You must have heard about the Carlton gate Estate somewhere, it is quite popular in the city of Lagos and Ibadan; this is one estate that has high maintenance level and security, this estate has been talked about so many times on different platforms either on billboards, social media and TV stations. The Carlton estate has been built in a standardized way that can accommodate lots of people and many of the houses there are up for sale. We will be giving you interesting facts about the Carlton gate estate in Ibadan and Lagos state plus lots of other things which you need to know about it.

Interesting Facts About Carlton Gate Estate Lagos & Ibadan

The Carlton Gate Estate is not just located in Lagos state, you can also find it in Ibadan, this estate comes with good facilities, good water drainage system and good structures. This estate is a gated residential estate located in Chevron drive and it measures about 40 hectares which contain about 231 serviced plots, the estate is a joint venture between the Megamound limited and the Ojumu chieftaincy family. The property appreciation in the estate has been very good but we believe it has reached it’s peak, there are newer projects in the estate that offer the same facilities in the estate and they even cost less. Getting a house in an estate with a huge amount of money, you need to take so many things into consideration, things like the public amenities, good roads and even the traffic. You should know that the Lagos road is filled up with huge amount of traffic and this has caused so many individuals to rent apartments that will ease the stress of traffic struggle daily and the Carlton estate is one place that is easy to go through. As we proceed in this article, we will give you lots of facts which you need to know about the place. The environment is one thing to consider when renting an apartment or buying a house in an estate if the environment is not maintained and you don’t like dirt lying around, then you will be picky with your houses or apartment. The Carlton estate has good management system and they take care of the waste properly, each building has a waste bin outside where they put into used materials and the waste management makes sure that they throw that bin monthly, which some services may be charged either annually or monthly. The environment in the Carlton estate has good landscaping and there are flowers planted around to beautify the place, green areas are also there, this are done to make sure the home is healthy.

  • Lagos Address
    • Carlton Gate Estate, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lekki Lagos State
Carlton Gate Estate Lagos Gate Entrance Chevron Drive, Lekki
  • Ibadan Address:
    • Carlton Gate Estate Akobo Gra Ibadan, Ibadan
Carlton Gate Hotel Agodi Estate Entrance Gate Akobo Gra Ibadan

Another thing you will consider when you want to rent an apartment in an estate is the security, that is the first question many individuals ask, they ask if the place is secured, many people have experienced some theft around some estates and this has been quite alarming, in the case of the Carlton estate, the security is 24/7 as the estate has just one gated entrance, non residents are not allowed into the estates until they have been cleared by their hosts and this has been the best decision so far for anyone. In terms of traffic, residents are advised to leave their homes early in the morning, as it takes about 30 minutes to 1-hour drive to get to VI or even the Lekki express, but without traffic, you should spend about 20 minutes on the road. Traffic is one thing many residents consider even those that have kids that attend schools, you are advised to wake up on time and prepare your kids on time, there are few exceptions to this as there are some schools around the estates which your children can attend as this will be very helpful to reduce stress and even traffic for you and your kids, this is another thing to consider. There are few good schools around the estate, if you want your children to attend the best schools around, then you need not worry as we got you covered on this one also, schools like the Dowen College Lekki; the fee for this school is N2 million naira annually for boarders and N1.2 million naira for day students, this is your choice if you want your child to be a day student or a boarder. We also have the Lekki British International School Victoria Island which the fee is about N4,480,000 annually, the Newhall international school Lekki is also available and it is located inside the Chevy View Estate an there is also the British International School Lekki the fee is about N4,0000 and this covers school uniforms and so many other things. Along the Lekki Epe- Expressway you should know that there are some good notable Islamic schools that your children can attend if you want them to know about the Islamic religion.

In terms of electricity, the estate rely on the EKDC residents can also support this with their own generators and inverters. You should know that there are central generators in the estates and various transformers that help in terms of street lights at night to make the roads look bright. The water supply in the estate is treated and it supplies the estate water which is monitored through a meter and a monthly fee of N3, 000 is being paid by all residents and this is compulsory. Another issue to talk about in this article is the aspect of flooding, in the Carlton estate there has been no issue of flooding since its inception, the drainage system in the estate are doing fine and they are being done in a way that once it rains water flows through, you hardly see water on one part of the roadside. There are other public amenities which you would like to know about like hospitals which is very important for anyone planning to move inside the estate, the closest hospital to the estate is the Udeco hospital which is off the Chevron drive, this hospital is rated to be top-notch and can provide you lots of services even in times of emergency. Another thing to ponder about is the issue of banks which is very necessary, there are lots of banks close by, like the First Banks, UBA bank along the Chevron drive while the GT bank, Eco bank are along the express. Shopping malls and markets are along the express and this includes top bars and lounges with hotels. You should know that inside the estate, they have children playing ground or even other sports facilities or help or equip you while away time.

Prices Of Houses In Carlton Gate Estate

After giving you a descriptive write up about the Carlton Gate Estate, you would be eager to know the prices, below we will give you prices about the different houses in the estate and trust me they are affordable.

Land per sqm/plot – about ₦160,000

5 bedroom carcass Duplex this costs N85 million for sale

3 bedroom Apartment this costs N55 million for sale

5 bedroom detached duplex this costs N4 million for rent

5 bedroom detached duplex this costs N180 million for sale

4 bedroom Terraced Duplexes this costs N95 million for sale

4 bedroom detached duplex this costs N200, 000 million for sale

Finally you should know that there is annual service charge of about N200,000

In Conclusion we have given you amazing facts and details about the Carlton Gate Estate Lagos and this information we believe has been quite helpful to you, detailed information and explanation have been made and we have answered your questions in this article.


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