Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit From Skye Bank

At NaijaQuest we turn our quest search on all the airtime/credit recharge codes used is recharging your phone lines straight from your bank accounts at the comfort of your home or office or anywhere you are, without going to the ATM or to buy recharge cards from vendors. Another plus to using Polaris bank code for recharge is the bonus credit that always comes along with each recharge.

As long as there is a network, it is effective at the comfort of the time you need at no extra cost. (Please Note that Skye Bank is now Polaris Bank)

Now for the Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit From Polaris Bank

The Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code is *833*Amount# or *389*076*1*Amount#
Simple Step to recharge, just dial *389*076*1*amount # on your phone

Example: if you want the recharge N1000 from your Polaris bank account
Just dial *833*Amount# or  *389*076*1*1000# and your phone and you are credit t immediately on your

Note: the you can only recharge with the line used to open your Polaris bank account the line you are receiving money on. (Number attached to you account)

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How to Recharge your Mobile from Your Polaris Bank Account?

So far you have an active account with Skye Bank, you queuing at the ATM machine to recharge or other banking services has become a thing of past. Another very interesting part of it is that, apart from recharging your own mobile, you can also recharge your friend, brother, mother or any member of your family. The only thing you need is just their mobile number. The recharge can be performed both through the SkyeMobile and also through the use of USSD Code. They actually designated two codes for mobile recharge in order to create choice making in the mind of its customer. The USSD codes that Polaris Bank designated for the recharge of airtime into your mobile phone are

  1. 833 ⃰ Amount of the recharge card you want# or
  2. ⃰389 ⃰076 ⃰ 1 ⃰ Amount of Recharge card you want#. Also, you can make use of the code,
  3. ⃰904 ⃰ Amount of recharge card you want#

Example let assume, I wish to recharge my mobile with 500 naira from my Skye Bank Account,

then I will dial the code 833 ⃰ 500#


⃰389 ⃰076 ⃰ 1 ⃰ 500#


⃰ 904 ⃰ 500# 

Thus, that means you have the decision to choose the code you want for your airtime recharge. At the end, you will definitely top up your credit after dialing the code on your phone. After dialing the code, you will receive an alert that will notify you of the transaction you just made. However, the only issue about the service is that you cannot recharge your mobile more than five thousand naira (#5,000) a day. Also, you can recharge your phone irrespective of the SIM you are using whether Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, Glo etc.

Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code USSD Credit How To

Skye Bank is still employing all opportunities to ensure that effective and efficient banking services are provided to their customers.

Still On Polaris Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit From Polaris Bank

Let’s Take a look at an interesting Info about this great bank –

History And Development

Skye Bank, founded in 2006, is among the top leading bank services both nationally and locally. It is located in Nigeria where it has about two hundred and sixty (260) branches across the country and having its headquarter in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The Commercial Bank of Nigeria, together with other twenty-five commercial banks, gave this bank the license to operate as a commercial bank. Being a commercial bank, it offers a wide range of banking services from an online transaction, counter services to help and support. Skye bank did not just come to being but rather as the result of the merging of Prudent Merchant Bank Limited with other four (4) banks including EIB International Bank, Reliance Bank Limited, Bond Bank Limited and Co-operative Bank. Currently, the Bank is headed by M.K Ahmad, who is the chairman of the sixteen (16) member board of directors.

As part of its commercial activities, which include the provision of banking services to its customer, Skye bank recently struggle to increase its banking serviceability. This was accomplished through the introduction of a Naira denominated MasterCard Debit card called “MasterCard Verve”, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Also, the bank decided not to shun away the vast opportunities that information technology will provide. Thus, they also employed the technology in their banking services. One of them is internet banking services. Since its inception, the bank has been trying in its best capacity to improve the kind of services provided to its customers. As of now, the bank has millions of patronizing customers. In the Internet banking, there are vast functions that can be performed through the Skye Bank App. Recently, the application has been made available for mobile phones and thus called the App SkyMobile.

SkyMobile is a mobile application that users of Skye Bank must have on their phone in other to have fast access to the banking services provided by the bank. The application was developed by Skye Bank in order to ease the rate at which its customers get access to the services it provides. It helps you to have access to your account without you leaving your house or anywhere you are in the world. With your Sky Mobile, queuing on the ATM Machine before you withdraw or perform any banking services has been dramatically prevented as you can do anything that has to do with banking with your phone. Even though before you can actually enjoy the vast varieties of services provided by Skye Bank through the application, you must have an android phone that supports the application for it to function well. And based on the response gotten from the audience, the SkyeMobile is a very good and worth downloading application. Also, before you can have access to the app, you must have an active bank account with the bank. Unlike other banks, you don’t have to register your mobile number with the bank before you use the application. This is because as you register with them, your mobile number used during registration is automatically registered in their database. Even though you may not be able to perform a lot of function if your phone is not an Android phone, yet there are certain services that you will have access to. One of these services is airtime recharge through the application.

Are you a Skye Bank User? Are you uncomfortable with the queuing at the ATM? Then, this Bank has made the world an easy place for you as they incorporate a mobile recharge service into the SkyMobile application that they developed or the Skye Bank Airtime Recharge Code USSD. Also, they have developed a recharge code that will enable you to recharge your mobile phone from any part of the world. This will prevent you from going to the ATM or even buying normal recharge cards form the research card provider as you can easily do this so far your phone is on, a little fund on your SIM line and the required amount you want to recharge on your Polaris account. Just like other banks, Skye Bank also employed the USSD code feature to make the service a success.

Daz All.

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