Maitama Postal Code / ZIP Code

If you wish to send packages or gifts or emails to your loved ones in another region or another state or country through the Nigerian postal service, then you are in the right place, cause we would be giving you the Maitama postal code and zip codes. Maitama postal code or zip codes are the set of codes giving to Maitama located in Abuja as a means of locating the delivery route or exact delivery location for delivering packages to the recipients from the sender, in other words, the Miatama postal codes are a set of six-digit numbers that are assigned by the Nigerian postal service NIPOST to Miatama district and surrounding street in Miatama located in Abuja Nigeria.

Without this postal codes or zip codes,  it would be difficult to use the services of the Nigerian postal service (NIPOST) or probably impossible to use their services, so if you are interested in getting the Maitama postal code or zip codes, then, sit back and read the article cause it contains the postal codes and zip codes of Maitama Abuja and other relevant and useful information you need to deliver your package or gifts to your loved ones, business partners, friends, and family.

Maitama Postal Code / ZIP Code

As we all know that Maitama is a Local government Area Located in Abuja (The Nigerian Federal Capital Territory) known as FCT, and for an easy, fast, and accurate delivery system you would need your postal code otherwise known as zip codes, it has come to our notice that there are variations in the postal codes which are only at the State level, Local government level and district levels, meanwhile the Nigerian Postal service sub-divided the giant of Africa (Nigeria) into nine different regions, each having a different postal code or zipcode as you may choose to call it.

Maitama postal code/ZIP codes are stated below:

Street name                    Postal code/ZIPcode

Asa street                               900271

Challawa crescent                   900271

Akore street                            900271

Barawa street                          900271

Cesteem street                        900271

Komoe street                           900271

Limropo crescent                     900271

Cuito street                              900271

Ngadda crescent                      900271

Lake chad crescent                   900271

Ofiki street                                900271

Madeira street                          900271

Onega street                             900271

Nue street                                 900271

Orange crescent                       900271

Tana street                                900271

Rio Gaia street                          900271

Ontario crescent                       900271

Osse street                                900271

Sambreiro street                       900271

Rudolf street                             900271

Onwul crescent                         900271

Punji crescent                           900271

Volta crescent                           900271

Yapa street                                900271

Amazon street                          900271

Euphrates street                       900271

Ibrahim Babangida way           900271

Usuma street                           900271

Wuye crescent                         900271

Zambezi crescent                    900271

Taraba crescent                       900271

Zaire crescent                         900271

Zamfara crescent                    900271

Danube street                         900271

Erie crescent                            900271

Aguiyi Ironsi street                  900271

Batanji crescent                       900271

Gana street                              900271

Alvan ikoku way                      900271

Dept. street                             900271

Lena crescent                          900271

Katsina ala crescent                 900271

Inner northern expressway      900271

Mississippi street                     900271

Kunene crescent                      900271

MurtalaMoh’d (N) Way            900271

Nnamdi Azikiwe way                900271

Osun street                              900271

north transit way                     900271

Nile street                                900271

Rime street                              900271

Rhine street                             900271

Sangha street                          900271

Panama street                         900271

Ruwana street                         900271

Tanganyika street                    900271

Tubo crescent                         900271

Volga street                            900271

Vaal street                              900271

Shasha shagari (N) way         900271

Uruguay way                         900271

Vattern street                        900271

Tennesse crescent                 900271

Orinaco crescent                   900271

  • What are ZIP codes and postal codes?

Postal codes are numeric characters, six digits in total containing the dispatch sorting location number as the first three digits, and the delivery location as the last three digits as issued by the NIPOST (the Nigeria postal service).

With the use of postal codes, all states have a specific postal code in Nigeria and also a regional postal code as divided by the Nigerian postal services (NIPOST).

Zipcode also known as Zone Improvement Plan code which is also considered as postal code in Nigeria and some other countries except the United States of America that regard zip code as a code different from postal code, in other words, the United state do not accept zip code from another country as postal code.

  • Why do we need a postal code for delivery and mailing?

This is a great question and puzzle that haven’t been unraveled, now, here is the answer that will solve the puzzle in your minds: this code is needed and useful in order to enable communication amongst people, friends, loved ones, family, and business partners who are far from each other, it can serve as a means for you to send emails and also serve as means for sending packages, gifts, food items and so on.

The postal code was first initiated and developed by the United States postal service also known as USPS for the benefit of everyone that wishes to communicate or send items, packages, or gifts to anyone at any location that is also endowed with the code by the postal service in any country.

Meanwhile, as of old, the medium of sending messages or packages through someone known as the pre-telephone era does not give a hundred percent guaranty of safety to your packages and more also, it takes long before getting to the specified location of delivery, which I know we all do not like, but with postal codes you got your packages and gifts covered and guaranteed for safety, which now gets the pre-telephone era packed off from our land, city, and country.


Maitama Postal Code has given the Maitama residents  Postal code or ZIP code, either way, you choose to name it, has given the individuals or people in Miatama Local Government area and subordinate streets located in the area a chance to take delivery of their packages from one state to the other with just a six-digit numerical code and more also receive packages, emails, and other items from other locations, Local governments, States and countries by simply having the zone improvement plan code known as ZIP code or the postal code.

Maitama Postal Code is important for mailing and package deliveries in that area both for incoming and outgoing deliveries, in which without the code you would be barred from using The Nigerian Postal Service.

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