Bola Tinubu Private Jet : Pics and Details

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu Private Jet

Asiwaju Adekunle Ahmed Bola Tinubu owns a massive Bombardier Global 6000 Express Private Jet which is worth over 60 million US Dollars. Bola Ahmed popularly known as Jagaban was born to the Tinubu’s family in the year 1952. He is is a businessman with a lot of investments in the country and also an active politician currently the national leader of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress.

Jagaban means warrior of warriors

About Ahmed Bola Tinubu Networth and Bio

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is estimated to worth over N10 trillion making him one of the richest politicians in the country and his private jet, the Bombardier Global 6000 Express is one of the most exquisite in the country. As a child he attended St. John Primary School, Lagos and also the Children’s Home School in Ibadan. This was before he went to Richard Daley College, Chicago Illinois, due to his exploits there he earned himself a place in the honors list of the college. He proceeded to Chicago State University Illinois where he obtained a bachelors degree in business administration [Accounting and Management]. In 1979 when he graduated he worked for America companies, Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, Haskin and Sells, also GTE Services Corporation.

Jagaban arriving in his private jet

After returning to Nigeria with experience in financial management, Tinubu joined Mobil Oil Nigeria, becoming an executive of the company. He later join politics in the year 1992 and was elected to the Senate of the Federal republic of Nigeria representing the Lagos West Constituency in Lagos State Nigeria. He was elected as the governor of Lagos State when Nigeria returned to democratic government under the Obasanjo administration representing Lagos West Constituency.

Bola Tinubu Net Worth is said to be over N10 trillion and he is said to own a lot of assets across Nigeria which include; A 1,000 hectares of land which is valued at about N75Billion located at Lakowe near Abijo at Ibeju-Lekki.

Bola Tinubu Private Jet

The Bombardier Global 6000 Express private jet is a large cabin, and ultra long range business jet which is being manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada it is currently worth $60 million dollars and is very beautiful and exotic. This private jet was believed to be actively used by the APC during last years presidential elections campaigns.

Interior of the Bola Tinubu Private Jet

More Interior below

The Global 6000 Express jet can fly long intercontinental ranges without refuelling and can even go between most two points in the world with only one stop which is highly impressive. The jet also offers higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting.

Bola Tinubu Private Jet { Jagaban }

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