HP Office In Abuja Contact Address and Phone Numbers – Lots of people own laptops today, they come in different brands, different sizes, different shapes. Today Laptops are being used everywhere in homes, schools, churches, offices. One thing is to own a laptop the other thing is to maintain it, there are several places you can get your laptop fixed or replaced, most times people prefer going to their offices direct to carry out repairs and replacements.

Laptops are being made for different purposes and use, HP is one brand that has gained recognition worldwide and one of the best laptop brands, this company has been operating for the 80 years now and it is owned by Bill Hewlett and David Packard.

After buying a laptop many find it hard to maintain it, some might get some parts broken which might need replacements, carrying out repairs for a laptop might make you spend some amount of money, some individuals take their laptop to roadside repairs for it to be fixed which is wrong, you are advised to take your laptop to their main offices as they have professional and good customer services. Most times people are not blamed for this act, it depends on their location, money, or even the time they have, but with our findings, you should know that repairing your laptop at their office is faster, reliable, and secure and we even believe its cheaper. For those of you residing in Abuja and you have some problems in your laptop which needs repairs or replacements then this article is for you as we will give you details about the HP laptop office in Abuja their phone number and contact address.

HP Offices in Abuja Contact Address And Phone Number

HP Service Point, Abuja

  • Hinkley Group

This company deals on repairs of laptop brands in Abuja, especially the HP laptop, they have different offices open in Nigeria and West Africa. The company is known for making major repairs in laptops and they have good customer services to serve you well. The company was founded in 1998 and it has up to 120 employees, there are lots of employees in the office which are ready to assist you with all your repairs and replacement of different parts. The office is duly registered as you are assured of getting your laptop fixed on time and professionals are there to help you handle your job. One thing is handling your brand and having it in good shape, the other is getting good customer treatment well this company is known to give you that as their services are fast and reliable.

Their office is open

  • Monday-Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed,

you can contact them on HP Service Centre:

  • +2348149836904, they are located at
  • Plot 765 Samuel Ademulegun Street, Masallachi Junction, Central Business District, Abuja.

There are lots of people that don’t really know much about the HP laptop, let’s give you little information about this brand below.

About HP

HP started out in a car garage, the most business you see online today, started out from small and they are known to be big and great with consistent hard work and perseverance, time and patience.if you have read this article from the beginning you will know that the hp came up with the idea of two friends and their surname was used in naming the company. HP was the leading manufacturer of computers from the year 2007 to 2013 before the Lenovo brand came into place.

HP specialized in developing, manufacturing, data storage, designing software, delivering services, and a whole lot of others. Many have named the Hp brand as the best computer brand in the world and one of the best, billions of people worldwide today use this brand and lots of people have been using it to date. Their major product lines include Computing devices, servicing, enterprise, and industry-standard servers, networking products, printers, and lots of imaging products. Hp has services and consulting business within and around its partners, they marketed their products directly to households, small and medium-sized businesses, online distributions, consumer electronics, technology vendors, and a whole lot of others.

There are several products which are associated with HP, the company deals on products like printers, scanners, digital cameras. As of the year 2001, HP started promoting itself in all areas of computing which also supports IT infrastructure. In the year 1997, the company sold over $120 million worth of its computers to Iran despite the sanctions prohibiting those bills which were brought by Bill Clinton, the year 2001, they merged with Compaq to provide lots of printing services, before then Compaq has already taken over Digital Equipment Co-operation in 1998.

In the year 2006, they brought out several new products which include Desktops, enhanced notebooks, workstations, and software that were even available to manage them. In the year 2012, they had a major profit decline of 31% which came up as a result of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices which made the sales of personal computers decline and they had to drop about 27,000 employees. As of the year 2009, they were on the 11th spot as the world’s most recognized brand, they have sponsored the club Tottenham Hotspur in the premier league from 1995- 1999 and also from the year 2013, they have also sponsored sports cars, they have also maintained a number of sponsorship in the business sectors and many other areas. Right now they have the HP Pavilion brand, HP Compaq, and a whole lot more, they have created a name and trademark for themselves and made life easier for everyone. Billions of people use this brand daily, people buy new ones, some get their fixed and exchanged.


In conclusion, lots of details have been said about the HP laptop, details have been given about their offices. If you have issues with your laptops you can easily get it fixed or even replaced at their offices. The address and details of their offices have been given, thorough information has been given on this, so we assure you that you can easily get your laptop or rather they are in good hands.

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