Top 10 Worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria

Where is the worst camp in Nigeria? National Youth Service Corps popularly referred to by its acronym NYSC is a programme organized by the Nigerian government for graduate students from tertiary schools serve the country for a period of 1 year. One of the crucial activities of this programme is the orientation camp where qualified students are camped for a period of 21 days. From among the orientation camps situated across the states in Nigeria, I listed out the worst NYSC camp in Nigeria. 

NYSC is one of the most anticipated programme by a Nigerian graduate and the orientation camp is one of the highpoints of this programme. However, not all the orientation camps in Nigeria have the same story to tell as some lack the basic amenities needed among several other reasons why corps members considered these camps to be the worst in Nigeria. 

As such we have compiled the Top 10 Worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria to enlighten you. 

  1. Borno State NYSC Camp
  2. Benue State NYSC Camp
  3. Taraba State NYSC Camp
  4. Kaduna State NYSC Camp
  5. Yobe State NYSC Camp
  6. Ekiti State NYSC Camp
  7. Kebbi State NYSC Camp
  8. Niger State NYSC Camp
  9. Sokoto State NYSC Camp
  10. Adamawa State NYSC Camp

Top 10 Worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria

  • #1. Borno State NYSC Camp

The Borno state NYSC Orientation camp is one of the Top 10 Worst NYSC Camps in Nigeria predominantly because of the high-security issue in the state. In fact, the camp is yet to be opened as it is used presently as an Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) camp. 

Before then, the camp lacks basic amenities, the floors are bare grounds and can be very dusty.

  • #2. Benue State NYSC Camp

Benue state NYSC orientation camp has poor infrastructure and the camp is not up to standard. The camp is no different from a secondary school and it is not equipped as it ought to be. 

  • #3. Taraba State NYSC Camp

Corps members from the southern and eastern part of the country will find it hard to adapt in this state and most end up redeploying back home or to another state hey deemed fair. The state is boring right from the orientation camp, with not many interesting activities to engage in. Amenities are below average making life in the camp unbearable.

  • #4. Kaduna State NYSC Camp

Even though Kaduna state is a land of opportunity been one of the pivotal northern states, their NYSC orientation camp is nothing to write home about earning it a spot among the Top 10 Worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria. 

The camp is no different from a secondary school and it is not tarred or interlocked, it can be dusty and not well equipped with necessary basic amenities.

  • #5. Yobe State NYSC Camp

Yobe state orientation camp is also one of the sorry and definitely not one of the best orientation camps in Nigeria. the camp typically lacks all that is needed to have an enjoyable camp experience. 

  • #6. Ekiti State NYSC Camp

Ekiti state orientation camp is not as lively as you will expect. The camp is o different from the same condition as those discussed before and later. The camp is not interlocked; also lacks basic amenities and sufficient accommodation for campers.

  • #7. Kebbi State NYSC Camp

Kebbi State NYSC orientation camp is boring just like the state itself. Not a lively place to serve and those who come to form bigger cities in Nigeria will find it hard to adapt in this state. More so, typical of most NYSC camps on this list, the orientation camp is not well equipped lacking some vital amenities to make the camp experience interesting.

  • #8. Niger State NYSC Camp

Niger state NYSC Orientation camp is worse and glaring that the Director-General of the NYSC programme lamented the condition. The camp is no different from a dessert and in bad condition. The camp is not conducive even for the NYSC staff as well.  

  • #9. Sokoto State NYSC Camp

Sokoto state orientation camp is not left out among the worst camps in Nigeria. this camp is no different from a desert and it is very dry and dusty. 

  • #10. Adamawa State NYSC Camp

Adamawa NYSC orientation is considered to be unsafe because of security challenges, placing it on the list of the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. In fact, the camp was closed at a point in time for like three years before recently reopened. More so, it lacks many basic amenities needed to make camping fun and interesting for corps members. 



There you have the Top 10 Worst NYSC Camp in Nigeria. I believe you will find this discourse helpful especially if you are preparing for the forthcoming orientation camp. You now know which state has the worst NYSC orientation camp, so you can try to avoid it.

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