Uyo Postal code or zip code – 520211-520271, Areas include – Itiam Ikot, Iboko, Faha Oku, Catholic Secretary Area, Akpan Street, School of Art and Science and Military Office Iba Oku Area and all districts in Uyo are listed along with their respective postcodes are stated in this post. Note, Postal and Zip code can be used interchangeably, are the codes that are used in order to sort out emails from others it usually comes with digits or numbers but sometimes it comes with the combination of both the digits and numbers. Here in Nigeria, it is the role of the NIPOST to divides the postal codes according to the location of the state.


Uyo postal code town area is sub-divided into eight areas each area with its own specific zip code.

Uyo is sub-grouped into four main districts and each district has its own zip codes. Some of the towns in every four districts of Uyo LGA Postal Code are;

  1. District Etor: The towns inside this district are Ikot Abasi, Mbiabong, Ifa Ikot Akpan, Itiam Etoi, Obio Etoi, Ifa Ikot Akpan Abia, Mbuk Ikot Ebo, Miabong Ikot, Ifa Atari, Ifa Ikot Obong and others are all have a zip code of 520102.   
  2. District Oku: Some of the towns here are Ikot Oku, Afaha Idoro, Nung Uyo Idoro, Ikot Udoro, Ikot Ebibo, Iba Oku, Ikot Udoro and others have 520103 as their zip code.
  3. District Offot: The following towns listed below have their zip code of 520101; Iboko, Aka Offot, Ikot Anyang, Obio Offot, Effiat Offot, Nsukara Offot, Uyo Offot and others.
  4. District Ikano: Towns like Mbiabong, Ikot Iton, Ikot, Nung Ukim, Ikot Ayan, Ikot Offiong, Ikot Eboro and others have a zip code of 520104.


The land of promise which is another name for Akwa Ibom is one of the thirty-six states that is inside Nigeria. Akwa Ibom is the number two state in the alphabetical order of states in Nigeria. Akwa Ibom was formed on the month of September 27th, 1987, that is to say, that the state is thirty-one years now. This state is situated at the southern coastal region of the nation and it lies among the latitudes of 5`33 of north and 4°32 of the northern part, in terms of longitude, it lies in between 8°25 on the east and at the same time 7°25 of the eastern region.

This state called Akwa Ibom has borders with these following states; it has a boundary with Abia and Rivers State by its western region, by the eastern side is Cross River state, Rivers state also has a boundary with Akwa Ibom at its peak of the southernmost region and then by the southern part lies the Atlantic Ocean. Geographical zone of South-South is where Akwa Ibom is situated.

Akwa Ibom is carved out from the Old Cross River state. The total number of residents living in this state is over five million residents according to reports from the last population census exercise conducted. When it comes to extraction of petroleum and its products which serves as the chief source of income in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state stand as the highest producer of petroleum likewise its products among the thirty-six states of Nigeria.

Uyo Postal Code

Uyo is the capital city of Akwa Ibom with a grand total of over five hundred thousand residents living in it according to result from the last population census exercise conducted in Nigeria. In this state called Akwa Ibom, it has two main seaports that were constructed on the Atlantic Ocean and also one airport. There is also a construction of seaport Ibaka season which is located at Oron, though it is still on the proposed state. It has a sports complex which is constructed to meet the taste of the modern technological advancement with a seating capacity of thirty thousand persons. A globe class information place known as the Electric Library is also located in this state called the Akwa Ibom. Annang, Oron, Ibibio, and Eket are the major languages in Akwa Ibom not forgetting English Language.


When it comes to foodies, fun lovers, football fanatics, and students; Akwa Ibom is the best place to be. There are many traditional foods that are known Akwa Ibom of, some of those foods are: Asa Iwa, Abak Soup, Oto Ebre, Afang Soup, Anyan Ekpang, Afere Ikon and others which can be easily seen in these following fast foods; Destiny Pots Fast Foods, Silver Lounge, Vista Restaurant, Play Terrance and others.


The major General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida who was the military Administrator and the Head of States during the post-war period in Nigeria was the man that coiled out Akwa Ibom state from Rivers State on 23rd September 1987.


The three major ethnic groups by name Annang, Ibibio and Oron are the groups that are the chief determinants of politics in Akwa Ibom because they dominate the other ethnic groups.

Since the creation of this state, the most prominent ethnic group in Akwa Ibom state by name Ibibio have the ethnic group among the three major groups that have held powers for years. The mantle of leadership in this state for the past eight years has been on the shoulders of the Annang ethnic group, from the district of Ekpene senatorial zone.


Uyo is one of the biggest towns in Akwa Ibom with a total population of four hundred and twenty-seven thousand, eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand residents that comprises of residents in Utu and Uyo. While Uran which is the urban area of Uyo has a total population of five hundred and fifty-four thousand, nine hundred and six persons to report from the population census exercise conducted in the state.

Uyo is the capital city of Akwa Ibom State, it became the capital of this state after the state was mapped out from the old Calabar in Rivers State on 27th September 1987. The federal university by the name the University of Uyo, Uyo is situated at the heart of the land whereas Nwaniba houses the university’s main campus, Annex campus that is situated along the road of Ikpa is where the remaining two campus of the university located.

There are about a total of one hundred and seventy-eight hotels located in Uyo which some of them and where they are located are;

  1. Ibom Hotel And Golf Resort that is located at the heart of the town Uyo, Nwaniba Road PMB.
  2. Venus Hotels and Suites International Limited which can be seen at plot 34 Alison Attah Street, Shelter Afrique, Uyo.
  3. Suite Forty-one hotel located at No 41 Nnung Nkenta street, Osongongama Estate UYO.
  4. Denim Hotel that is at a former Brook Street but now at 47 Dominic Otuk Avenue.
  5. Francine’s place though this hotel is under Renovation is situated at No 26 Ewet street, very close to Ewet Housing Estate.
  6. Summit Hotel G. This hotel can be seen at Uyo, Akwa Ibom along No 97 Udo Umuana street.
  7. Tayo- Id Hotel: This hotel is located in Akwa Ibom, Uyo precisely at N0 42 Nelson Mandela close.
  8. Daaty Hotel which is situated at Housing Estate along plot 4D Ewet Line by AKIPOC.


These centers below are few of the numerous tourist centers in Uyo Town.

  1. Ibom Connection:  This amazing landmark is situated at the heart of Uyo in Akwa Ibom. This is a place when a foreigner can visit and feel the free nature of the land and the historical events of Akwa Ibom because of its massive pieces of artworks.
  2. Unity Park (Cenotaph): Cenotaph is a famous center of attraction that is situated at Udo Udoma Avenue very near to House of Assembly Complex Akwa Ibom. The yearly event of remembering of the past heroes in the Armed forces are held in this popular park.
  3. Oron Museum: Traditional instruments, poetry, antiques, attires, masquerades costumes, unique historical relies on, carvings be found in this museum.
  4. Ekpe Festival: Ekpe festival is usually held on a yearly basis. This festival also helps in showcasing some of the cultural ways of people of Akwa Ibom to the foreigners.
  5. Presbyterian Church, Uyo: This church served as one of the tourist centers in Uyo because of the tomb of Mary Slessor who was among the first missionaries that stopped the killing of twins.
  6. Amalgamation House: The Amalgamation House in Uyo is one of the few places foreigners can visit as a tourist center because it was where the protectorates of the southern and northern Nigeria in the year 1914 was proclaimed firstly by Lord Luggard.  
  7. International Football Stadium: No doubt, this international stadium located inside Uyo has been one the best tourist centers a foreigner will love to see especially the football fanatics.



Conclusively, knowing the postal code and the zip code of each state especially that of Uyo is very crucial due to its usefulness in various places like receiving emails, applying to study abroad, applying for jobs online and others.

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