Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Bradford (2024)

Bradford is the most dangerous part of West Yorkshire. It is also the most exciting city in the district; and one of the largest in Yorkshire. This makes Bradford a sour-sweet place to visit; better if you already know where to step foot and where to stay away from. These are the areas to avoid in Bradford, even though their large populations show that there are plenty of people doing the exact opposite.

The most common crimes in Bradford are anti-social behavior, violence and sexual offences, and then theft. Some other crimes reported in this area include burglaries and a smaller amount of robbery.

Crime is crime, and non of it must be condoned. However, it must be noted that the greater number of incidents in this area are not particularly threatening- just a bunch of youngsters behaving like idiots.

Areas To Avoid In Bradford

1. Central Bradford & Barkerend West

Central Bradford & Barkerend West is an area in the central area of Bradford, in Yorkshire. This is the main business district of Bradford; there are boutique shops, banks, restaurants, theatres, cafes, and so many other commercial enterprises located in the area.

As with other places that attract people in high numbers, there is quite a high number of crime happening everyday in this neighborhood. There were 5,906 reported crimes in this area recently, and they range from anti-social behavior, violence and sexual offences (grouped as one), and then theft- especially in the form of shoplifting.

2. Broomfields & East Bowling

Broomfields is a historic district on the south eastern side of Bradford, which is in West Yorkshire, England. This is a mostly commercial district, with a population of only a few people; mostly one will find boutique shops, retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and such commercial ventures in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has some history about it; especially as it was once a densely populated area but was cleared out for more purposeful developments, which then turned into a commercial and industrial district.

Now many people travel to Broomfields & East Bowling just to commit all sorts of crimes. There were 2,282 crimes committed there recently, they include anti social behavior, violent and sexual offences, and of course shoplifting.

3. Allerton          

Allerton is a mid-sized village in the metropolitan borough of the city of Bradford, which is in West Yorkshire, England. Around 12,000 people live there. The local residents of this village call it Ollerton rather than Allerton.

Some attractions to this village include the Chellow Dene; which is a local beauty spot, a haven for wildlife and a place of relaxation for the local people. Chellow Dene also has a reservoir.

The village also has a housing development, and some major retail outlets as well.

As for crime, Bradford is a place to be wary of; there were 1,123 reported cases recently.

4. Barkerend East            

Barkerend is an inner-city area of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The area is mix use; it is both a residential and commercial neighborhood. Surrounding areas are Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford Moor, Laisterdyke, Little Germany, Bowling, Broomfields, and Wapping.

The neighbourhood has luxury flats, big churches, historic pubs, and a community centre- all of which are important attractions to the neighbourhood.

Barkerend East is a place to keep one’s eyes open; there were 1,180 crimes reported there recently.

5. Bierley & Tong

Bierley & Tong is a neighbourhood in the west riding of Yorkshire. This neighbourhood has several historic buildings, some of which are still in use today. There are many different types of dwellings in the neighbourhood; the Bierley housing estate is situated about 2.3 miles to the southeast from the centre of Bradford.

Bierley & Tong is one of the problem spots for law enforcement in Bradford, West Yorkshire; there were 1,879 crimes recorded in the neighbourhood. Although, many of the crimes are petty in nature, and there are ways of avoiding them using common sense.

6. Buttershaw   

Buttershaw is a residential area of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It is bounded by Horton Bank Top to the north, Wibsey to the east, Woodside to the south and Shelf to the west. Many of the buildings in this area are single family residences that look like town houses. However, there are no trees or lawns as most of them are very close to the road.

There is plenty of crime in this area; in a recent year, as many as 1,931 crimes were reported here in a recent year. Some of the crimes include burglary, theft, shoplifting, and anti social behavior.

7. Brown Royd

Brown Royd is another interesting neighbourhood in Bradford, West Yorkshire. There is plenty of foot traffic in the neighborhood, which is why the rate of crime is quite high. In a recent period reviewed, there were 1,481 crimes reported.

8. Canterbury

Canterbury Estate and Canterbury avenue is an area in Bradford, West Yorkshire in England. This is a mostly residential area. But there are also commercial establishments in the neighborhood as well. There is a nearby rail station, and there are schools, shops, restaurants and other businesses in the area.

Canterbury has a quite some crime; there were 1,062 reported crimes in the area- ranging from anti social behavior, violence and sexual offences, and then theft.

9. Eccleshill

Eccleshill is a neighborhood which was formerly a village in Bradford. Now it is a bustling residential area with a population 17,540. Eccleshill has many single family homes, although the lots are usually small. There are many young people in the neighbourhood; although there is need for more open spaces for recreation.

Eccleshill is often mentioned as the most crime riddled neighbourhood in Bradford, although statistics do not support that idea. About 1,250 crimes were recorded there recently- that figure is a lot less than some other neighborhoods in the city.

10. Fairweather Green  

Fairweather Green is another well travelled neighborhood in Bradford. There are single family residential buildings and some commercial establishments in the neighborhood. Aside from the local population there are also many visitors coming in regularly.

Fairweather Green sees quite some amount of criminal behavior; 1,246 crimes were reported here recently.



Areas to avoid in Bradford include Fairweather Green, Eccleshill, and especially Central Bradford & Barkerend West. The irony of the matter is that those are the areas lest avoided, as confirmed by the high number of residents and visitors to the areas.