Straight to the focal point of this write-up, we’re pleased to inform you that Guaranty Trust Bank’s mobile banking has got easier with the introduction of a short USSD code *737# which serves as an expeditious medium for transferring funds to beneficiaries of GTBank and other Nigerian banks.

Whether you’re sending money from one GTB account to another or from Guaranty Trust Bank to an external Nigerian bank, *737# remains the best USSD facility you should bank on as a customer. Meanwhile, one more interesting aspect of this transfer facility is that you can use it with any kind of mobile phone whether internet-enabled or not. As we deepen you into reading this content, you’re sure to find out how you can easily transfer funds between GTBank accounts and from a GTBank account to an external bank account.

How To Transfer Money From GTB To GTBank Or Other Bank Accounts Using GTBank Transfer Code 737

Steps to Transfer Money from GTBank to GTBank

  • First and foremost, be certain that you’re using your registered phone number (this is the phone number connected with your GTBank account)
  • Using the phone number, combine the USSD code *737*1* with the transfer amount and the NUBAN Account number (NOTE: NUBAN account number is the same as your recipient’s account number). See how to do this by following the third procedure below;
  • Dial – *737*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • If for instance, you wish to transfer the sum of #5000 to a GTBank account with 0011223344 as the account number, just dial *737*1*5000*0011223344#
  • Having followed the procedures above, the next thing is to generate the final four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard (Doing this is very essential in order to verify every mobile transaction you are performing).

Steps For Mobile Money Transfer from GTB to Other Banks

Verily, you can send money from GTBank to any of the other Nigerian banks used by you or your beneficiaries. For any external bank, you’re transferring funds to, you have to follow the same procedures as highlighted below;

  • From your phone number (as duly connected with your GTBank account) combine the USSD code *737*2* with the transfer amount and the NUBAN Account number (As noted previously, NUBAN account stands for the account number of your beneficiary)
  • Dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • Let’s assume you wish to transfer the sum of #3000 to an external bank account with 0011223344 as the account number, simply dial *737*2*3000*0011223344#
  • After that, the final step is to verify the mobile transfer by generating the final four digits of your GTBank MasterCard (NOTE: This applies to every mobile transfer you wish to perform)

The Benefits of Using GTBank Transfer Code *737# for Mobile Transfer

Without any dubious impressions, *737# is the best USSD transfer facility ever launched by a Nigerian bank. If you aren’t a GTBank customer, you’re definitely missing a lot of banking convenience. With respect to this, we’ve decided to list some of the benefits of the transfer facility in the hope that you will be convinced to try it out.

  • As a reliable mobile transfer facility, *737# guarantees 24-hour availability
  • It is the easiest and fastest medium for transferring funds on mobile phones
  • By using *737#, you can complete your mobile fund transfer within a few seconds
  • *737# enables you to transfer funds within GTB and from GTBank to any other bank in Nigeria

As listed above, those are the key benefits you can derive from the use of *737# which is unarguably the best transfer facility launched by GTBank. However, it is required to note that there are few restrictions associated with the use of the service. As regards this, you’re advised to check out the restrictions below;

  • You cannot transfer with a phone number other than the one connected with your GTBank account.
  • Your daily transaction limit is capped at #200, 000 (i.e. you cannot transfer more than #200,000 per day).

Other Uses of GTBank Transfer Code *737#

As a notable point and in addition to its main use, *737# is a multi-purpose code that you can use for account reactivation, opening an account, checking your account details, paying vital bills, and few other banking purposes. To prove to you that *737#is a great banking medium that will serve you in various capacities, we shall discuss the other things you can use it for one after the other.

  • Opening an Account

With the help of the USSD facility (*737#), you can create an account in no time. To do this, just dial the code *737*0# and comply with the emerging on-screen instructions. In this process, GTBank will automatically set up an account number for you. Meanwhile, you will receive this account number through a text message. One of the fascinating features of this is that you do not need to fill any forms to sign up for this type of account. After attempting the signup process, all you need is to locate your NUBAN (this is a 10-digit number that will serve as your account number).

Moreover, this medium allows you to use your phone number in place of your account number when you visit GTExpress centres and GTBank branches to carry out banking purposes. Below, we have briefly highlighted the advantages of opening an account in this manner.

  • You get the annual interest rate of 3.9% as you deposit funds on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • You’re free to create an account without the need to fill registration forms
  • BVN connection and account authentication can be done in no time and at once
  • You can visit GTExpress centres and GTBank branches to save and withdraw money
  • You’re not required to set up an internet connection to open an account
  • For each transaction, you’re allowed to deposit up to #50,000
  • #300,000 is the highest amount you can keep/have as account balance
  • Account Reactivation

*737# guarantees you a whole lot of convenience in course of reactivating your GTBank account. To do this, below are the easy steps you should follow;

  • From your phone number (as duly linked to GTBank) dial the code *737*11#
  • Then provide your BVN (Bank Verification Number) as required
  • If you have your Account Officer code, provide it once and for all. But if you don’t know it, you may still proceed to the next step by pressing 1
  • At this juncture, you’re required to complete the account reactivation but to do this, you have to purchase airtime (Doing this entails that you’re performing a transaction and #100 is the minimum airtime purchase)
  • Checking Your Account Details

Regardless of your location, the mobile banking facility allows you to check your account details at no cost. These details also include your account number and the BVN (Bank Verification Number) associated with your account. Quite interestingly, this means you don’t have to visit any GTBank branch or ATM centre before you can be sure of your account balance. Now, see the steps below to check the details of your GTBank account(s);

  • Using your registered phone number, dial the code *737*6*1#
  • Then comply with the instructions contained in the on-screen reply
  • With this, you can see your BVN and even the balance on each of your GTBank accounts
  • One Time Password (OTP)

As discussed earlier, the USSD mobile banking facility allows users to perform various banking tasks without difficulty. One more important feature is the OTP (One Time Password) you can generate instantly and use in place of your GTB token for carrying out immediate online transactions. If you can’t vouch for your token, you probably won’t be able to use the GTBank internet banking platform for performing transactions.

However, the great news is that there is a better alternative (known as the OTP) which enables you to carry out instant online transactions without linking any hardware token with your account. To do this, simply dial *737*7# and wait for an OTP to be generated instantly. But again, you’re to note that you will have to input the final six digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to complete transactions in this manner.

What You Need To Know About Guaranty Trust Bank

Over the years, Guaranty Trust Bank has remained one of the operative Nigerian banks with millions of customers. In fact, several statistics have revealed that it is the best bank in Nigeria. Apart from its huge customer base, which signifies its fame within Nigeria’s banking sector, the bank is reputable for the impressive banking services it delivers to its users across the country. Regarded as one of the most prominent commercial banks in the country, GTBank controls a number of subsidiaries in every Nigerian state.

Broadly speaking, Nigeria is blessed with more than 20 consolidated banks and it is quite interesting that Guaranty Trust Bank is one of these high-profile financial institutions. Moreover, these banks have been strengthened by the Central Bank of Nigeria majorly through financial support. Practically, the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) performs key roles as a regulatory authority and saves commercial banks from severe financial setbacks. In the event of tight financial conditions, the commercial banks may resort to the CBN to grant them loans needed to recover from setbacks and even prevent liquidation.

In any sphere of the world, banks should not only serve as storehouses for money and other valuables but also as solid financial establishments required to steer the economy of a nation. With regard to this, Guaranty Trust Bank –as well as the other consolidated banks –have contributed immensely to the economic and financial growth of Nigeria.

Although GTB is not the Nigerian bank with the largest staff base, statistics have shown that it is the richest bank in the country. As regards its net assets, Guaranty Trust Bank is estimated with a total of $11.7 trillion, clearly surpassing First Bank’s net worth of $21.3 billion. The net worth of $11.7 trillion is really a staggering figure for a bank to acquire and this is one of the reasons why GTBank is never left out of the bandwagon of leading commercial banks.

In addition to its unrivaled reputation as the richest bank in the country, GTBank boasts of a large staff base (comprising 10, 000 members). Undoubtedly, this is an indication that the bank has provided many Nigerians with employment opportunities.

GTBank emerged into the banking sector in 1990 and with constant banking operations. Today, it has been able to widen its horizon across the lengths and breadths of Nigeria. Through its numerous subsidiaries, GTB currently offers banking needs to all the states in Nigeria. If you’re a GTBank customer, you have no worries because you will surely find several GTBank branches in your state.

In this article, our main goal is to show you how to transfer funds within GTBank (i.e. from one GTBank account to another) and from Guaranty Trust Bank to another Nigerian bank. If you’re a GTBank customer who has been looking for one or more ways to transfer funds to beneficiaries conveniently, we’re pleased to assure you that this very article will serve you in the best capacity.

Currently, reputable Nigerian banks have taken the advantage of modern technological trends to ensure their customers enjoy quality banking services. Gone are the days’ customers had to reach for their bank branches for each and every transaction to be performed. Interestingly, modern banking innovations have proved effective in warding off banking hurdles and that is why every shrewd person should have at least one bank account.

On any grounds, you can’t underestimate the need to store money in the bank because it will save you from a number of unforeseen circumstances such as fraud. Since it is important to visit banks for various purposes, bank branches are usually crowded with people who stand in long queues. Due to the fact that some Nigerian banks have numerous customers, their branches are heavily crowded with customers who need to transfer funds to beneficiaries or deposit money into their accounts. Sadly, GTBank is not excluded from this but as a better alternative, the bank allows customers to use its mobile banking platform for efficient and reliable transfer of money.

If you’re acquainted with GTBank mobile banking trend, you must have heard of a certain USSD code that serves transfer purposes and displaces the need to visit bank branches for the transfer of money to beneficiaries.

Mobile banking is one of the most effective banking trends available to customers. If your bank offers mobile banking services to customers, you’re bound to have the best banking experience.

That’s all about GTBank Transfer Code For Mobile Money to all Nigerian bank accounts.


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