Correct full list of Abuja postal code, the complete list of Federal Capital Territory zip code with the explanation of the postal code. the list shows the code for each area in Abuja.

Abuja Postal Code 900001, Garki Postal head office

For the exact postal code that applies for each area in Abuja, kindly scroll down.

Map Of Abuja

The postal code is made up of 6 numbers which is for the regions (9 regions), dispatch district and the delivery.
Please note that in Nigeria, Postal code applies for Zip code and Postcode

Area: Asokoro Postal Code – 900231

Area: Central Business District Postal Code – 900211

Area: Garki Area 2 Postal Code – 900242

Area: Garki Area 3 Postal Code – 900243

Area: Garki Area 7 Postal Code – 900244

Area: Garki Area 8 Postal Code – 900245

Area: Garki Area 10 Postal Code – 900246

Area: Garki Area 11 Postal Code – 900247

Area: GWARINPA PostalCode – 900108

Area: Maitama Postal Code – 900271

Area: KARU POSTAL CODE – 900110

Area: NYANYA Postal Code – 900103

Area: Three Arms Zone Postal Code – 900221

Area: Wuse Zone 1 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 2 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 3 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 4 Postal Code – 900281

Area: Wuse Zone 5 Postal Code – 900285

Area: Wuse Zone 6 Postal Code – 900286

Area: Wuse Zone 7 Postal Code – 900287

Area: Wuse II Postal Code – 900288

There you have it, the complete and correct list of Abuja Postal Code, with all the areas. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on facebook @ or follow us

Source: Nigeria Post Codes


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