Postal Code of Delta State is 332011. We have listed the complete list of all local government and areas Zip code in Delta State. Postcode system was established during the 20th century. It is usually administered by the military company like here in Nigeria. NIPOST is the body that gives postal codes to states base on its geographical location. Postal code can be used interchangeably with the zip codes because both have the same meaning with the same function.

The postal code is used mostly for sorting out emails from others. Its main features are that it comes with digits or numbers, but sometimes postal codes appear as the combination of both digits codes numbers.


Complete List Of Towns And Villages Postal Code In Delta State

These are the different zip codes for each town in each local government area in Delta state.

  • Warri North LGA Zip codes:
    • Bennin River Town District zip codes:
      • Delele 331104
      • Oke 331104
      • Dudu Town 331104
      • Tebu 331104
      • Batere 331101
      • Ahodoro 331104
      • Jakpa 331104
      • Gbakada 331104
      • Koloko 331104
      • Oru -Megege 331104
      • Ehere 331104
      • Ogbaje 331104.
  • Ukwuani LGA zip Codes:
    •  Akoku Town District Zip Code:
      • The zip code forAkoku Uno is 322114.
    • Amai Town Area zip code: Umuba 322109
      • Amai – Nge 322109, Umuekum 322109
      • Ishikaguma 322109, UmuOsele 322109.
    • Ebedei Town district zip code:
      • Ebedei -Uno 322113, Adonishaka 322113.
  • Uvwie Local Government Zip codes:
    • Uvwie Town Zip Code: Ekpan 330102
      • Jeddo 330102, Effurun 330102
      • Enerhen 330102, Okuireroh 330102
      • Okpaka 330102, Okwukata 330102
      • Enerhen 330102, Ugbokodo 330102
      • Okwemowa 330102, Okuamowah 330102
      • Ugbolokposo 330102, Opete 330102.
  • Ughelli South Local Government Zip Codes:
    • Effurum Otor District:
      • The zip code for Effurum Otor is 333115.
    • Arharbarien Town District Zip Code:
      • The Arharbarien town zip code is 333115.
    • Eghwu District Zip Code:
      • Edoide 333106, Agbaide 333106
      • Edjekemevor 333115, Gana 333115
      • Agbarha 333115, Etefe 333115
      • Awirha 333115,  Ehwa Hwa 333106
      • Edjeba 333115, Idjerhe 333106
      • Thoredju. 333106.
    • Eghwu Town District Zip Codes:
      • Assah 333113, Ekameta 333113
      • Alagbabiri 333113, Obaregolo 333113
      • Eghwu 333113.
  • Isoko North Local Government Area Zip Codes:
    • Avoara Town District zip code: Egbeme 334103
      • Otoka 334103, Aviara 334103
      • Okpawha 334103, Aberuo 334103
      • Okpara 334103, Araya 334103
      • Iwre Erero 334103, Ewhokpaka 334103
      • Sapele Aviara 334103, Araya 334103.
    • Eku Town District Zip Codes: Ilaya Camp 334113
      • Okoro-Egbe camp 334113, Ellu 334113
      • Aradhe 334113, Urueme camp 334113
      • Oba -camp 334113, Ovrode -camp 334113
      • Anthony-camp 334113.
  • Oshimili North Local Government Area Zip. Code:
    • Akwukwu Igbo District Zip Code: Umuekeke 320105
      • Ajayi 320105, Umuopu 320105
      • Ogbe -ani 320105, Umuonia 320105
      • Origbo 320105, Ogbeani 320105
      • Ogbeobi 320105.
  • Sapele Local Government Area Zip Code:
    • Elume Town District Zip Code: Olan 331109
      • Jakpa 333109, Elume 333109
      • Oyohe 333109, Otuoke 331109
      • Amuokpoko  331109, Inabome 331109
      • Onoghro 331109.
  • Okpe Local Government Area
    • District Okpe zip code: Abagbrasa 330101
      • Aragba 330101, Ajatitor 330101
      • Adagbrasa 330101, Eghaghe 330101
      • Ajagolo 330101.
  • Patani North Local Government
    • Kobowei Town District zip code: Koloware 333104
      • Patani 333104, Abari 333104
      • Oporoza 333104.
      • Kumboei zip code: Aven 333104, Odoruba 333103
      • Agoloma 333104, Bolou 333104.
  • Ndokwa East Local Government Zip Code:
    • Agbara -Uno district zip code: Abura -Osshimili 322136
      • Abara -Obodo 322136, Kamaro 322136
      • Ajuju 322136, Abara -Uno 322136
      • Osumei 322136.
    • Area Onuaboh Town Zip Code: Obotu 322131
      • Akpununu 322131.
  • Ndokwa West Local Government Area:
    • Emu Town Zip Codes: Emu -Obiogo 322102
      • Emu -Ebendo 322102, Emu -Uno 322102
      • Emu -Iyasele 322102, Emu -Obodeli 322102.
    • Area: Abbi Town Zip Code: Ijeze 322104
      • Abbi 322104.
  • Udu Local Government
    • Udu Town Area:
      • Egiegi 330103, Ekorota 330103
      • Ayama 330103, Obodo 330103
      • Obubu 330103, Ekete 33010
      •  Asagba330103, Egini 330103
      • Emadadja 330103.
  •  Asaba Local Government Area
    • Area:
      • Isike 330232, Cable point 320213
      • Umueze 320213, Umuonaje 320231
      • Okpanam Asaba Road 320213, Central Core Area 320213
      • Ezenei 320213, Overhead Bridge Layout 320213.
  • Agbor Local Government Area Zip Code: This local government has only three districts.
    • Alibuba quarters 321211
    • Boli-Boli, Owa 321211
    • GRA 321211.

Still On Delta State Postal Code  …


  1. Improved Statistics: There are about fifty-four thousand, hundred postal codes in Nigeria which compare to the zip codes of the United States which is just forty-two thousand. In order to gather concrete statistics geographically. Postal codes are utilized due to the latitudinal and the longitudinal makeup of the codes that are utilized to determine the nearest gaps of the postal code regions which can be put to use in determining the data census statistically. This data collected from the statistical report of a data census will be open to some businesses which will utilize the information from the data to know their customers in his or her products.
  2. Marketing: For campaigning of a direct marketing, postal code entails communication to the potential customers by the business owners through the medium of an email, address mail, mobile messaging and promotional letters which all are the techniques of advertisement.  In order for a potential consumer to determine his or her pattern of purchasing, home postal codes will be used by the large chained stores to achieve that.
  3. Internet: The longitudinal and the latitudinal feature of postal codes has made it possible for anyone that wishes to transact his or her business online provided that a store locator or dealer software is included in their map.
  4. Incorporation of Credit card system: Because of the security benefit postal codes provides, it is a crucial technique for incorporating a credit card system. The postal code here in the credit card system aids in trading online transactions made by the business owners and the credit card user during the purchases of products.


Delta State is one of the thirty-six states in Nigeria. It is the number nine state in the alphabetical order of the states in Nigeria. The South-South geopolitical zone is the region where Delta state is located. It is one of the most prominent states in Nigeria that is known as the oil-producing states. The most populated as well as the center for economic activities in Delta State is Warri which is situated at the Southern region of Delta state. Delta state is also known as the agricultural produce state. The city of Asaba is the capital city of Delta

This state is popularly known as the “The Big Heart of the Nation”. It was created in the month of August 27th, 1991. The present governor of this state is Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa.


There are various ethnics and stocks of linguistics inside Delta State.

Anioma which is the first part that formed the three major linguistics makeups. They are generally known as “Igboid Stock” and it comprises of three major groups by name IKA., Enuani that lives in Oshimiri and Aniocha local government, and then the Ukwuani or Ndokwa. The senatorial district of Delta North made up the first stage of Delta State.

The other three linguistic groups that made up the second part of Delta State comprises of Yoruboid, Edoid – consisting of Urhobo and Isoko and then Ijoid, Itsekiri, and Izon. There are more than two million people that speak Urhobo language, hence it is regarded as the biggest linguistic group in Delta state that has a wide extraction of cultures. The Edo ethnic group influenced the Itsekiri language that is why their language looks like the Yoruba language.  Ijaw, Urhobo, and Portuguese also influence Itsekiri language apart from Edo ethnic group. Predominantly, the residents of the state are mainly Christians.



Postal code or Zip code is very useful in so many ways like surfing the internet to make a demand on purchases of products; the longitudinal and the latitudinal feature of the postal order has helped the business owners to know the sex group or language of his or customers through that their products are increased. The problem of theft and robbery through online purchases with a credit card due to the utilization of postal code.

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