Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Ashford Kent (2023)

Kent is not the most dangerous place to live in England, and Ashford is actually considered one of the safest parts of the city. However, just like any other place in the world, there are a few places where residents are worried about the rate of crime. If residents –who know the ground- can be worried about their safety, then visitors have even more reasons for concern.

An important thing to note when viewing the following information is that most of the recorded incidences of crime in these places are petty crimes such as stealing bikes, phones, and other items. Violent crimes are somewhat scarcer, but no less worrisome.

Nevertheless, it is better to aware of one’s personal safety, and of that of your loved ones. This means knowing what parts of Kent are not too safe to venture.

Areas To Avoid In Kent 2023

1. Medway – River

Medway is actually a ward comprising of several towns and villages. There are some old buildings of antiquity which remind us of the rich of history of the area. There are single family buildings in the area some of which are gated, and some of which are built in the old manner of farm houses.

There are also some fine housing developments in the neighborhood; and there are some busy streets as well. Nevertheless, this is a great place for families that enjoy the outdoors; there are many green open spaces in the area.

This is one of the places to avoid near Ashford, Kent; there were several incidents reported to the police recently, and some of them were violent and sexual offences.

2. Canterbury – Westgate

The Canterbury- Westgate area is one of the most talked about areas in Kent, it is a medieval gatehouse in Canterbury, Kent, England. This 60-foot (18 m) high western gate of the city wall is the largest surviving city gate in England; and it is therefore a historical monument.

The surrounding area is a thriving township; there are small compounds with small houses littered around; there are pubs, shops and shopping centres. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the neighborhood.

However, there is quite some crime in the area; some of the top kinds of criminal behavior include: violent crimes, anti-social behavior, sexual offences, Shoplifting, Vehicle crime.

3. Maidstone High Street

Maidstone High Street is the busiest part of Maidstone, which is also the biggest part of Kent. The River Medway runs through the center of the town, and the High Street is main shopping street in the whole area. There are also many shops, bars, restaurants and cafes in the neighbourhood.

The trouble with this area is that there is quite some crime recorded in the neighborhood; anti-social behavior, drug-related incidents, violence and sexual offences, and so on.

There were also some Vehicle crimes, Robberies, Burglaries, and Bicycle thefts recorded in the area recently.

4. Shepway – Folkestone Harvey Central

The area around Shepway – Folkestone Harvey Central is a neighborhood full of beautiful sub urban neighborhoods, town houses, tenements, terraces and row houses. One of the most popular attractions to the neighborhood include the Harvey Grammar School, which is located in Folkestone, Kent.

The area does have a bit of a crime problem; shoplifting, violent or sexual offences, anti-social behavior, bicycle theft, burglary, vehicle crime, robbery, and so on.

5. Thanet – Margate Central

The most popular town in the area is Margate, which is a coastal town on England’s southeast coast. This town has sandy beaches, an amusement park, museum, and contemporary art gallery.

Residents and business owners must be worried about crime in the area: especially in or near Mill Lane, where there are several reports of burglaries, criminal damage, anti-social behavior, violence and sexual offences. There are also some reports of drugs being peddled around the area.

6. Ashford – Victoria

The Ashford- Victoria area is located roughly towards the east of the city. Some of the area lies within reach of the Great River Stour. The Ashford –Victoria area is quite popular, it has become a target for young professionals looking to put down roots in a suburban area that still has most of the convenience of city life.

Ashford – Victoria has some crime going in the area; incidents reported to the police include anti-social behavior, violence or sexual offences, shoplifting, robbery, drugs, burglary, as well as Vehicle crime. However, these crimes occur in small numbers, and it could be said that these are isolated cases.

7. Medway – Rochester West

The area around Medway-Rochester West is mostly known for its boutique shops which make up a bustling commercial area. There are also some great attractions such as the Rochester Cathedral, and Gads Hill Place, famously owned by Charles Dickens.

Medway- Rochester West has a relatively low crime rate, but it is important to note that crimes such as violent or sexual offences, anti-social behavior, vehicle crime, criminal damage and arson, robbery and burglary have been reported in this area recently.

8. Medway – Strood South

The Medway – Strood South area is located to the north of Kent. It is near such areas as Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham and Rainham. It is located on the northwest bank of the River Medway.

The Medway – Strood South area has a lot of housing developments; it is an area that seems ideal for young professionals, or young families. The most popular part of this area is the High Street in Strood; it has all sorts of commercial enterprises including banks, boutique shops, designer clothing stores, and so on. The town also has the Strood Retail Park, which is a huge retail commercial area.

Incidences of crime in the area include; violence and sexual offences, anti-social behavior, shoplifting, vehicle crimes, and so on.

9. Dartford – Stone

Dartford –Stone is an area in the north of Kent. A major attraction to this area is Stone Castle which was built in the mid 11th Century. There is also the Bluewater Shopping Centre, which is one of the largest shopping centres in the United Kingdom. Dartford –Stone has all kinds of residential buildings located in the area, and then there are green spaces to make the outdoors more enjoyable.

Some of the criminal activities reported in the area include; Shoplifting, Anti-social behavior, Violence and sexual offences, Burglary, Drugs, and so on.

10. Gravesham – Pelham

Gravesham – Pelham is a decent neighborhood; there is quite some history about this place. There a few listed buildings being conserved for their historical significance. This is also a nice residential neighborhood; town houses and terraces are among the types of buildings available in the neighborhood.

Crime reported in the neighborhood includes shoplifting, vehicle crimes, violence and sexual offences, and so on.



The areas to avoid in Ashford Kent are relatively quite when compared with the real crime hot-spots in England. Despite these crime listings, these are actually some of the most sought after areas in Kent because of the attractive residential and commercial areas located within.