Top 10 Richest Politicians In Uganda 2021

The current list of wealthiest politicians in Uganda. Uganda is one of the countries in the Eastern part of Africa that has a very fast-growing economy. This is because of the numerous opportunities provided by the country to both private and public organizations.

Additionally, the growing economic condition provides numerous employment opportunities for the youths of the country. However, the contributing factor is not only the fund generation by the Government. The number of millionaires and billionaires including the richest politicians in Uganda is also on the increasing side and this also helps in boosting the economy of the country.

Even though there have been numerous contradictions to the absence of corrupt politicians in the political system of the country, there still exists some that acquire their wealth using their creativity. 

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Uganda

  • 1. Thomas Tayebwa

Occupying the first position in the list of richest politicians in Uganda is Thomas Tayebwa, who is the MP representing Ruhinda North County in Mitooma District. He came into the parliament in 2016 as a rich individual. Being a well-trained lawyer and businessman, Thomas was a business partner to Caesar Augustine Mulenga, who is also a business tycoon and the founder of the Mulenga Development Kingdom. He has been known for fulfilling numerous responsibilities including being the Chairman of the Bayimba Cultural Foundation Board.

Thomas Tayeebwa owns numerous companies including SMS Empire Limited, Gateway Associates Limited, Wandaz Products Limited, Cholmart Investments, and a host of others. In addition to his accumulated wealth, he also owns two residential apartments both in Mitooma and Kampala, each of which is valued at a very high cost.

  • 2. John Chrysestom Muyingo

Being the MP representing Bumunanika County in Luweero District and the State Minister for Higher Education, John is a well-recognized politician in Uganda. Just like his portfolio implies, He has tried in all capacities to improve the educational standard of the country. In fact, he is one of the major investors in education most especially in the Seeta High Schools. This investment has been known for driving a huge amount of money into John’s bank account. Additionally, he also has two primary sections under the Seeta Junior School and a Kindergarten wing with two other branches. John is believed to be the second richest politician in Uganda.

  • 3. Sam Kutesa

Just like John, Sam also doubles as the MP representing Mawogola County in Sembabule District and also the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the country. In Uganda today, Sam is considered one of the very few powerful politicians that have harnessed numerous wealth over the years. Recently, he was involved in a case where he was alleged to have collected the sum of 500,000 Dollars from a foreign investor. He has been in the parliament since 1980 and he was the former President of the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. He occupied the seat after defeating President Yoweri Museveni in the parliamentary election. He is also one of those that derive most of their wealth from the political arena. Additionally, he owns a ground-handling service known as Enhas at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport. He was also accused in 2011 for receiving bribes as kickbacks from an Irish Oil firm known as Tullow Oil.

  • 4. Abdu Katuntu

Abdu Katuntu who represents Bugweri County is one of the oldest and rich opposition MP in Uganda. In addition to being a politician, he has also acquired numerous amount of wealth from being a lawyer and numerous other political positions. Unsurprisingly, he has decided not to fully engage in the political situation in 2021. He definitely has numerous sources of income.

  • 5. Rebecca Kadaga

Another old and wealthy politician in the political system of Uganda is Rebecca Kadaga. Rebecca is also the richest female politician in the country. Currently, she is the speaker of parliament and also the MP representing Kamuli Woman. She has been in the political system since 1989. Even though most of her investments are hidden, she is known for having numerous investments in hotels. In fact, almost all posh hotels in Eastern Uganda belong to her. She commissioned the Century Hotel valued at Shs3bn in Kamuli District in 2014. Additionally, she is considered as one of the powerful women in the country. Also, she is known to be the voice of the numerous women in the country.

  • 6. William Byaruhanga

Another rich individual that joined the political system just for fun because of his former richness is William Byaruhanga. He was appointed as the Attorney General in the country by Museveni. Many people believed that it was his legal brilliance that earned him the portfolio, and not because of the richness attached to it. It has also been clearly stated by him to Museveni that he doesn’t want to come back to the cabinet so he can face and develop his empire very well. He is the owner of numerous companies including Kinyara Sugar Works Limited, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Vienna College Namugongo, and a host of others.

  • 7. Hillary Onek

Being the Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness, and Refugees, Hillary Onek is the seventh richest politician in Uganda. Representing Lanwo County, Onek is one of the major investors in the country that have eyes on buildings and hotels. He is the owner of a massive state of art hotel located in the Gulu Municipality known as Bomah Hotel. The hotel is the biggest hotel in the whole Northern part of Uganda. Additionally, the hotel is a three-star hotel. Hillary Onek also has a similar hotel in Kitgum District and he is currently setting up another multimillion structures as an extension of Bomah Hotel. Other posts he has once served include as a Minister of Energy and Mineral, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, etc.

  • 8. Felix Ogong

Felix Ogong is one of the richest politicians in Uganda and he is representing Dokolo South County. Being an economist, Felix has been in the parliamentary system of Uganda since 1996 and he has been accumulating wealth since then using his economics understanding. He is one of those that put their focus on the communication sector in the country. He is the owner of Feliestar Buses and numerous other radio stations including Voice of Lango. However, Museveni currently accused Voice of Lango of de-popularizing the NRM government in which he is a strong member.

  • 9. Yeri Ofwono

Being the MP representing Tororo Municipality, Yeri Ofwono came into the parliament in 2016 and has been able to accumulate numerous amounts of money-making him occupy the ninth position in the list of richest politicians in the country. Before joining politics, he is a rich individual and that has made him influenced politics in Tororo. Just like the Minister for Higher Education, he has also invested massively in the educational sector and is the owner of Victorious Educational Services and Special Plan Primary School.

  • 10. Hellen Adoa

Helen Adoa is one of the most recognized and famous politicians in Uganda. She is the second rich female politician in the country after Rebecca. Representing Serere District, she became famous after ousting FDC’s stronghold Alice Alaso in the 2016 elections. She is also a major player in the investment circle before joining politics. Just like Yeri, she has made massive investments in the educational sector. She is the owner of the Halycon Foundation, Toto Adoa Primary School, New York Primary Schoo, Namilyando, and others.

Most of the rich politicians in Uganda are known for making huge investments in numerous sectors across the country. This has significantly added to the improvement of the economic condition of the country.