Top 10 Worst Zoos In The World

When it comes to the worst zoos in the world, the stories are pretty much all the same and they are all ranked based on their ill-treatment of wildlife, the poor living conditions of animals, and underfeeding of animals.

However, there are some zoos that have committed more crimes than the ones listed above.

Now let’s take a look at them.

Top 10 Worst Zoos In The World

1. Giza Zoo – Egypt

The Giza Zoo in Egypt is ranked the worst zoo in the world. The animals in this zoo seem to have fallen out of luck as the zoo was expelled from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the year 2004.

The reasons for expulsion are countless, as some of the reasons include the brutal killing of two gorillas which they claimed were infected with the deadly Ebola virus, poor outcomes during inspections, and other ill-treatment of the animals.

Following this, the zoo was pardoned as operations to continued doing not until 2006 when birds started dying in the zoo which was as a result of avian flu. 

But still, operations still continued again until it was shut down in 2008 when two men broke into the zoo and killed two camels brutally. 

In addition to the brutal murder of the camels, they were additionally sanctioned again by the association of zoos due to the way the zoo operatives were allowing young kids and people on vacation to play with dangerous animals including lion cubs, tigers, elephant, and bears.

This led to the total closure of the Zoo making it the worst person in history.

2. Glkand Zoo – Iraqi Kurdistan

Glkand Zoo in Iraq was closed due to several reasons and some of these include not having too much space to house the animals, cruelty towards animals as the zookeepers and zoo owners were involved in activities like the illegal killing of animals and illegal smuggling of animals.

It goes to a point whereby they use animals for payment.

Even with this, they were never ashamed of all their illegal activities. 

The zoo owner even came outside publicly to announce that he owns the zoo and he can do anything he wants with the animals in his zoo. He also openly declared that he is involved in animal smuggling which he claimed is not illegal to him since it is his zoo.

Following this unreasonable act, the Association of Zoo placed a ban on the zoo.

3. Mumbai Zoo – India

The atrocities committed by the zoo is different from the one mentioned above. The Mumbai zoo which is the only zoo in Mumbai India has an interesting approach in keeping diversity among animals but the only problem we have is that they are unable to replace dead animals

For example when a lion dies, instead of taking the dead body away and replacing it with another life lion, they won’t do so but instead, they will leave the dead animal and display it in the taxinamy museum. This illegal act led to the closure of the zoo because they don’t respect animal lives.

4. Kiev Zoo – Ukraine

In 2008, 51 animals reportedly died in the Kiev Zoo.

A year later, a camel, bison, and 39-year-old elephant died again.

Following this, the matter was investigated and it was discovered that the animals died from food poisoning. This led to the sanction placed on them by the association of zoos for substandard living conditions and also negligent handling of animals.

 In addition to this, they were also sanctioned for employing unqualified zoo admins.

5. San Antonio Zoo – Texas

The San Antonio Zoo was ranked first among the worst Zoo in the year 2009 and currently, it is the fifth in the world.

San Antonio zoo in Texas was known for the inhumane treatment of animals, as several reports and allegations have been pointed against them especially in the aspect of maltreating an elephant named Lucky.

It was reported that the elephant was kept in a confined area which is too small for her, and for this, the matter was investigated and was confirmed true. This earned them a sanction and then rated them as the fifth-worst zoo in the world.

6. Bowmanville Zoo – Ontario, Canada

In June 2010, three animals were stolen from Bowmanville Zoo, and the zoo owners promised a cash reward of $20,000 for the return of the animals and $2,000 for a picture that showed the animals being given water. 

The police discovered that this was only a plot to make money from the government. Then investigations began and two days later, the trailer where the animals were stolen was found just around the area with the animal safe and sound inside.

Following this, the zoo was sanctioned with fraudulent activities and since then it has been listed among one of the worst Zoos in the world as it is currently listed number six.

 7. Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo – China

Over the course of three months, eleven Siberian tigers died in this zoo.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the tigers died as a result of substandard living which got them infected.

It was also discovered that the tigers were suffering from undernutrition as they were only feeding on cheap chicken bones which is not enough to make them nourished.

Following this, the zoo was sanctioned for substandard living and now it is already closed and has completely shut down the operation.

8. Oradea Zoo — Romania

The Oradea Zoo was reportedly shut down due to insufficient space to provide a habitat for them.

9. Dhaka Zoo — Bangladesh

In the year 2009, over twenty-one animals died in the zoo and this was as a result of poor and ill-treatment of the animals. This led to the suspension of the zoo.

10. North Korea Zoo

The North Korean zoo is another zoo that is ranked the 10th worst zoo in the world because they were unable to take care of the animals in the zoo.



There you have it, the list of the 10 worst zoos in the world. Note that some of these zoos are still operating, while some have been shut down, with others partially operating.