Below is the list of Enugu postal code differentiated into the various local government area and district found in Enugu state.

Enugu Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode 400001

Enugu Postal Code PostCode Zip Code State

Enugu State Local Government Area

Agwu L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Agbogugu – 402138

District: Agbudu-Uga – 402136

District: Amoli – 402124

District: Awgu – 402120

District: AWGUNTA – 402121

District: Ezere – 402126

District: Ihe – 402135

District: Isu-Awa – 402137

District: Ituku – 402139

District: Maku – 402128

District: Mgbidi – 402123

District: Mgbowo – 402122

District: Nkem – 402126

District: Nnen-wenta – 402125

District: Obeagu – 402130

District: Ogbaku – 402132

District: oweli – 402134

District: Ugbo – 402133


Aninri L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Mpu – 402142

District: Ndeaboh – 402141

District: Nenwe – 402140

District: Odume – 402144

District: Okpanku – 402143


Enugu East L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Nike – 400103

District: Ogwogo – 400104


Enugu North L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Oguli – 400102


Enugu South L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Akuke – 400107

District: Amechi – 400106

District: Obeagu 400108

District: Ugwuaji – 400105


Ezeagu L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Agba-Umana – 401127

District: Aguobu-owa – 401125

District: Aguobu-Umuaji – 401130

District: Aguobu-Umumba – 401129

District: Akama Oghe – 401141

District: Amakwo Oghe – 401143

District: Amansi-Odo – 401144

District: Awha Imezi -401134

District: Awha Ndiagu – 401133

District: Iwollo Imezi – -401139

District: Neke – 401142

District: Obelagu-Umana – 401128

District: Obunofia-Ndiagu – 401136

District: Obunofia-Ndiuno – 401135

District: Okpo-Gho – 401132

District: Olo – 401138

District: Oyofo – 401140

District: Umumba-Ndiagu – 401137

Gbo-Etiti L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Aku – 411108

District: Diogbe 411104

District: Ekwegbe 411110

District: Ikolo 411102

District: Ochima 411101

District: Ohebe/ ohodo 411103

District: Onyohor – 411106

District: Ozalla – 411109

District: Udueme – 411107

District: Ukehe – 411105

Umu-itodo L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Alor-Agu – 413106

District: Ezzodo – 413107

District: Ibagwa Aka – 413108

District: Iheaka – 413109

District: Iheakpu-Awka – 413111

District: Itchi – 413102

District: Nkalagu / Obukpa – 413103

District: Ovoko – 413110

District: Uhuna Owerre – 413104

District: Umu-Itodo – 413105

District: Umuozzi – 413101


Isi-Uzo L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Eha-Amufu 412102

District: Ikem 412101

District: Mbu Amon 412104

District: Neke 412105

District: Umuero 412103

Nkanu East L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Amagunze 40111

District: Amechi Idodo 402117

District: Nara 402113

District: Nkerefi 402115

District: Nomeh 402114

District: Ogbahu 402119

District: Oruku 402116

District: Owo 402118

District: Ugbawka 4022112

Oji River L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Achi – 401147

District: Akpugeze – 401150

District: Awlaw – 401149

District: Inyi – 401148

District: Ojo River – 401145

District: Ugwuoba – 401146

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Nuskka L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Alora – Uno – 410105

District: Anuka – 410114

District: Edem – 410104

District: Eha-Alu-Mona – 410106

District: Eha-Ndiagu – 410107

District: fe-Oballa – 410109

District: Ibagwa – Agu – 410116

District: Ibagwa-Ani – 410112

District: Lejja – 410110

District: Nsukka (Rural) – 410101

District: obimo – 410102

District: Obukpa – 410113

District: Okpal-Igbo – 410103

District: Okpuje – 410111

District: Okutu – 410115

District: Opi – 410108

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Udi ment L.G.A. Postal Code / Zip Code / Postcode

District: Abia – 401104

District: Abor – 401114

District: Affa – 401119

District: Agbudu – 401102

District: Akpakwume – 401123

District: Amokwe – 401103

District: Ebe – 401113

District: Eged – 401112

District: Nachi – 401108

District: Ngwo – 401111

District: Nsude – 401110

District: Nzue 401124

District: Obinagu – 401105

District: Obioma – 401109

District: Oghu – 401122

District: Okpatu – 401118

District: Owhum – 401117

District: Udi – 401101

Enugu Postal Code / Zip Code / PostCode


Nigeria has a significant number of states which are headed by elected governors. In its entirety, Nigeria comprises 36 independent states with a single Federal Capital Territory –Abuja. Taking an insightful look at the creation of states in Nigeria, the first set of Nigerian states were created in 1967 by the then military Head of State General Yakubu Gowon. During this time (1967), 12 states were created from the former Regions. Some of these 12 states were Kwara, Ondo, Kano, Lagos and Cross River.

In 1976, General Murtala Mohammed established 7 more states to take the total to 19 states. 2 years after ascending the throne as Nigeria’s military Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida established two more states taking the number of Nigerian states to 21. Meanwhile, the two states created in this regard are Akwa-Ibom and Katsina. 4 years later, precisely in 1991, General Ibrahim Babangida established 9 more states to take the tally to 30 Nigerian states. Finally, in 1996, Nigeria reached a milestone of 36 independent states (with Abuja as the F.C.T) following a declaration by General Sanni Abacha that 6 more states should be created. Meanwhile, the states created in this regard are Gombe, Nassarawa, Zamfara, Bayelsa, Ebonyi, and Ekiti. Since 1996, Nigeria has remained a country with 36 autonomous states.

As to the focal point of this article, Enugu is one of the popular Nigerian states located in the South-Eastern zone of the country. Extracted from Anambra state in 1991, Enugu is officially regarded as Enugu state but again, one of its interesting facts is that it belongs to a few Nigerian states that have their names as their capital cities. The other states in this category are Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Gombe, and Bauchi.

In Nigeria, Enugu state maintains the largest coal deposit and historical facts show that Nigeria’s first discovery of coal occurred in its largest and capital city. Meanwhile, the other prominent cities areas are Awgu, Agbani, and Ngwuo. Due to its vast coal deposit and its great influence in Nigeria’s first discovery of coal, the state has been dubbed the Coal City State.

As part of the states within the South-Eastern zone of Nigeria, bordered by Ebonyi state around its eastern region. Meanwhile, it is bordered by Imo State and Abia State around the southern region. Surrounded by Anambra State in its western region, Enugu State also shares land borders with some North-Central states including Kogi and Benue.

Enugu became the target of Nigeria’s colonialists in 1909 when the Europeans first settled there and obtained the presence of coal in the area. The British colonial government then took advantage of the coal discovery to carry out the first coal shipment to Britain in 1914. Following this, the British government developed an interest in the area and soon expanded its mining activities. In the quest to facilitate mining and make the Coal City a permanent settlement for people from different parts, a railway system was launched. After some years, Enugu became the target of foreign businesses which soon emerged from the city. Meanwhile, the most prominent of these foreign businesses were United Africa Company, the British Bank of West Africa, Kingsway Stores and John Holt.

Top 10 Facts about Enugu State

  • The word “Enugu’’ is coined through the combination of two Igbo words namely; `Enu’ and `Ugwu’ which translate into `hilltop’. Meanwhile, this name came into being with reference to the hilly geographical structure of the state.
  • Enugu is the Nigerian state where coal was first discovered. In 1909, a British mining engineer –Mr. Kikson –was walking around the Udi Ridge in search of silver but surprisingly, he discovered a vast deposit of coal, marking the first discovery of coal in Nigeria. During this period, Nigeria was under the colonial reign of Lord Lugard who served as the country’s first British governor general. With much inclination towards this astonishing discovery of coal, Lord Lugard ensured that Nigeria marked its first shipment of coal in 1914.
  • After the discovery of coal, the colonial administration constructed the Eastern Line railway as a channel for conveying large deposits of coal to the port of Port Harcourt from Enugu. Meanwhile, the colonial government established the city of Port Harcourt to carry out this very purpose.
  • 3 years after Nigeria’s amalgamation by Lord Lugard, Enugu was elevated to the status of a town and at this time, it was regarded as Enugwu-Ngwo. However, the name was formalized into Enugu in 1928 due to the quick territorial expansion into the lands that belonged to other indigenous communities.
  • On the 30th of May 1967, an announcement by Biafra adherents identified Enugu as the capital of Biafra –a Republican state that only lasted three years (1967-1970). With regard to this announcement, some people regard Enugu as the “capital of Igboland’’. However, Enugu was eventually held hostage by the Nigerian army and as a consequence of this, Umuahia was made the new Biafran capital.
  • The six-storeyed tower, owned by ACB (the African Continental Bank), is the tallest structure in the CBD (Central Business District) of Enugu
  • Enugu is one of the most fancied Nigerian states for tourism. Tourists are always enlivened by its numerous tourist centres including Enugu National Museum, IMT Sculptural Garden and Art Gallery, Governor’s Lodge, Eastern Region Parliamentary Building, Okpara Coal Mine, Onyeama Coal Mine and Polo Amusement Park
  • In February 2009, the state government passed a bill into law, implying that abduction is a capital offense punishable by the use of a weapon. In order to curb the high incidence of abduction, this bill was successfully passed after having been endorsed by the state’s House of Assembly.
  • Impressively, Enugu boasts of a number of Nigerian dignitaries and celebrities who have made their marks in various fields including politics, entertainment, and sport. Some of these personalities are Jay Jay Okocha, Chinedu Okoli (popularly known as Flavour), Patience Ozokwor, Ike Ekweremadu (Nigeria’s current Deputy Senate President), Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson (aka Phyno), Nkem Owoh and Pete Edochie


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