Libraries are a collection of printed, written, or visual materials that are organized and maintained for reading, studying, and consultation. Many schools in Nigeria from secondary to universities have libraries, these libraries are used in storing books that will aid learning in the university and in secondary schools. In universities every faculty is deemed to have their own library where they use in storing their books, the books being kept there are materials that will help the students in terms of research and other things.

Over the past few years, the role of a library has changed, not just physical materials only, the library also gives us electronic materials also. Most times we tend not to see what they are trying to give us through the physical material and with the availability of the internet, much information can be dispersed in a short amount of time, this will also save you time instead of you flipping pages one book at a time.

Many Universities have adapted to this method of using electronic libraries accompanied by the physical library and this has helped students a lot in sorting out materials which they want to use for school work. The history of the library began with the efforts to organize documents, accessibility of collections, role in education, rates of literacy, the role of the government, church or private sponsorship and so many others. Libraries have been helpful to us all in one way or the other and this has helped so many of us in getting information which we need at ease, below we will be talking about the types of libraries in Nigeria in this article below.

Types Of Houses In Nigeria

  • Academic Libraries

These are libraries that are located in schools, universities, or colleges. Academic libraries are made to help the students and faculty, this library is designed for students and staff in the Universities but there is an exception to some. Some of the Academic libraries are accessible to students in the institutions and those in the public. Each faculty in a university or college is supposed to have their own library then there is a general library in the school that will give you other materials which you will need.

Many of these libraries make space for students to study on campus and meeting rooms. Many academic libraries in Nigeria are going into the digital phase, because if you can’t find all the materials you are looking for physically then you can as well search for them digitally, as this is termed to be quite fast. Many academic libraries give you the option of downloading books online and access them right there in the library, you can also print the materials which you downloaded.

  • Private Library

When you enter big houses there is every possibility that there is a room filled up with lots of books and this can be termed to be a private library. From the name private this is meant for personal use only and it’s not only accessible to the public alone. The public library is very necessary for every home and this will help individuals of that home to find what they are looking for. A private library is very optional, it’s up to you if you want something like that to be in your house, but I deem it to be very necessary as it will help you out a lot and if you have growing kids, it will ensure that they get used to the library before they become a full-grown adult.

  •  Special Library

Special Library is meant for organizations like churches, hospitals, firms, and big companies to help keep books and materials for reference purposes. Special libraries are not always accessible to the general public, because the kind of books there are meant for the purpose of the organization and might not really be of use to you.

Librarians which work in the special library are specialist in that field, they know more about that organization or any other, so instead, of using general librarians who are familiar with lots of books they employ a special librarian which will help in making things easier, that is why most times this library is not opened to the public to use.

  •  School Library

This is a library that is meant for teachers and pupils in a school. This kind of library can be found in secondary and primary schools in Nigeria. The collections here are based for young people, not many schools in Nigeria have this type of library but there is improvement slowly and many are now seeing the essence of having libraries in their school, as this will help the pupils learn how to use the library at a young age.

  •  National Library

This type of library is owned and funded by the government of a particular country. The national library helps in preserving the nation’s history for the young ones to know about them, this type of library should help in securing the heritage, history, and details about a country. The national library of a country is also known as the mother of all libraries and the peacemaker of all libraries in Nigeria. This national library serves and assigns the international Library number (ISBN) and the International Serial Number (ISSN) and they also perform the function of the publication of the Bibliography of a country.

  •  Public Library

From the name public library, the aim of this library is to serve the public. Public Libraries are meant to serve the public for different purposes and they are established in a town or city which is maintained for public funds and it is available free of charge to the public. Anyone can use a public library and you will find any of the information which you are looking for right there.


From the primary school level, you are supposed to be taught how to use a library, how to take books, and when to return them. There are so many questions coming around that some libraries in Nigeria do not release books, this is true because many individuals fail to return, so you will be asked to read the book there and you can continue from next time if you did not finish it. When you take a book from the library shelf and you are done with it, you do not have to start looking for where to replace it back, the librarian will do that for you, it’s quite difficult knowing where you take that book because only a librarian fully knows the in and out of a library.

We have given you information about the types of libraries in Nigeria. I hope this information has been helpful to you and they have answered all your questions.


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