DAVIDO PRIVATE JET 2023 Price/Worth- Full Details

Different news and rumours have spread from the beaking of the Davido Private Jet news, This article is mainly looking into the recent talk of the town, which is that he has recently acquired a private jet, and there are series of other events that went on before he acquired this wholesome on his own, as he claims.


  • Does Davido Have A Private Jet And How Much Is It Worth?

Many times, it has been heard that ‘Money is the root of all evil’. No matter how the wealth has been acquired, even if it is through hard work and dedication, people have always believed that too much money at your disposal, turns you into a devil, if not today, then someday. – {Not true though} Davido Private Jet

Not to disapprove of the mindsets of Nigerians, it would be wrong to simply state that these people are liars, and it would not in any way solve the notion that people have about Davido, a Nigerian musician. Did we ever add that he is a father,? three beautiful children,? from three different women,? and that is definitely a story for another day.


Davido Also known as David, Adedeji Adeleke, is the son of Mr. Adeleke, who owns a popular private University known as Adeleke University, situated in Ogun State. He was born in November 1992 in Atlanta Georgia to a businessman and a late lecturer as his mother. He relocated to Nigeria after a while, and though he revealed that he always had an interest in staying in his Father’s land, he decided to act on his interest in the year 2011. 

Davido Private Jet
Davido Private Jet
  • Education And Career

Davido was a student at the British International School in Lagos, and he studied Business Administration at Oakwood University, which would definitely make him pass as a brilliant and calculative individual. His love for music increased when he was a student at Oakwood, and he began to act on this dream by using his money to acquire musical instruments for himself, write songs, and make them into beats. He was lost in his love for music, and this began to tell on his University education, and in no time, he left Oakwood University and traveled to London.

He continued with his music writing, and his musicals by putting more energy and hard work into his music production, and it was clear to him that he was going to make headway from the path he had chosen.

He came back to Nigeria in 2011, and he did with a banger hit song, but he put that on hold as his father told him to enroll in Babcock University to study music. After 4 years, Davido was a fresh graduate of Babcock University, where he earned a music degree, and this happened after his father paid a large sum of money to add a music department to one of its departments in the school, and it was made to be a class of one.

Davido shot for the sky with his hit song titled ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ and has since then written, sang, and produced so many hit songs, back to back.

  • Davido’s Children

Davido has a child out of wedlock with Sophia Momodu, the cousin of Dele Momodu, and they have since taken the separate support of the little child known as Aurora Imade Adeleke.

He also has another child known as Hailey Adeleke with a woman known as Amanda who lives in Atlanta Georgia which is Davido’s birthplace. 

Pics/Picture Of Davido New Private Jet


One thing led to another and Davido recently announced that he had found the love of his life, and no one believed at first until pictures and videos started flying around the social media networks of the FIA crooner with a woman named Chioma. At first, everyone thought this was a backlash to his first baby mama known as Sophia Momodu, but it soon turned out that he was not lying about his new woman, and he began to flaunt her here and there on his Instagram and even at parties.

  • Davido And New Fiance

Little is known about Chioma, but she is a student, and Davido seems to be really in love with her. Everyone talked and talked about the relationship, and just like a funny joke, he celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by handing her a brand new Porsche’s car. This sent the social media platforms on fire, as ladies here and there began to talk and connect with what he had just done, demanding their men to set their standards just like Davido had done. There were jokes about the relationship online, but soon enough, people became serious about it, especially ladies, who wanted a guy like him as their boyfriends.

The car was just the tip of the iceberg, as Davido released his newest hit song titled ‘Assurance’ and guess who was in the video; his girlfriend Chioma.

This set the media ablaze immediately, as Davido professed his love for Chioma in the video saying he would give her ‘Assurance’ or that she had it already. He looked so in love with his woman whom everybody addressed as Chef Chi, following her profession or dream which she hoped to establish after school. She had made it known to the public that she hoped to be a chef someday, and somehow, she had made this dream come to pass with Davido standing by her side as her Manager.

  • Assurance Saga

‘Assurance’ is on the lips of every Nigerian, and aside from it being a hit song in 2018, it is also a song dedicated to a woman for the first time in Davido’s life.

There was a ruckus on social media recently, as Nigerians trolled Sophia Momodu, asking her to dance to Davido’s new song about his girlfriend, and something somewhere went wrong, Sophia Momodu’s account on Instagram was nowhere to be found again. She later reported, that her account was hacked, and her followers needed to report it immediately.

The ‘Assurance’ story continued and so Davido went on to acquire a private jet for himself, which was no doubt worth millions, and he did this with his girlfriend  Chioma by his side. Davido and his girlfriend Chioma seem to be the kind of couple that achieve goals for each other standing side by side.

Davido Private Jet

The fia crooner, once shared a picture of himself signing a document which would enable him to own his private jet, and everyone not only applauded him for this, ladies admired him, and wished they were in Chioma’s shoes. He also mentioned that the jet would be delivered to him at its stipulated location in 14 days, and his fans and well-wishers were happy for this victory.

He proclaimed that his acquisition of a private jet was through hard work and not slacking.

However, three days ago, a notice was passed on social media that the famously known Davido, lied about his jet acquisition, and was only telling the world a farce.

A source alleged that the FIA crooner only had fractional ownership of the jet and that the real financiers of the private jet decided to step back, in order to give Davido a stand and give him prominence. It was said that his revelation of the private jet was only to give him an edge over other musicians in the music industry, in other words, it was only referred to as hype and nothing more.

  • Davido Private Jet Price Rumoured To Be – N9.7 Billion

The private jet saga was to give Davido a loud voice for other international deals that he was involved in, and Davido promised to share profits and ideas with his co-jet owners.

The private jet, however, is said to be shared with Davido and some other people who paid large sums of money for it, and this put the social media platform in chaos.

While some people laughed at the singer for being a fake individual, some other people who are known to be his true fans, came to his defense and bashed the source that alleged the claims.

Fingers are crossed on the issue, and while there is yet to be a response from Davido, everyone on social media is talking about it and even chipped in the fact that Chioma was not safe with Davido as he did not look like a genuine person.

Davido has caught the attention of a whole lot of people, ranging from his brutal fight with the mother of his first child to the birth of his second child to the issues of giving child support to his first child, and a whole lot of other things in which he has meddled in.

Davido is friends with a whole lot of people in the music industry, and while he is a sworn enemy of Wizkid, another Nigerian musician, he is loved by a lot of people.

He has fans everywhere who love and respect him and are willing to die for him if the need arose.

Did you know that Davido basked away three lovely awards at ‘The Headies’ recently, and everyone was proud of him for this achievement? He dedicated his last award to his children and the love of his life Chioma, and this went viral in no time.



Davido, although has been in the midst of a lot of mishaps in recent times, he has always found a way to live through to see the next day, and his only policy is that when you claim to have money, you should make the people around you benefit from such money by bettering their lives.