to be paid monthly for maintenance, as we will talk about that later, these fees are being placed so that residents can pay and the wasteboard can carry out their job effectively.

If you are a family person that is you have a family living in the estate, especially having growing kids and they attend schools, you would want the best for them or even somewhere very close to the house that they can attend with ease or even come home by themselves if need be, then there are lots of schools with good locations that your children can attend with ease, schools like Corona School, Meadow Hall, Lagoon School, Lekki British International High School Lagos.  There are other basic amenities the estate should have like good water supply and electricity which is very essential, the Friends Colony Estate has 24 hour electricity as they don’t rely on the EKDC for power supply that much, once there is power failure, there is a standby central generator that supply power round the clock and this has even made life easier for the residents, another thing to note is the availability of power supply. You should know that the estate has water treatment plant supplying Clean water, the water supply is being regulated by a meter card and once the Unit on the meter gets finished water stop running, I believe this is an efficient way for the residents of the estate to have access to many things and even how to curtail it.

Friends Colony Estate, Lekki

I know another thing running through your mind will be the availability of the hospital or even a pharmacy you can run to in times of sudden illness not too severe though, the closest hospital to the estate is the Arubah family medical centre Agungi and we believe it is a very good hospital that can take care of you whenever you are ill, another public facility close by should be banks, this is one places people go on a daily basis, not everyone keeps cash at home which is not even advisable, so the availability of banks and ATMs close to your house is an added advantage because of easy  movement to and fro. Many people prefer to go to shopping malls to get what they need, many might send their help to help get them foodstuffs and others and there are shopping malls at the Agungi area and the closest market is at Jakande. If you want to go to bars to have drinks with family and friends or even a hotel, there are some that are close to the area, some top hotels are close to the estates and they are affordable too with bars and lounges.

Finally one last thing to know about is the aspect of security in the estate, being in the Friends Colony estate you are considered to be safe because there is a high 24 hour security patrol in the estate, cars are being checked, calls are being made to each apartment and they are being recorded for high purposes or any threat before letting an unknown person inside the estate. before ending this interesting article we would like to give you the prices of the apartment in the Estates and we believe they are the best so far, with the basic amenities listed above. All houses in the estate are identical, they are mostly fully detached or semi-detached, they have them;

5 bedroom fully detached duplex N4 Million for rent and it has been sold for a price of N80 Million to N90 Million

4 bedroom semi-detached duplex which is about N4 Million for rent and it’s been sold for about N70 Million to N80 Million.

You should know that a service charge of N24,500 monthly is being paid for sanitation and other maintenance done around the estate.

In Conclusion, we have given you detailed information about the Friends Colony Estate Lekki Lagos and this has been quite interesting, everything you need to know about the estate has been talked about and even up to the prices of houses, we believe the article has answered your questions and has proven to be helpful to you.


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