Top 10 Worst Stings In The World (2022)

Have you ever had an insect sting that could be a more painful gunshot bullet? Even though this kind of thing seems impossible but never underestimate the distinctness of some insects. In this article, I listed the worst stings in the world, those with the most painful insect stings.

Top 10 Worst Stings In The World

1. Bullet Ant Sting

Just as its name implies, the Bullet ant sting is the most painful sting in the world and the pain from this sting is extreme that it can last for up to 24 hours meaning that it even hurts more than a bullet shot at a person

The Bullet ant is one of the largest ants in the world and its sting can go deep to a maximum length of 1.2 inches. The bullet ants are usually found in the rainforest of Paraguay and they usually build their nest at the base of trees.

The bullet ant doesn’t only attack unnecessarily. They attack only when they notice that there is a predator or a foreign being among them.

The compound present in the bullet ant sting that makes it venomous is the presence of a special peneratoxin compound. This compound is very powerful and it affects the CNS of the victim, resulting in temporary paralysis of the limbs.

Treatment for bullet ant sting

  • First aid:
  • Wash the affected area with soap and water and apply baking soda on the area to reduce swelling and itching.
  • Victims of the bullet ant sting can be taken to a hospital for immediate treatment after the first aid treatment 


2. Tarantula Hawk Sting

The tarantula hawk sting is considered the second-worst sting in the world. These hawks are usually found in rainforest regions of Africa and Southeast Asia

These hawks don’t attack unnecessarily, they don’t even attack on seeing humans. They only sting when they are provoked or when they sense harm.

The sting from these hawks can last up to 3-4 minutes and these can lead to general weakness of the body and can also make a human faint.


  • Wash the affected area with soap and water and apply baking soda on the area to reduce swelling and itching.


3. Paper Wasp

The paper wasps are one of the most gentle insects. They are called paper wasps because their nests are built from a material that looks like paper. 

These insects build their nests on the roofs of a building and also at the door frames. These interests are gentle as said earlier and don’t attack unnecessarily. They only sting when their home is being destroyed.

The paper wasp sting is very painful and can cause allergic reactions in some people. The paper wasps have a unique means of communication, as they release compound pheromones to alarm other armies of their colony when their territory feels threatened.

The paper wasps can sting multiple times and this can lead to serious health combinations, which the victim might die from.

Treatment for paper wasp sting

  • Patients with allergic reactions should undergo Immunotherthepy
  • The victim should visit a hospital immediately 


4. Red Harvester Ant

The red harvester ants are another set of insects with one of the worst stings in the world. The red harvester ants look like fire ants but are not in any war-related to the fire ants.

The venom of red harvest ants can be allergic to some people. Their venom can also cause severe pain, numbness, intense itching, weakness, and swelling.

Treatment for red harvester ant bite

  • Seek medical attention if the Apply bakingesent for a long time.
  • Apply baking soda to the affected area to reduce inflammation.
  • Use calamine lotion to relieve burning and itching.


5. Honey Bee

Honey bees are the most popular insect on this list and this is because they are the only food-producing insect on the list.

Honey bees are social insects and they only sting when they are disturbed. They have a smooth stinger at their abdomen and their sting is usually painful.

The most interesting thing about the honey bees is that they usually die after stinging because their stinger contains their digestive tract.

So, after stinging, they leave behind their stinger and this means that they will no longer have a digestive tract.

When this happens, they will be unable to feed and this results in death.

Treatment for honey bee sting

  • Immediately remove their stinger 
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe health conditions.
  • Apply baking soda to avoid an infection.


6. Yellow Jacket

The yellow jacket is a dangerous species of wasp that at very aggressive and attacks only if they feel threatened. 

Their sting can result in severe pain, difficulty in breathing, slurred speech, weakness, and fainting.


  • Seek immediate medical attention for serious cases.
  • Hold ice on the bite area to reduce swelling.


7. Bald-Faced Hornet

The bald-faced hornet is a stinging insect that is very aggressive and attacks anything that invades its habitat. Their sting also contains venom and it causes sharp pain.


  • Seek immediate medical care


8. Bullhorn Acacia Ant Sting

The bullhorn acacia ants are very aggressive and they attack anything that comes in contact with their plant. Their sting is usually painful too.


9 Fire Ant

The fire ant sting causes sharp pain and difficulty in breathing. The fire ants are usually found in the rainforests of Central and South America, and they live in decayed woods.

Fire ants only attack when you disturb them, and they attack by climbing over your body, injecting their stinger in the skin to inject venom. 

Their venom contains oily organic compounds with the alkaloids functional group. This compound can cause intense itching, vomiting, and increased heartbeat.

Treatment for fire ant sting

  • The victim should seek immediate medical attention.
  • Wash the bite area using water and soap to prevent an infection


10. Sweat Bee

The sweat bee is a general name given to bees that are attracted to human sweat. This is because these bees are attracted to the slat of the sweats.

The sweat bees are the most common bees in the world and they have over 1000 species.

Only the female sweat bee sting and they only sting when you try to dust them away from your body. The sting from a female sweat bee will cause a burning sensation which may lead to severe itching.

Treatment for sweat bee sting

  • Immediate medical attention
  • Apply baking soda to relieve itching



Here you have it, our list of the most painful insect sting. Have you ever been stung by any of the above insects?