The internet is awash with images of Wizkid aboard his luxury, customized private jet, and so the rumor mills are once again agog with news of Wizkid’s private jet, the cost, and some of the facilities it has. Of course, for a performer of his status it is fully expected to make some boss moves which would break the internet, and yet confirm his status as a high roller.

Wizkid is arguably Nigeria’s biggest music export since Tuface Idibia in the early 2000s; some have even ranked him as the biggest since Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He is the most sought-after musician in Nigeria; he recently performed at the wedding ceremony of the daughter of an Indian King, and then sometime later he performed at the famous London O2 Arena.

Show-business at the level of Wizkid demands a lot of travel; which is a lot better when you have a luxury jet at your beck and call. Remember, Wizkid travels with an entourage that includes wardrobe and costumes, sound and effects, backup singers, and even his manager and aides. So how does he travel?

Wizkid Private Jet All You Need To Know

Wizkid’s most recent photos show him posing in front of a medium-sized private jet coloured white, with blue, and red-winged markings. The pictures are no doubt professionally taken to crop out the registration number which is usually written towards the back of the plane.

For the fact that the jet does not have Wizkid or Starboy written on it, one clearly sees that it is hired. Marking the plane by the artiste’s name would go a long way in selling the brand. His management would be sacked for advising him otherwise.

This shows that Wizkid is smart; why buy a plane when you can lease one? One source claims that the cost of maintaining said a private jet is 1.5 million Naira per year. It also costs a lot of money to park it at a hanger when not in use.

Wizkid does not want to end up being the new Daniel Amokachi; blowing away his wealth on a private jet, so he has taken the wise step; of leasing it rather than making an outright purchase.

What Do We Know About Wizkid’s Jet?

Sources say that the jet costs about $40 million dollars. That translates to about #16 billion Naira. With the exact make and production year of the said private jet in doubt; it could very well be that the estimation is fabulous.

Nevertheless, even at half that value, it would be very unwise for Wizkid to make an outright purchase of said airplane because his net worth is estimated at $20 million.

We know that the private jet is luxurious; the interior speaks volumes about the intentions. This jet is not designed for corporate travel; it was designed for another level of comfort, and luxury.

This jet was obviously not designed for a crowd; despite the large size, the interior throws into sharp relief how few people a big plane can take when the furniture already takes up so much space.

The furniture is huge; the seats can be converted to beds and the number 4 in the main sitting area. The 4 sit face each other, and there is a walking passage so one can get up and use other parts of the aircraft without disturbing other passengers on the plane.

  • About Wizkid

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (known professionally as Wizkid) was born 16 July 1990 in Surulere, a residential and commercial area in Lagos. He grew up in a mixed-faith household having twelve female siblings. His father practices Islam and his mother is a Pentecostal Christian. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Growing up, he listened to songs recorded by Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Bob Marley.

  • Wizkid Education

He was a 200L student studying International Studies at Lead City University until 2010 when he dropped out after coming to the limelight and went into music.

  • Wizkid Children

Wizkid is a father of three children who are all boys from three different mothers. His first son is Boluwatife Balogun who was born by Sola Ogudugu in 2011 which was his first relationship. Diallo Binta gave birth to Ayodeji Balogun his second son in 2016. At first, Wizkid didn’t accept the child, and the mother, Diallo Binta insisted that Wizkid was responsible and that he is the father and she even came up with a paternity test to buttress her point.

Zion Balogun His third child was born in late November 2017. The relationship between the two was unknown until the baby’s arrival.

Wizkid Private Jet Pose For Camera


Wizkid Private Jet
Wizkid Private Jet

Entertainment On Wizkids’ Plane

The entertainment on the plane looks good; in one of the pictures, we can see a flat-screen TV on the left side, towards the rear of the plane. You have to personally be there to assess the acoustics, and that is a privilege that Wizkid may not be willing to grant anyone just yet.

Nevertheless, we can imagine that the acoustics are good and that flying on a plane is a great experience. Even though there is not enough visual evidence to support the idea; it does not seem that one television set (not centrally located) is enough to provide entertainment on this plane.

Entertainment usually goes well with drinks; the seats have cup holders fitted on the right-hand side of each passenger, so we can expect there to be a mini-bar on this plane. Cold drinks, good music, chatting with friends and enjoying the views from the sky all combine to make this private jet a truly different experience.

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Does Wizkid own a private jet or not? No, he does not. However, he enjoys all the benefits of a luxury private jet without putting his financial future at risk. The Jet is luxurious on the inside and is designed to carry a maximum of 8 passengers per flight.

The plane carries on board (in flight) entertainment; and on a long flight, it is quite convenient to sleep on the plane. The estimated cost of this plane is $40 million, but sources say it costs about $1 million to lease it for an unspecified amount of time.

Presently, Wizkid is one of the top best musicians in Nigeria. The 26-year-old is prominent and famous for his groundbreaking music styles as well as his inspiring and awesome stage performance. However, You can see that Wizkid doesn’t own a private jet. With this, he is able to attend all events he is invited to without delay. It also demonstrates and displays how rich the Nigerian musician is. He has associated himself to the league of richest musicians in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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