Top 10 Best Dental Clinics In Abuja

The job of a dentist is to treat teeth diseases and other teeth and gum issues. They are trained professionals that have been wholly equipped with the right skills that have made them qualified to bring solutions to the table, as far as teeth problem is concerned, so I listed the best dental clinics in Abuja. 

Dentists can be easily found at dental clinics. A dental clinic is a place to go for services of dentistry like the insertion of artificial teeth, extraction of teeth treatment of teeth/gum infection, etc. There are dental clinics that are filled with more than one dentist, they are more like an assembly of highly trained experts who can administer appropriate dental care. 

In Abuja, there are tons of dental clinics one can always approach when necessary. While there are quacks around, there are some others who are appropriately trained in the profession. They are highly experienced and can do a lot when it comes to tackling issues that have to do with the teeth.

For those that don’t know any nice dental clinic in Abuja, this article should be of help to you. 

Top 10 Best Dental Clinics In Abuja

  • 1. Bethel Dental Clinic

Bethel Dental Clinic is located at Plot 645, Alex Ekweme Street, Arewa Specialist Hospital Complex, Jabi, Abuja. This clinic is a state of art dental clinic that offers superb dental care services to their patients. 

You can always count on Bethel Dental Clinic for stuff like gum floss & gum health, canker sore treatments, as well as other general dental care stuff 

  • 2. Summit Dental Clinic

Summit Dental Clinic is another lovely dental clinic in Abuja. They can be found at Suite B10, Tswanya Centre, Plot 1517/1518 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Garki 2, Abuja FCT. 

Here is a duly registered private dental clinic that is opened for patients who are in need of dental services like root canal treatment, dental Implant treatments, etc. 

  • 3. Alpha Hills Dental Clinic

Alpha Hills Dental Clinic is the next we’ve got here among the best dental clinics in Abuja. The Dental Clinic is located at Plot 22, Algiers street, Behind PDP National Headquarters, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja. They have expertise in the dental business and they provide all kinds of dental services in Abuja. 

  • 4. Bellevuedental Care

Bellevuedental Care is located at 169 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja. They offer services that will ensure the well-being of the teeth, and you can pay a visit to Bellevuedental Care if you are around Abuja. 

  • 5. Belmont Dental Clinic

Belmont Dental Clinic is located at Suite B5-6, Shelter Aid Plaza, Mambolo Street, Wuse II, Abuja. If you have been searching for a superb dental clinic in Abuja, you should give Belmont Dental Clinic a chance. 

They provide outstanding professional dental services at decent prices, and you should give them a try if need a professional dental clinic in Abuja. 

  • 6. Calens Dental Clinics

Calens Dental Clinics is another professional dental clinic you will find in Abuja. Located at Suite A9, Poly Plaza, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, they offer state of the art dental care to patients. 

They offer services on general dental care and you can always approach Calens Dental Clinics when it comes to stuff like dental fillings, child dentistry, dental extraction, dental bridges, etc. You don’t have to keep groaning under the pain of toothaches when you can visit a dental clinic like this and get yourself sorted out. 

  • 7. Celeb Beauty Clinic

Celeb Beauty Clinic is coming up next on the list of dental clinics in Abuja. Here is another famous dental clinic in Abuja, and they can be located in Plot 3, Paraku Street, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja FCT. It’s cool when you visit professionals to get your teeth issues sorted out without any problems. Ensure you look around for reviews before patronising a dental clinic, so you can have a foresight of what happens in there. 

  • 8. Fresh Dental Clinic Limited

Fresh Dental Clinic Limited is located at Plot 2 Michika Street, Area 11 Garki Abuja, FCT. For those searching for a superb dental clinic in Abuja, they can approach this one. 

They provide a wide range of premium dental care services to patients, and you can give them a try. Fresh Dental Clinic Limited provides professional dental services.

You can pay them a visit for dental fillings, dental extraction, and dental bridges. Fresh Dental Clinic Limited can be relied upon for veneers, child dentistry, and geriatrics.

  • 9. Pedodent Dental Clinic

Pedodent Dental Clinic is located at Suite 303, Nawa Complex Kado- Kuchi ( near Next cash and carry supermarket, 107 Ahmadu Bello Way, FCT, Abuja. The dental clinic offers services in basic and general dentistry in Abuja. 

You can patronise Pedodent Dental Clinic for the general dental practice. You can approach them for root canal treatment and dental implant treatments.

So, if you have been looking around for a professional dental clinic in Abuja, you can visit Pedodent Dental Clinic. Make sure you patronise only well-trained dentists to treat your teeth. Hence, you should not always be in a hurry to storm just any dentist shop around the corner. 

  • 10. Snow White Dental Clinic Ltd

Last but not least is Snow White Dental Clinic Ltd. Located at Suite 7 Purple Stone Mall, Apo District, Abuja FCT, the dental clinic is another famous one in Abuja. 

 As stated earlier, you don’t have to groan under the pain of toothaches when you can easily visit dental clinics like Snow White Dental Clinic Ltd in Abuja. 

They are trained to offer services in all kinds of dental treatment. You can rely on them for dental implants, dentures, ortho, sedation dentistry, and so on. 


In conclusion on the best dental clinics in Abuja, although there are several dental clinics located in different places in Abuja, you just have to see to it that you patronise nothing but the best (which can be offered by experts in the profession). Hence, irrespective of the price you have to pay for their service, see to it that you receive nothing but quality, and avoid quacks that will only add more issues upon issues which will only cause more pain in the mouth.

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