Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Colchester (2024)

The areas to avoid in Colchester, Essex, in the East of England. Colchester has a population of around 128,000. This is a fine and important city; one that holds a military garrison, and several important attractions including roman era buildings, a Zoo, and the University of Essex.

Colchester is a target for many young professionals looking to purchase a home so as to get a sense of stability. Most of the city provides a fine mix of urban and suburban life; while the streets are not too crowded, they are hardly ever deserted as well. Furthermore, all the conveniences of urban areas can be found in Colchester; pubs, restaurants, cafes, gyms, theatres, and shopping centres.

Of course, an important consideration is the rate of crime. It is something to consider before moving to any area because any other advantage becomes futile when ones family is not safe.

Areas To Avoid In Colchester

1. Boxted Road

Boxted Road is made up of detached houses more than any other types of homes. This is quite a wealthy residential area; most of the houses sit on large lots with lawns and trees. Of course there are also terraced houses as well as flats. The area around Boxted road is close to several supermarkets, shops, and other such businesses.

Perhaps it is the proximity to these businesses that draws in people who are likely to cause trouble; some of the most common types of crime in Boxted Road include crimes involving violence or sexual offences, followed by public order offences, and then followed by anti-social behavior.

2. North Station Road

North Station Road is another wealthy neighbourhood in Colchester; it is a place with predominantly detached houses, although there are also terraces and other kinds of buildings in the neighbourhood as well. The proximity of the rail station makes it a nice commercial area for shops, restaurants, shopping centres and other businesses.

However, this residential area saw a few incidents of crime. The crimes include criminal damage or arson, shoplifting, and then anti-social behavior. There were also a few vehicle crimes, and a few crimes were recorded as violence or sexual offences.

3. Quayside Drive

Quayside Drive is a mix use area in Colchester, Essex. The residential buildings are mostly flats in apartment buildings and terraces. The area also has several commercial establishments such as super stores, a gas station, a barbershop, a gym, a veterinarians’ office, and many other establishments.

Quayside Drive may be considered one of the areas to avoid in Colchester due to the few incidents of crime recorded there recently. The crimes include anti-social behavior, drug use, and then violence or sexual offences.

4. Shrub End Road

Shrub End Road is a nice residential area where you can find detached buildings as well as terraces and other kinds of dwellings. This is a mix use area of Colchester because it is within the vicinity of many thriving commercial enterprises such as Jungle Adventure, a Lidl Superstore, Westlands Country Park, Cheshunt Field, and many other businesses. Therefore, despite being a residential area there is a lot of movement in the area.

The crime scene in the area is not altogether out of control; however there were a few vehicle crimes, violent or sexual offences, and others recorded as anti-social behaviour.

5. Golden Noble Hill

Golden Noble Hill has many small cottages, terraces and detached buildings; it is a nice location for young families looking to purchase some real estate to help them put down roots. This neighborhood is close to such establishments as the Aldi Superstore, the Town Railway Station, FoodInc, Halfords Autocentre, and so on.

This is a beautiful neighbourhood with friendly people, and as such it is a pity to name it on such a list as this. The crimes recorded in this neighborhood include anti-social behaviour, burglary, theft, criminal damage, and a few incidences of violence and sexual offences.

6. Hunwicke Road

Hunwicke Road is a small residential area in Colchester. This is considered a prime location because it is not far from such businesses as the Tesco Superstore, Tesco Petrol Station, Hickory Avenue Playground, and many other businesses such as pubs, cafes, and veterinary offices.

This neighborhood saw a few crimes committed, such as anti-social behavior, criminal damage and arson, violence and sexual offences, and a few related to drug use.

7. Market Close

Market Close is a mix use area in Colchester that has both residential buildings as well as commercial buildings housing boutique shops and other such businesses. This neighbourhood is very close to Castle Park, Colchester High Street, Leisure World Colchester, Colchester Castle, and the North Station.

Unfortunately there were a few incidences of crime recorded in this neighbourhood recently, and they include: anti-social behaviour, theft, shoplifting, as well as violence and sexual offences.

8. The Chase

The Chase is a small neighbourhood in Colchester where you will find detached buildings including duplexes, cottages, and town houses. This is an idealistic location- very well suited to young professionals and families looking to invest in their forever home.

This neighbourhood witnessed a few crimes such as anti-social behaviour cases, public order offences, violence and sexual offences, and a few were found to be drug related.

9. Rotary Way

Rotary Way is a nice area near central Colchester. There are all kinds of houses in this neighbourhood including terraces, flats, and some very beautiful luxury apartments. Some of the landmarks near the area include Castle Park, Fun Park, and North Station.

Crimes recorded in this area include anti-social behaviour, vehicle crimes, violence or sexual offences.

10. High Street

Colchester High Street is like the main business district where you find supermarkets, boutique shops, banks, restaurants, gyms, cafes, and many other businesses.

Colchester High Street receives a lot of foot traffic, and so there are also crimes such as shoplifting, theft, and also violence and sexual offences.



The areas to avoid in Colchester are equal to the areas to be adored in many other areas. This is because of Colchester is quite a peaceful and beautiful city with such attractions like Colchester United Football Club, Colchester Zoo, and several art galleries. This is a great place for young professionals and young families.